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    Mostly just messing around in the barn. Like trail riding if I can find someone to do it with, but am willing to try anything horse related. I have a paint/belgian cross, a TWH, and a donkey. Love all breeds.
  1. Garlic, No Worms Coming Out...

    A fecal exam is not a good way to detect tapeworms. Only if the animal is severely infested might tapeworm segments show up on a fecal. (I work in a large vet diagnostic lab btw) I still worm twice a year using something for tapes even if mine don't show any signs of them on the fecal exam.
  2. Would It Be Rude?

    I have used pepper spray on dogs before and it worked well. Didn't permanently harm the dog anymore than it would a person. Once the dog ran home covered in pepper spray the owners kept in inside afterward.
  3. Facebook And Personal Life Posts

    It seems very inappropriate to me to share that sort of stuff about someone else. I would be cautious telling this person anything in case they decide to post about it. Nothing remotely resembling a personal conversation would go on with this individual. In the case of posting about every tiny detail I usually just hide that person on my newsfeed. If I want to see what they are up to I go to their wall and whatever drivel I have to scroll through is then my own fault.
  4. Man Wears Short Shorts

    Love this story! Very creative and caring father. Ive started buying pants and cutting them off to appropriate shorts length. I looked for two summers for shorts where my butt was not hanging out and no luck. Good thing I have a sewing machine. I make dog toys out of the pant leg bottoms so no fabric goes to waste. Its even worse if the shorts are low rise too. They may as well be wearing denim underwear in that case.
  5. It's So Hard....

    Sending hugs from here. I lost a horse I raised in a freak accident this February and went through the same thing. Even had some people forwarding me ads for horses the next day after he was gone and they didn't get why I didn't want a new one right then. Give yourself some time before thinking seriously about getting another one. You will know when you are ready.
  6. How Much Had You Payed For A Saddle?

    I'm not buying yet, just seeing what's out there and the prices things are going for. Window shopping I guess you could say and i got curious about eveyone else. Usually I ride in an English saddle but I'm looking for a new western for trails. The last one I bought was about fifteen years ago and I haven't really looked around since. If I'm lucky I can get another deal like my jumping saddle. Its very good quality, fits most quarter type horses well. I got it dirt cheap because it had a quarter sized stain on it and the spoiled girl who owned it couldn't be seen in something like that and just had to have a new unblemished one. Her loss my gain.
  7. Buyer Question

    I am fine with a green horse getting boogered out at new stuff. At the beginning of the year I had a very green twh that was coming along well but he slipped in the springtime mud playing with my other gelding and fell badly. He ended up with a broken leg and had to be put down. The vets at Oklahoma said because of where it broke even corrective surgery would likely do no good so i put him down. And yes I did have the eight grand for that surgery so if I need to send a horse for training I'm well covered in the money area.
  8. Buyer Question

    Who said my moher was paying a cent for anything? My mom is not paying for anything. I pay for my horses and every other animal and all that goes with them. I also pay all of our water, electric, house, etc. She lives with me not the other way around. I am the main money earner in the household, I'm not a kid. She physically cant ride or even spend muh time outside but likes to be involved in my horse stuff so I share pretty much everything I do with her so she feels included. I feel bad for her having to sit inside and watch so I try to include her as much as possible. The reason im asking this is that two of my coworkers suggested my asking the farm about it and I wasn't sure if I should or not so I thought to ask those with more buying/selling experience to make sure I didn't misstep. Thier reasoning being that it would only increase the horses value down the road so they shouldn't have any issue with it. I wasn't really sure about it. Sorry if my asking questions has wasted a few minutes if your time.
  9. Buyer Question

    My previous horses have all been given to me or born onto the family and we don't sell. For the first time ever I find myself looking to actually purchase a horse and I'm not really in tune with what's done and what isn't for buyers/sellers. I've found a mare in February that I liked personality wise at a large foxtrotter farm. But she wasn't under saddle so I moved on. Now I still haven't found a horse and I keep finding myself thinking about her but she is still not under saddle (she is four yrs old) If you were the farm would you think it rude of me to request her to be next in line to be started so I could test ride her? I really dont want to gamble on a horse I've not ever ridden. I have bad back issues and smoothness is very important to me. She is a gaited horse but not even all gaited horses are comfortable for me. The only way to be sure is to test ride. Thanks for y'all's input :)
  10. How much have you payed for a used saddle? Or a new saddle? I'm saddle shopping and I want a really good saddle. Some of the ones I'm looking at are around a thousand dollars. My mom freaked out when she saw what I was looking at but when the saddle is fifteen hundred or much more new a thousand dollars for a lightly used version seems a good deal to me. So now I'm curious how much have y'all payed?
  11. Is This Appropriate To You?

    Teenagers (16-17ish) having boyfriend/girlfriend sleepovers. In the same bed even though they claim "we will just be sleeping". I am against it personally. Its Not appropriate in any way to me. I've discussed this with some coworkers and was told that if kids nowadays want to "be together" they will find a way so why not let them. I'm not saying to monitor them 24/7 and never let them out of sight. But letting them sleep in the same bed? No. What do you guys think? Edited for typos.
  12. Happy Donkeys?

    Mine make that sound. Usually right before feeding when they are happy about getting dinner. They will also do it when my truck drives up and they want to be petted.
  13. Tallest Rider You Know?

    My ex was 6'7" and rode a 15 h horse. Another guy I know is 6'11" and rode a 15 h horse. They never had any problems because of it, just a few odd looks from other people now and then. At least they had a lot easier time mounting than me (5'6") on my 16+ h horse.
  14. How Far Will You Trailer By Yourself?

    Sorry it took so long to repy. Our internet is not exactly reliable out here. I put my asnwers in blue. I am completly familiar with trailering. Like I said I have been hooking up my own trailer and hauling to shows myslelf as soon as I got a license. My dad is a semi driver and he drilled all the safety stuff into me preety good. As far as personal safety I am very wary of strangers as a rule and I keep protection with me at all times and have had training in how to use it if necessary. My family is the sort though that if one of them has a flat tire they have to call someone else in the family to come sit with them in the car until the repair man comes because they are afraid to be alone. They would not dare to change it themselves. My mother lives with me now, not the other way around, because like most women in the family she is extremly uncomfortable being alone in a building. I am fine being alone, I actually prefer it and that makes me an odd duck in my family. As of now I cant even go outside to the barn without anouncing where I am going or my mom gets concerned about where I am. Part of me yes does want to get away from them and going on a trip is a good way to be able to breathe.
  15. Frustrating Horse Market. Seller Woes.

    I'm in the opposite position. I've probably left messages at least a dozen places this past month and have only gotten two calls back.