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    Girls, boys, horses, animals, riding. Books, movies, friends, art, candy (sour patch kids <3) and just about any other thing a teenage girl would like!

About Me

The candles blew out on October 16th, 1995.

Since then I've been raising holy heck!

I was referred to HC by General (Jazz) and have grown to love it.

Even with all the drama, I would never not come here.

I just go back several pages to get to older posts to read some actual help.

I am owned by two dogs, a cat, 4 hermit crabs, lots of fish, and my 3 rats.

I plan on being a vet, despite the fact that I'm terible at math!

I enjoy dancing in the rain.

Blowing bubbles in soda makes me giggle.

Im extremelly tickleish on my tummy.

I am known as the Garbage Disposal at my house.

If anyone or anything comes to me in need, I do everything in my power to help it.

I have a high immune system, but when I do get sick, I come down with it hard.

I'm bisexual and proud of it!

I love anime, conventions, candy, cowboys (and girls) and anything western!

Not much else.