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  1. I've been pulling my hair out trying to find appropriate clothes for my age lately (mid to late 20's). I haven't bought clothes in months because all of the clothes I find are either plastered in rhinestones and sequins or designed for older women. When I go to department stores all I see are Junior's and Women's. The Junior's section is a bit young for my taste and I'm not quite to the point of wearing Women's clothes. I've walked around my local mall so many times and have gone into every store with no luck. There are stores like Hollister, Charlotte Russe, Aeropostle, Forever 21, American Eagle (sometimes I luck out there), etc. but it's all too young for the style I'm looking for. Then the next stores up are designed for women. I see girls my age all over wearing the type of clothes I want to wear but I have no clue where they buy them from. What gives? Is there a secret society/store for girls in their mid to late twenties that I am not being told about?
  2. Splints?

    Quick update: Looked closer at the bumps, turns out they are scabs. However found some heat on the front/inside of his cannon bone. I've been rubbing DMSO on it daily. Vet came today and did a lameness test. The vet said his gut feeling is that it is deep bruising in the area that I found heat in. He said to continue applying DMSO in that area and if he is not sound in two weeks to have him out and we'll do further testing. Funny thing is, before the vet arrived (and while the vet was there watching) I lunged him and he was moving a lot better than the past couple of days. So we'll see! But no splints! Thank you guys again!
  3. Splints?

    Thanks so much. How long does the healing process usually take?
  4. Splints?

    I've noticed three or four small (size of a skittle) hard bumps on Leggo's RF cannon bone. I found them after attempting to ride him and getting off due to him being off at the trot. I ran my hand down the leg and found the bumps. I put pressure on each of them and it didn't seem to bother him. Today I went out to lunge him and he is still off. It's not horrible but it's noticeable. The day before I noticed him being off (Wednesday) we had a big storm system come through here and I'm willing to bet he did something during the storm that is causing this. I have been searching online trying to find other people with the same problems and I seem to keep coming back to splints. I found this quote on another forum: I can post pictures tomorrow, of course I didn't think to take any today. Any insight on splints? Is the above quote accurate?
  5. A Sure Fire Way To Induce Depression

    It drives me crazy! I wear size 6 usually but certain stores size 0 fits me. It's very odd.
  6. Moved Leggo Today!

    I moved Leggo to a new barn today and I am so excited! While I liked my last barn, there were just a few things that made me leave. The BO is the trainer on site and does not allow other trainers on property because she thinks she is the best trainer around and doesn't like competition (really she is only good for beginners). That was my main reason for leaving and I won't get into the other reasons in order to keep this from becoming a novel. The new barn is a lot cleaner and they provide better care for the horses, yay! Also, last barn was practically a ghost town unless there were lessons going on and even then it was only young children. New barn is primarily adults and there seem to be multiple people out all day long. I really miss having a social life at the barn! Also, it's a lot closer to my apartment so that will save me a nice sized chunk of money each week. Leggo at the new barn:
  7. What Do You Do When...

    Thank you guys. That is what I start with every time and is my go to move. He just wasn't feeling it yesterday. Yesterday turned into a battle and Leggo had made his mind up that he wasn't getting on. It was getting dark so we gave up. Today I told them I didn't want to lead him onto the trailer. Mostly because of what Nick said, also I just wasn't in a good place to be dealing with Leggo misbehaving (I've had a very stressful two days and my temper was not what it usually is). I had a girl that wasn't there yesterday lead him onto the trailer and he went right in! Thank goodness! He is now at the new barn with his very own round bale to eat so I know he's happy, and so am I!
  8. What Do You Do When...

    Yesterday I was supposed to move my horse to a new boarding farm. New BO showed up with her trailer yesterday to get him. New BO has a nice large two horse straight load with a ramp. Leggo has no issues loading into old BO's four horse slant step up. Leggo was a bit unsure about the ramp but eventually would get half way into the trailer. Then every time he would raise his head and back off. We tried being nice to get him on and more aggressive techniques (also lunged him, took him to the trailer, repeat). There were four of us and we are all experienced with loading problem horses. I think about 45 minutes into trying Leggo decided he just simply wasn't going to do it and no technique we tried would change his mind. Today the plan is to lunge him for 30-45 minutes to get him listening to me and then we are going to ace him and wait an hour, then try to load him. I'm worried he will act like yesterday and not even try. It's like he doesn't get worked up or nervous, he is just unwilling to get on. In the past he has given us minor loading issues that last no longer than five minutes. They were always resolved by me standing onto the trailer trying to lead him on while seone behind on the ground waived there arms and "pushed" him on. That was on a four horse slant though. I think with the two horse he doesn't feel he has the room to get on. So my question is, what do you do once the horse has decided he's just not getting on the trailer?
  9. Canon Lens Question

    Awesome thank you! I forgot to mention, in the info she gave me it says EF however she said she bought it brand new for $350 so Im going to double check on the EF thing.
  10. Canon Lens Question

    Thanks guys! Im picking it up thursday and am excited! I want the lens for everyday use and horse shows. I know it may not be the best lens for horse shows but my budget is pretty much $200 and the only lens I have now is the basic lens the camera comes with. How much does this lens zoom compared to the original lens the canon rebels come with? Sorry for my lack of camera knowledge!
  11. Canon Lens Question

    A friend of mine is selling a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS lens for $125 that is two years old. She said the AF is jammed and a camera repair shop told her it would cost $75 to fix. I have about $200 to spend and would like to know if this is worth it or if I should go a different route. Thanks!
  12. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    So I haven't posted on this thread in a while. I haven't really had a reason to. After A and I split I decided it was time to be alone for a while. I really have enjoyed my "me" time and have learned a lot about myself. Also, I've been trying to put myself out there more and meet as many people as possible. I've found that I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. A couple of weeks ago I get a friend request on Facebook from a guy I went to high school with. I never really talked to him but I remember him from as early as age 5. I thought, what the heck, I'll add him. Maybe he's cool? I accepted his request and started checking out his page. The previous day he wrote a status asking if anyone would want to go see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D with him. No one responded and I wanted to see the movie so I figured it could be a good way to meet him. I wasn't going into it with any particular expectation. I figured if it was just hanging out, great. If it took the turn of being more of a date, then why not go on a date here and there? The night two weeks ago was really awkward. He was so nervous he could barely talk. I had to struggle to keep conversation going because he kept mumbling and giving one worded answers. However, he seemed nice.My friends told me to give him a second chance, so I took their advice and took him up on a movie night offer. Keep in mind, the few conversations we've had since the beginning have been platonic. He came over (this happened just a while ago) and we watched a movie. Once again, he was so nervous he could barely talk. Heck, he didn't move a muscle throughout the whole night. It was very awkward and I decided he's just not for me and I'd like to go back to not dating (I don't think I care for dating very much). After the movie was over he said, "I have a question to ask you." Then proceeded to tell me he hadn't had a girlfriend for a year and wanted to know if I'd be his girlfriend . I froze.The last time anyone just asked if I'd be there girlfriend was... middle school maybe? It really caught me off guard. I told him maybe we could try dating first WHY did I do that? Ugh. I already know I'm not interested in that way, and on top of everything I've gathered from what he's told me, we're just not in the same place. He seems very young, yet we're practically the same age. I'm so mad at myself for leading him on. I guess I was afraid to hurt his feelings knowing how hard it was for him to ask. I react terribly when caught by surprise. I think I'm going to have a talk with him tomorrow. I feel terrible
  13. Bit Issues

    Thanks for the help! Hope I didn't make it sound like I pull him onto the bit. In my last post I tried to explain that I don't.
  14. Bit Issues

    Someone I knew in the past said she didn't like snaffles because of the "nutcracker" effect. She was someone I looked up to and have always thought about snaffles were less comfortable for the horse since. However I'm not saying I'm right because really I know very little about bits. So I'm assuming snaffles aren't so bad after all? I don't really ride with him hands much, as in pulling on the bit to get him into a "frame." He doesn't go behind the bit, in fact if anything he's in front of it (but not by much). I don't know how to explain this, sorry Also a question I forgot to ask in the original post is, loose rings or eggbutts? I would like to hear about which one is preferred. Thanks!
  15. Bit Issues

    I'll start off by saying I know almost nothing about bits When I got Lego almost three years ago my trainer (his previous owner) gave me the bridle and bit she'd been using on him. I don't know what it is called exactly but I do know that it is some kind of Myler (pictured below). I did flatwork successfully in it for the first two years until someone told me it wasn't dressage legal. I hadn't planned on showing any time soon so I continued to ride in it. Last October I started doing schooling shows and borrowed a snaffle from BO. In less than two weeks Lego will be moving to a new barn so I finally got our own dressage legal bit. I went to a tack shop and talked to one of the people there to get their opinion. I told the lady that Lego had a soft mouth for the most part but occasionally gets strong. She recommended the first bit pictured below. I then went straight to the barn to ride him in it. That was the worst ride we've had in a long time! He seemed to lock onto the bit and pull against my hands the whole time. He did not respond to half halts and he did not flex when I asked him to stop locking onto the bit. He didn't seem uncomfortable, in fact he seemed perfectly content. He was too forward throughout the whole ride. I don't use my hands a lot when I normally ride either, I use my seat/leg more than anything. Any time I'd ask him to move off my leg he'd speed up and then would ignore half halts. I swear, it felt like I was riding a green horse. I will continue riding in it this week to make sure it wasn't just a bad day, but holy cow . I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has any insight to this. I don't really like loose rings but the tack shop salesperson recommended them. This is such a simple bit, I have no clue why it's turning everything upside down. In about a month I will start lessons with a dressage trainer and man it can't happen soon enough! Also, I know you're probably thinking, "Why didn't you just buy the same bit as the BO's that you were using?" Well, it's a snaffle and I prefer the three piece bits (is that what they are called? I don't really like snaffles. Bit that I bought: Bit that I used: