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  1. You Are Needed.! Please

    I only posted information people would see when voting for the poster.
  2. You Are Needed.! Please

    Could I ask you guys a huge favor.? A friend of mine is competing in a big competition and she is working VERY VERY hard. But she needs some more votes.! If you could like this page http://www.facebook.com/actecareertech on facebook. Then scroll down and it will read "CTE Month Poster Contest Voting is NOW OPEN! Vote for your favorite Secondary & Post Secondary Poster Design. The winners will receive a copy of Adobe CS6! http://a.pgtb.me/cqZJk6" If you follow the link it will take you to a website.(The website is connected with facebook, if using a mobile device it will ask you to sign in with facebook so it can verify your vote.) Then you will see a poster that looks like the one attached to this message. Please if you could pass this on to as many friends as possible. She is an amazing person and has worked soooo hard for this. She truly deserves to win. Thank you SO much.! I hope everyone is doing well. I recently moved and things are going fantastic just always busy with school.
  3. Would You Take Back A Cheating Spouse?

    Growing up (actually just recently, lets not kid). I watched as my dad repeatedly took my step mom back after she had cheated on him because he 'loved' her. She ended up having a child with the man she cheated on my dad with and now my dad is reminded constantly of the situation. Since then he has never been the same, never trusted her again. Though that isnt my only reason I would never take someone back who cheated on me. Just not a line I want to cross or ever plan to. I understand mistakes but I dont think anyone could claim cheating is a mistake. It takes two.
  4. Horse Racing

    Thanks guys. Like many of you have stated, I have always understood that you have a 'good' and a 'bad' side in every equine sport. I know there are some horrible people in the industry but I (luckily) have yet to deal with them first hand. I love the sport. I personally think that starting a horse at 2 really depends on the trainer. Our fresh 2 yr old (will be three) is in kentucky for her first season, her trainer hasnt worked her hard and she probably wont race until the very end of this season if at all. Like every sport I think it heavily depends on the owner, and then the trainer. CCQ
  5. Horse Racing

    My aunt owns about 7 race horses, all of which are taken care of extremely well. Only one is on the track now (she will run her first race at the end of the season), then we have one who will start her career next season. The rest are retired and still in our care and ownership, they live pretty god lives. Beside that I was wanting opinions on the sport itself. I know some people think it is cruel and others are perfectly okay with it. I have been in the barns, behind the scenes and even then I am still a huge supporter of the sport. But I am interested in other opinions. Thanks, CCQ
  6. Not Again...

    I am aware that it can be done and I do want to do it, I am just unsure. Since I am not driving myself it wont be as easy, since I do have to worry about transportation. I think I can handle it I just am worried about getting all of my work done. I think I am going to try and get it to maybe 4-5 days a week instead of 7. But I need the money,I want to ride, I want to train, and I am capable of feeding and mucking out stables. So it is just a matter of adjusting to get all of my school work done. I am spending my first week of school trying to figure out my basic schedule. Whats good about my school is its block, so I may get out at 12:30 some days and others at three. So on the days I get out early, those can be the days I excersize horses. Other chores I can do every day, like mucking and feeding.
  7. Not Again...

    My biggest pet peeve. Im just like Thanks. I just got a call from a barn that raises Arabians and Saddlebreds. They want me to come out everyday. I would muck out stalls, feed, then excersize a few horses. Would be getting paid and it closer but there is no way beign in High school I can manage something like that EVERY day.
  8. Not Again...

    Why do I seem to come across the 'brightest' people. "I will not look at thoroughbreds or thoroughbred crosses, I just got rid of one and I did not like him. Also will not look at tobiano paint horses or palominos. I have trained far too many of those and never met one I found to be enjoyable and smart. Any other color is fine. " I just dont understand. Since you have never met a palomino or paint that you like, that definitely means that none of them are worth it. That is on of my biggest pet peeves, along with adds that refer to horses as 'models' EX: 1996 model gelding. (Just... no) On a side note. I put my own add up for a Working Student position and about an hour later had a man contact me about working with a horse he just bought. I wont get paid, and I wont be getting lessons (Heck im not even riding the horse English). But I want to ride and I have enough experience to take on a western project. So I am going to see how my schedule works next week then call him back and have him go ahead and move the horse to his property so I can start working with her. She is older and broke, hasn't been ridden in a year. He just wants me to do a bit of a refresher and see what she would enjoy doing. If she is fit for a lesson program so on and so forth. If everything goes well he said he would try to talk some of his boarders with multiple horses into letting me work with some. If the boarders aren't interested I may just let him be a reference for a decent training job. We shall see how things go. Thanks for reading. God Bless. CCQ
  9. Chick-Fil-A

    Being from Texas of course I am going to have an opinion about this. (Stereotypical but so true.) I only have a few things to say. Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion I myself m a christian who has many gay friends. I dont judge them, and I have never once told them that they are wrong. All I ask if that they dont show off around me. Even though I am christian I think Gay marriage should be legal. One of the things I learned in Sunday school growing up is that God created us with free will, so that we would come to him. Not be forced. (Yeah its out of context, my bible is in the mail from Texas.)So Yes it is their choice and their right. More power to you. God hates the Sin not the Sinner. CCQ
  10. Question About Drafties

    There is a farrier out there every time I come out. He has only worked on boarder horses as far as I have seen. There was a vet my first day, but they were there to give some bute to a boarder horse because he wasn't riding well, I think they came back a few days later to put down another horse that is boarded there. (I don't know the story behind this one.) I haven't seen or heard of a vet coming out to look at the rescue horses, though I know one of the horses being Leased from the organization is having eye surgery in the next week. (Again I don't know if the Leaser or the Owner is paying for that or not.) I am supposed to be going back to help out tomorrow. I really don't want to bail on them but seeing as I am treated like dirt and I feel very uncomfortable around these horses who deserve better care. I don't know if I am going to actually get up and go in the morning. I may just stay home and send an email to animal services to have them check the place out and spend my day tracking down a barn that is willing to take on a working student.(Haven't heard back from the other barn yet but its only been about 26 hours so I will give it some time.) I was a little suspicious about everything the first day I was there. It took me twenty minutes to track down the owner, after explaining who I was the first words out of his mouth were "Would you be interested in leasing.?" I get that its a business but come on really, no "How ya doin we have a few more stalls to clean grab a fork and get to pickin." (God I am soooo Texan. Rofl) That would have been a better welcome then. "Hey I got some horses who need tons of training and arent ridable but I want you to pay me to lease them so you can train them." (Basically what he was saying. Since in my original email I added that I have been training horses to the basics for a few years.) Im sorry for the rant. It 'tis over now. CCQ
  11. Stephen Colbert Learns Dressage

    I could not stop laughing.! Wow. You can tell he at least knows his basics, he handled that spook really well.
  12. Question About Drafties

    Im going out again tomorrow. I will try to get pictures if big girl then some of the thin horses and the foal who is injured.
  13. Question About Drafties

    Thanks (: The horses who are 'normal sized' and not pregnant or with foals by their sides look fine. Its the drafties and mama's that are thin. They have four orphans right now, one came up with a broken knee. He is just sitting in a stall by himself. They said it will heal. Im not a vet but that doesnt seem right.?
  14. Question About Drafties

  15. Question About Drafties

    I can only wish (: I just emailed a barn down the street about a possible working student position. I dont mind picking 12 stalls a day three days a week along with feeding and turning out if I get a lesson in exchange. I am shooting for the college team so I need some time in the saddle but this sport is so dang expensive.!