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  1. I'm Back! =] Finally

    i know! i really miss HC bulletin board!
  2. I'm Back! =] Finally

    Well I used to be Linkin Park on here, I used to be here 24/7 in my hay-day, Black Saint as well hahaha
  3. Helpp!

    Holy Cow! it's 3.00 in Van Washington!
  4. Helpp!

    My boyfriend and I have 4 80's S10's so I would say the s10 lol I have know several people with Durango's and they end up selling them or trading them in. The tranny's tend to have issues as well as the drive train. I'm sure the last thing you want is being stuck in a Canadian winter with a blown transmission [surrender] One of our s10's had almost 300k miles on it and was running strong before recently adding a V8 just for the sheer awesomeness! If your looking for a comfy chair to ride in your not going to like the S10, it?s going to be freezing to get into, the heater will most likely go from freezing your buns off to roasting them off, it will smell a little old and you will peel out of EVERY stop sign you leave. BUT! You can haul feed and a menagerie of other items that should not put in an SUV, you can?t tailgate in an SUV you have your whole life to drive mini vans, you should hold off as long as possible hahaha, that S10 is going to going to have more character than any Durango could ever have, and will be twice as fun! Just think, you have the same amount of power coming from the engine but hundreds of pounds lighter.
  5. Military Ball

    I LOVE #2, in purple
  6. Official October Photo Contest

    1. Liberty: The horse as few other see it, completely natural 2.Winter Woolies: Who has the best yak. I want to see your horses at their furiest. 3. Artistic: I want to see what an artist might. 4. Black and White: no color, sepia is allowed however. 5.Freestyle Riding: What is your interpretation of a good way to ride. I want to know. 6. Extreme Action: Rodeo, Jumping, Barrel Racing, or any other action you think qualifies for Extreme. 7. Headshots: I want to see a unique version of a headshot 8. Movement: I want to see and feel the way the horse is moving. 9. Human-Horse Relationship: I want to be able to see how the horse and human react/interact with each other. 10. Horse-Horse Relationship: I want to see how the horse react/interact with each other.
  7. Neck Sweat?

    Thank you
  8. Neck Sweat?

    Mock - Her dams name is Pretty In Print (she has a reeeeaaal attitude! haha) I used to have a silent print gelding that I loved with all my heart! they are such exceptional horses, just a little, testy lol DiluteMe - To my knowledge she wasn't being fit up for the first picture, she has never been shown and up until now really hasn't had a whoooole lot done with her, but they may have? Anyway, thanks for the comment!
  9. Neck Sweat?

    Thanks! I love her polka dot socks! the two bottom ones, I know the first one is atleast a month old where as I took the two bottom ones on tuesday when I went to look at her for the last time.
  10. Neck Sweat?

    So I just purchased a 2009 APHA filly by ACS Ulimate dream and or of a Silent print bred mare. Both here mother and father have a large amount of halter points and I am looking to show her some. Anyway, I need opinion on neck sweating, do you all think she would benefit from a full neck sweat? or just a throat latch sweat? Thanks so much!
  11. Apha Western Pleasure, Hus Prospect

    AWW He is a cutie pie!
  12. Apha Western Pleasure, Hus Prospect

    SLIP- Oh really? have you ridden him? how smooth is he? Not that I know of as far as gelding? we looked at him day before yesterday and he was still a stud, hahahaha.
  13. Apha Western Pleasure, Hus Prospect

    Confetti- I know! she is my absolute dream horse as far as color! i've ALWAYS wanted a really good bay horse, they are defiantly my favorite color! TrickPony- She does look over at the knee in these pictures, they are her "For Sale" photos so I wasn't there to know exactly if she was moving or what, I do know she is busy- so its possible! I do know the breeder is a very responsible breeder and very careful about the over all body of her horses and I have never come across one of her babies that is not sound as an adult. In person she actually stands pretty square and doesn't appear to be buck knee'd THANKS!!
  14. Hi'ya! So I?m looking at a registered Solid Bred Paint Horse filly, she is a yearling this year and already a MAMMOTH when we sticked her yesterday she was just over 14.3 hands. she is probably one of the bigger yearlings I have ever seen! Anyway, she is very well bred her sire is ACS Ultimate Dream and I have known her dam for many years Pretty In Print who has put many successful show stock on the ground. I would be looking at her for Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure and Maybe a little Halter, just kind of dabbling here and there. She is a very curious filly, very smart, she wasn't handle a WHOLE lot as a baby because she had no spots and the rest of last years string did so she tries to be a little bossy but after working with her for about half an hour she was listening well and getting the gist. I'm not saying she is a heathen child, she cross tires and blankets, her mane has been pulled and she clips, she?s just a little bossy. The thing that kind of is just a twitch in the back of my mind is her neck, it seems a little short to me? I pretty much just want some other opinions on her as I am trying to decide and its so hard! note: she looks like she has a HUGE bubble forehead and a plain head in general in the pictures but its really isn't that drastic, he face is actually really pretty haha