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  1. Josey's Front Hooves

    Would CleanTrax work as well as the dry cow?
  2. Josey's Front Hooves

    I have always had a farrier out to do her front feet cause of the way they are shaped I don't feel that I have the experience needed to do them. Well two months ago my last farrier and I had a huge disagreement, mainly about hitting the horses with rasps and such, so I haven't used him. Since I have had two farriers say that won't work on horses with leg injuries (even though I stated that it was the front feet that needed done not the back) three simply didn't show up their appointments with no explanations (one that did it twice), and the other two showed up, but I don't feel that they were doing a good job with her feet. Her last farrier appointment (that actually showed) was three weeks ago and since I have been taking a little off once or twice a week and shaping them, I've pretty much taken them back each time to what they looked like when the farrier was done with them. I didn't want to risk laming her up, with her hind-leg needing to be walked. I will start rasping them every couple of days to take the excess off, keeping them balanced and taking off a little at a time. Her frogs haven't been worked cause of her torn ligament in her hind leg, she has been on stall rest. A friend also gave me the great advice to use a yoga pad to help stimulate her frogs and gold bond powder to help dry the hoof out. I will be picking the stuff up for that hopefully tomorrow. I'm not disagreeing with you that she has thrush, but her heel bulbs aren't sore, I prodded them both, I will look into getting some of that stuff from the vets though. ETA: Thanks for the help, it may be that I have to learn how to do her feet for a while, so the advice is very much appreciated.
  3. Josey's Front Hooves

    More Pics Left Front Right Front
  4. Josey's Front Hooves

    Josey's front feet are a struggle on best of days and near impossible on bad days. I am aware that they need professional help, I have been through seven farriers in the past two months, just for her front feet, her back feet are easy and I can do. So I scrub-a-dubbed-dubbed them and got them as clean as possible. I have just been shaping them and balancing them mostly, I take off what is know I can of the frog and usually take off a layer of sole to make sure I've got all the rocks out and there isn't any bruising. Again I am aware that she needs professional attention, I am working on getting a reliable farrier out.Right now I am just working on keeping her feet somewhat under control length wise. If anyone knows of a good farrier in MI let me know. She isn't lame or anything on them and she doesn't have any soreness in them, they just look really bad to me. Anyways here are the pics before trimming/shaping After trimming/shaping Right front Left Front
  5. Horse And Rider Costumes here is the horse we are working with. She is 14hh and about 950# Black Shetland and little boy . . . . Batman and Robin zebra and safari man cat in the hat and thing 1 knight and steed Alligator and Captain Hook scooby-doo and shaggy skeleton and grim reaper headless horseman
  6. Horse And Rider Costumes

    Right now I am seriously pricing out and looking at doing the Cheshire Cat, it seems like it will be pretty easy to put together and many of the parts I will be able to use at a later date. However the one problem we are running into is the fact that I am NOT going to do the original Mad Hatter, but the the "new" Cheshires colors I don't like as much as the old, plus Josey's color is burgundy. They have fairly good costumes for the "new" Mad Hatter, but I'm not sure if they will mesh together well or not.
  7. Horse And Rider Costumes

    I wanted to a thread to throw around horse and rider costume ideas with Halloween coming up. I also really want to participate in the costume class this year with 4-h, since it is my last year, so it would be good if it was sturdy, but whatever I do I want to do it well, so I am going to start on it soon. So what are your ideas? So far I'm thinking about: Josey as Cheshire Cat and me as the Mad Hatter Josey being the Boogie-man and me being Sally (Nightmare before Christmas) Josey as Harvey Two Face and me as Harley Quinn (Batman) I want to do something that is original and fun. I won't use dyes or paints on Josey's mane or tail.
  8. Both look really good, wish I were closer, I'd take Charlie off your hands. They are such cuties.
  9. It Took 29 Years...

    My vet showed me to do this: she takes a little syringe with just water and aspirates it and if it is blood then she moves it, but once she has hit where she wants to, she takes the syringe off and places the vaccine syringe on the needle, so that she doesn't waste a vaccine.
  10. Josey's "photoshoot"

    This spring the horses were being crazy out in our back pasture and she slipped in some mud and fell while trying to regain her balance. She didn't immediately show she was hurt and we it was only when we noticed the swelling that evening that we had her checked out. We checked her over thoroughly after she fell and there was no swelling. Most of her swelling was due to a hemotoma that formed.
  11. Josey's "photoshoot"

    She is a very snuggly mare, always looking for attention. Nine times out of ten when you walk into her stall she'll come up and put her forehead on your chest. She always talks when you enter the barn, and is really gentle with my young relatives. She is stall bound cause she tore a ligament in her right hind leg.
  12. Josey's "photoshoot"

    She is a nice mare and I hope to keep her for many years to come, but if that changes I will let you know. lol.
  13. The "gurls"

    I don't mind mine, actually I typically ignore them, they are 36C, I can't use underwire because it irritates my skin, but I have good luck with the plush ones. I HATE sport bras. I wouldn't mind the a little bigger, but then I hope to have kids and breastfeed, so they should get slightly bigger then as well. Doesn't really bother me either way.
  14. Josey's "photoshoot"

    Yes she is broke, well by the time I get back on her she will probably be closer to green broke. I bought her as a barrel horse for my little sister, but the previous owner ended up having no idea how to train a horse so I started her over. She was going to be my sisters WP horse for our 4-h fair this year before her injury. Hopefully she will be back in training by April of next year. Out of the show ring she is fantastic trail horse, will lead or follow or ride alone has yet to spook seriously, and is one of the smoothest rides I have had the pleasure of riding. Her walk is really fast, but it doesn't feel like you are speeding, she just has a really long stride for such a small horse. Rides on a loose rein and neck reins. Isn't afraid of any kind of traffic or things on the rode. She hasn't had a ton of experience with water, but I don't think it will be a problem.
  15. Josey's "photoshoot"

    She does have a nice mane, I don't use any products on it or keep it braided, that is just the way it is naturally. When I measured it yesterday it was 32 inches long from crest to end at the longest point. When I got her a year ago it was about eight inches long.