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  1. I Think I Just Lost My Horse...

    I only wish my SO would ride....then maybe he'd understand....
  2. :rotf: That's awesome, congrats on the free roo
  3. My New Pony Emma....better Today

    yay! the sun is shining today, no rain in sight. Emma seems much better, after a couple days of soaking/wraps she is not limping at all but she is still standing with that foot propped up on its toe so I'm gonna keep soaking till my farrier can get here, I'm not if sure it's an abscess or not, nothing has opened up anywhere that I can see yet.
  4. My New Pony Emma....better Today

    I'm having my farrier out next week anyway because my shetland needs a trim, you can see her peeking out of her stall in the 2nd pic, so I will have it looked at then for sure, Emma is a app /paint cross I guess...could be POA....the lady I got her from called her a paintaloosa she's 5 years old, 13.2hh, great lil trail pony. I had met her back in the summer, and fell in love with her but had brand new newborn twins so I didn't act and another girl put down a deposit on her, well 6 mos later the girl defaulted on her and she went for sale again, this time I jumped at the chance to get her. Sad thing is, she was in much better shape 6 months ago, she has lost weight, and her coat is all scabby like she hasn't been groomed in ages, bare patch on her withers...nothing a little TLC can't cure but it makes me mad she wasn't better cared for.
  5. So I got my new pony Emma home Monday and it has rained nonstop since she got here so I haven't even had a chance to ride yet and now she has come up lame in her right rear, since it's been nonstop mud for the past two weeks my first guess is an abscess, at least that's what I'm hoping it is and nothing more serious, she just got a trim last Friday. I'll give her a good soak and wrap it up as soon as DH gets home and I can get away from these twins long enough to take care of her. I'm really bummed because it's supposed to be nice weather this weekend (at least no rain) and I wanted to ride...because of the rain I haven't been able to get any decent pics of her but here's a few I snapped in the barn. these are not the greatest pics,they don't do her a lot of justice. I will get some better shots when the weather improves. you can see in this one how shes off her right hind
  6. Harry Potter Fans

    I think Draco is the hottest in this pic
  7. Adoption Procedure

    My friends husband just adopted her son a couple years ago, they couldn't find the sperm donor to sign the papers so they had to run an ad in the paper for a certain amount of time to give him the chance to come forward, he never did but the adoption went through anyway. now they are having marital trouble and he has said if they split he will fight her for custody of him, since the mom has a history of mental illness, there is a good chance he will win, and take her son away from her....just something to think about
  8. I'm Back , I Had Twin Boys!

    aww, your Odin's a cutie too Daisy...Sleipnir could work, but she doesn't have 8 legs, only the usual 4 ... her name is Emma.
  9. I'm Back , I Had Twin Boys!

    Thanks Everyone! Their older brother's name is Loki, so Loki Odin and Rune all kinda go together as names, they're Norse names. Twins don't run in our family's so they were a big surprise, they are fraternal, meaning not identical, they as different as they can be. Odin is on the right Rune on the left Rune right, Odin left eta: pic captions
  10. "running" Your Horse..

    as a kid I was actually taught that running a horse would ruin never made sense to me at all, all horses run naturally, but the older gentleman that told me that trained gaited horses and didn't want them to break out of their gait, so I guess he thought it would ruin his horses.
  11. I'm Back , I Had Twin Boys!

    Hi HC folks, I haven't been on here in ages because I've been too busy with my new twins but I wanted to show them off, I haven't been able to ride in over a year but I have a new pony on her way right now, I'm soo excited, I miss having a horse. more about her when she gets here though... Please allow me to introduce my twin boys Odin and Rune born July 28th 2011
  12. How Do I Post Pictures On Here?

    testing picture
  13. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V6

    Hey! Many Congrats all around! I'm loving seeing all these beautiful new babies, they are adorable...I can't wait til my babies get here, I found out last week that I'm carrying Twins!They are due Aug 14 but my Dr said they will probably come a couple weeks earlier. I was so shocked when I found out, I kept asking the girl doing the ultrasound if she was serious! anyway I've gotten used to the Idea now and I'm super excited but I have had a rough time with the morning/night/all-day sickness and sheer exhaustion. I am 15 weeks and we were able to see that one is for sure a boy and I have to wait 3 weeks till my next appt to hopefully find out about the other baby...I'm dying to know, they are in separate sacs so maybe it could be a girl, I really hope it's a girl but I love my boys too. I am just hoping to get a little bit of energy back again so I can get ready for two new arrivals. ETA: I am really happy to see so many cloth diapered babies! we used cloth exclusively with our first (now 5) and I saved almost all the diapers so I'll have plenty but with 2 on the way I'm going to need more newborn sized dipes for sure. We use cotton fitted diapers with (mostly) pro wraps covers. we use the Snug-to-fit one size diapers from about 3 months to potty except that we have newborn sized fitteds I got from for the first 3 months or so when they're so tiny, they really fit a newborn well without being too bulky.
  14. Best Way To Sell A Horse? Any Tips

    Good tips, thanks, hopefully I can get a good home for her, I am wondering if the market might be better if I wait until spring, I guess I can go ahead and try now anyway. I am having a hard time with good pictures right now because of all the snow, but I do have some good ones from this fall. Maybe if we can get a break in the weather I can get some video.
  15. Hi guys, I've decided I'm gonna have to sell one of my ponies and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with any of the horse selling sites online or tips, I've tried listing her on Craigslist but It seems like all I get is scammers. I was thinking about listing her on equine now, or horsetopia or something, anyone had any luck there? I do not have to get rid of her fast or anything, I can still afford to keep her as long as I need to but I just don't need her, I need one a little bit bigger, closer to 13h.