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  1. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    I will say this, only one boarder has left under good terms in the nine years that I've been there. In all that time, I've never seen her take it out on the horses. I have to give her that. I do have to agree on the screaming during loading horses thing. Since I have two horses I am going to need an extra pair of hands while loading them. They're both good loaders but you know how that goes when tension is high, they pick up on it. I do have everything ready to go so it's just a matter of loading up. I thought about bringing all the belongings home so all I have to do is throw two horses on the trailer and then I'm done. This is not going to be fun for sure.
  2. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    Yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of "I'm more focused on trail riding these days and I would like to be at a place with access to trails". Like you said, won't save me from confrontation, but I think it will lessen the amount of venom. This is going to be a huge financial blow to her so I'm trying to be a little sensitive to that. I'm one of 6 boarders and I'm the only one with two horses. She's a small operation so yeah, this will be a good chunk of income gone for her. She has a 14 horse capacity and currently has 4 empty stalls.
  3. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    I do have to give 30 days. The good news is, the new barn has indicated they will give me December free if I pay for feed, so I can bring them any time. I'm getting new tires on the trailer tomorrow, my husband has expressed concern there. I will tell her Friday. She wasn't there yesterday so I staged everything. Knowing her personality this is not going to go well. A friend and fellow boarder and I spoke last night and she told me to focus on lack of riding area as the main point of concern in an attempt to keep the conversation civil. Any reference to her maintenance of the place or her personality will be perceived as more of a personal attack on her and could easily escalate the conversation to a place I'm really hoping to avoid. The goal at this point is to get the horses out of there as calmly and quietly as possible. This particular friend is the only boarder that has been there longer than me. Her horse is older now and probably won't be around much longer so she is pretty set on staying there until the end for him. Each winter he has more of a difficult time keeping weight on and does appear to have trouble with chewing hay. She even expressed concerns on how much longer she'll be able to ride him. He's an OTTB with a lot of miles and now has hock issues. She was honestly the only positive thing for me as I enjoyed riding with her. Even she is encouraging me to go. So fingers crossed that I can get them out of there with a minimal amount of drama......
  4. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    mnthesun, my sympathies. I've not had any concerns as far as care where I'm at now, but it could be argued that lack of maintenance is part of care. If fences are falling down, it could be just one step away from disaster. I was looking at the field that one of my geldings is in and many of the posts are leaning, all on the side that borders a dirt road. There is a strand of hot wire along the top of the fencing to discourage horses from leaning and chewing on the fences, and there are many sections that are no longer hot. Our front riding area is often unusable after heavy rains. The barn owner behind us is gracious enough to let us ride back there when this occurs. However, she has a couple of boarders that don't like the girls jumping while they are riding. It is her barn and her livelihood so of course we have to abide by this request. Those ladies are paying boarders back there and have every right to ask the girls not to jump. Unfortunately this limits my daughter in what she can do after heavy rains. We had a teenage girl move to the barn about three years ago. She has a young arab that was a little flighty and exhibited the usual young horse silliness. You could tell from day one that this horse adores her. She has one of those unique relationships with the horse that a lot of people envy. Prior to coming to our barn, she did Parelli with him. I'm not a fan of Parelli, but hey, to each his own. I'm of the mind live and let live and whatever works for you go for it. The barn owner would not let her do Parelli because she doesn't like it or agree with it. It's not a matter of safety. I never saw this girl do anything "dangerous" with the horse and her interactions with her horse are always quiet and patient. However, because it's not what the barn owner would do with her horses, it was basically forbidden. I could go on and on about the BO's personality the screaming and her basic venomous nature. With the poor maintenance and a barn owner with an often psychotic personality and I'm just done. Dondie's post really put it into perspective for me. Do I wait for disaster to happen, or do I make a proactive choice? Well, I've decided to move to barn #3 recommended by my friend. This is HUGE for me. I'm scared to death I'm not going to lie, but I've got to do something or I might as well sell the horses all together......
  5. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    I've just heard stories of horses getting caught it in. I suppose that could very easily happen with a lot of types of fencing. Heck, now that I think about it my dink of a qh reared up at the fence at a horse on the other side and got his foot got caught in the wire mesh portion of it. Thankfully there was no injury, but that could have been bad......
  6. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    Ok, so kiddo and I decided to make a day of it yesterday and go on a whirlwind barn search. We visited 4 different farms, including the one that was recommended by a friend. Barn 1 didn't impress. Horses weren't emaciated but too thin for my tastes and they looked like they had some maintenance issues. On to barn number 2. Absolutely beautiful facility and the price of board reflected it...;( Unfortunately way out of my price range, cost to board one was more than what I pay for both of mine currently. Additionally, this was a heavily competition focused barn and not sure it would have been a good fit anyway. Barn number 3 was the one recommended by my friend. Older barn but well maintained. I really liked the BO and BM. Both seemed pretty down to earth. Horses looked well fed and happy and they have nice pasture. The one caveat for me was the pasture fencing. It was 4 strand hot wire... It wasn't the real thin kind you think of when you think of hot wire, it was real thick and they had it marked so the horses could see it, but I don't know. It look like it was installed well and I didn't see any sagging wire but I'm struggling with this one. I would have told them to expect me on the first of January except for this. Spoke with my friend who has sent her horses there for training and she has said there has never been a problem. Is this my fear cropping up, or is this a legitimate concern? Barn number 4 looked ok, but something about the BM just seemed off. I don't how to explain it other than that. The pastures were not as nice as barn number 3 but were ok and honestly better than the pasture where they're at now. The other turn off for this place was the dirt road to it. I can see access being a problem during real wet periods. Add to that, my husband dropped a bomb that perhaps we should look for horse property. Now he tells me. We just bought our current home three years ago. Sheesh I could have found horse property back then. If this is truly a viable option, I wouldn't anticipate this happening for at least a year so I'm thinking I would still want to move the boys. Any way that's the recent update........
  7. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    Thanks Dondie, I needed this, I really did. And Heidi, you're absolutely right. Fear keeps me from really enjoying life, and not just in this situation. I am checking out a barn on Sunday that comes highly recommended by a friend. The best part? it backs up to a State Park with miles of trails, my Paso's specialty! Fingers crossed..... Thanks to both of you for lighting a fire under my butt. My friend's recommended this place for months and I finally called the BO.....
  8. Update - New Barn Paranoia

    I've been at the same boarding barn for 9 years. The care of the horses has been excellent however the BO is a very difficult person to deal with and it seems to be getting worse. There is no maintenance being done to the facility and I'm starting to get that voice in the back of my head that says it's time to move on. This subject comes up in my head several times a year, and each time my fear of the unknown keeps me staying put. The bottom line is neither me or my daughter particularly likes going to the barn anymore and what's the point of owning horses if you can't enjoy them? There's always inevitably a screaming match between the BO and someone else, the latest was between her and a lesson student during a lesson which my daughter was a part of. My daughter had to sit on her horse and wait while this was going on. The point of this thread is not if I should move, but how to get over the fear of moving somewhere else. in other words, I've been obsessing over the idea that what if I jump from the frying pan to the fire? I think to really enjoy my time with my horses, moving is a necessity but I just can't seem to make that leap as the fear for their well being trumps everything else. Any thoughts? Update: Ok so I gave my notice and I was honestly nervous as all get out and sort of blurted it out, expecting a fight. BO fell on her sword and knocked $100 off the board bill. NOT the reaction I expected at all. I did focus on lack of riding area as being the reason I was leaving and that certainly was a part of it, but I made sure that I focused that alone. She was honestly very nice about it. I said I wanted to think about it. I went home and talked to my hubby and asked him for his opinion. He's not horsey at all. This wonderful man said stay where you are and let's start looking for horse property.... So our Realtor is coming out to look at our house on Monday. She specializes in horse property and owns horses herself and said that this is very doable. She said the market in my area is very hot right now and we want to list the house as soon as possible before rates go up. She anticipates it selling within 30 days based on specs and pictures and other properties in the area. She needs to see it for herself. So fingers and toes crossed that the current home sells fast so that I can bring my boys home.
  9. What Does Everybody Do For Work?

    I'm a network and PBX (commercial phone system) administrator. The pay is great but you are pretty much on the hook 24/7. If something dies at 2 am, you're on deck....
  10. Another fact I found interesting is that not all Orcas eat fish. There are two basic subtypes, transients (eat mammals such as seals and other dolphins), and resident Orcas which eat only fish. Kanduke, a wild captured transient Orca was being fed fish which was not his natural diet. Additionally, he was bred to wild captured females who were of the resident subtype. These breedings never occur in the wild as the two subtypes never breed to each other in the wild.
  11. I read the book "Death at Seaworld". Although the book was written from an AR slant (heavily influenced by the HSUS), it does bring to light statistical facts that prove that Orcas don't thrive in captivity. Their life span is virtually cut in half in most cases. Most captive Orcas have significant dental issues from chewing on the gates and sides of their pools. There are also a large number of injuries that they perpetrate upon each other because they are continually moved amongst the parks and forced to form new family units or pods with whales that don't speak the same language (yes different pods use different vocalizations to communicate). Kandu bled to death when she rammed Corky so hard she broke her lower mandible and severed a major artery. This was while park guests were filming and she was spewing blood from her blowhole and the trainers could do nothing while she died. The proof is on YouTube. I don't think the trainers are abusive and I think they do genuinely care about the whales but there simply isn't an artificial habitat big enough for them.
  12. Amen. People think that having a wolf hybrid, zorse or some other such exotic creature makes them special.......
  13. Weekend Wrap Up Chat

    I had a wet sunday, not cold but lots of rain. I rode on Saturday and spent the better part of the day yesterday getting the trailer ready for the horse show this next Saturday. A little bit of bad news here locally, a 12 year old girl fell from a horse hitting her head on a tree and was life flighted with life threatening injuries...
  14. How To Politely Say "no" To A Date

    This was one of the most frustrating things when I was single. If you're nice and answer politely, they keep after you, forcing you to be a total bia. Then they get ugly and call you every name in the book. It's like you can't win either way.
  15. Traumatic Morning

    Unfortunately the last update we got a few hours ago is that it didn't look good for the kitty. He is now at the emergency vet and and has made no improvements. I don't know what the owners are going to do. They did ask for a description of the dogs. My daughter is going to do some sleuthing on the bus tomorrow. It's very likely the kids in the neighborhood know the dogs and know where they love. I hate to see any animal suffer like that. It just stinks all the way around.