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    Hello Im Alex the girl! I enjoy sipping down some coffee,Reading a good magazine, and watching ghost shows. I have a wonderful Boyfriend and we have a great dog Pugglesworth. I Also have a 3 year old paint Named Jango who is the love of my life!
  1. Tattoos And Showing

    Thanks guys. Im not young but I am pretty new to showing :)thanks for being supportive and not judging!
  2. Tattoos And Showing

    Hey Guys, I'm starting Hunter/Jumper showing. I Absolutely LOVE it. But something I know about showing is they can be picky. Please don't judge me either,and don't say "you have to expect this" . But My boyfriend is a tattoo artist/piercer, Although I have No Piercings (not even ears) I do Have a giant tattoo Sleeve from my shoulder down. So my question is , Are judges super Picky When it comes to body art? Is there certain Atire I should use? Any input would be so helpful! I love my tattoos and my horse, but balancing both can be difficult in this case. and Please May i repeat, No judging me.
  3. Planning On Moving My Horse

    I think Barn three sounds like it's worth a visit
  4. Dog Got Arrested

    Thats really funny yet weird, they put her in a holding cell. Glad she is back safe!!
  5. Need Some Good Thoughts....

    Jumps! Be very safe. I'm so sorry that you and your town has to go through this. please stay safe and keep us updated. Nothing Urks me more then some criminals!
  6. Hey guys!! I was wondering where you guys purchase your Blankets/Sheets for your horses from. Ive been looking for a new one with some personality but they all look the same. any suggestions?? :) Thanks guys!!
  7. Meet Lord Stanley!

    Eskielvr , Your Pug is so cute!!! As to everyone else thank you!! He is 6 weeks that's a typo, And They VET said they are ready to leave the mom thank you, One out of the litter can't leave till he is 8 weeks, but the rest can go. We mix Solid food with formula until he eats solids completely, Why are people so crude sometimes? you don't know Everything, Sorry if that was rude but you don't need to go out of your way to make people look bad. It depends on the liter Usually, Pugglesworth we made them keep him till he was 8 weeks old, as for my mothers Dachshunds I Made them keep her till 2 months. He is Completely Healthy just back from the vet this morning for a After purchase check up. But thanks everyone, sorry for the small rant !!
  8. Meet Lord Stanley!

    Me and Jeff's New addition!! 5 weeks old!! Happy to be at his new home! He is a cute little buddy! Him and his Brother Pugglesworth!!
  9. Update On My Horses :)

    Your Horses are gorgeous and so are you!! they look wonderful!!
  10. But I Had A Horse On The Farm Back In The Day!

    They are going to be putting in the same amount of money back into the $200 horse. it'll end up costing them more probably. People.
  11. The Naming Game

    I know it may sound dull, But Iam a huge fan of the Showtime show "Dexter" and well...can you see where this is headed?
  12. Update On Rescued Yearling And 9Yr Old Paint

    They look absolutely fantastic since you got them! Keep it up! :)
  13. Hi New From Cold Brisk Minnesota!

    Wild Rose! Im originally from Virginia Im up in Hibbing all the time! Thats awesome! And everyone I attached a Picture Of Jango :) Thanks for all the welcome wishes!!!!
  14. Prayers Needed

    Oh my gosh, I bet they both appreciated every little thing you could do for them, thats terrible though, Ill will with out a doubt keep them in my prayers. god bless you and your husband, and everyone who helped. Im sorry you had to witness that. Stay strong!
  15. Hello Guys! My name is Alex the girl Im 19. I Live in Northern Minnesota, I ride Western mostly and have a gorgeous 4 year old Paint named Jango (yes like jango fett from star wars). I also play music and work at best buy and am heavily tattooed,which turns alot of people off by me but thats okay! it seems like a family on here I already feel welcomed, but just wanted to state who i was