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  1. Horse Throws Girl To Ground By Hair

    Not that biting is EVER acceptable but she did something to pi$$ him off. He turned his head away then she went back for one more shot at him. She is lucky if all he grabbed was her hair. He could've pinched her head off. Bet her hair hurts.
  2. Irritating Horse Slang

    I know the "hands" of a horse can be confusing to non horsey people but if you don't know don't put it in the ad. A horse that is 14.5 HH. I know they are probably meaning 14 and a half hands high but...
  3. Fall/winter Horse Jobs

    Not sure where you live but when I lived in Ohio while in high school I worked at the county fairgrounds as a groom/stall mucker for Standardbred race horses. It was my job for school. School half day then to work. I learned a lot. Not a harness person myself but you can never learn too much about horses. We moved to Fla. I worked at a horse community (several small private farms using one community track) again with Standardbreds that came down from Canada and the northern states to train and condition out of the snow region. They'd go back up north about April.
  4. Mounted Shooting (Photos)

    I was given a solid APHA mare that was a Mounted Shooting horse. Sounds don't bother her but very sensitive to her body being touched. Our neighbors were gun collectors and on weekends would try out their newest purchase. I have 5 other horses besides. The first day of sounding like a war zone the horses were very attentive. Watching , moving around their paddocks , snorting. The Paint mare just grazed away. The next day the rest just raised their heads once in awhile. Eventually they stopped looking all together. The gun proofed my horses for me. LOL I do crack whips around them too.
  5. I see no difference in nasal strips and tongue ties. Seems the strips are more humane to me. I worked on a Thoroughbred breeding farm. They had a grand daughter of Secretariat.(My favorite race horse ever). I was so excited to touch her. She was even marked like him. Nuttier than fruit cake. Mean. I was so disappointed. Still love Big Red tho. From I remember they thought Big Red was sterile so instead of wasting time testing on good T-bred mares they tested on other breeds...hence the Appy baby. I like Chrome cause of the story and I love chestnuts with lots of chrome.
  6. Favorite Horse Books Or Movies?

    They are kinda corny and kids movies but I like the horses. Snowfire. Justin Morgan Had a Horse. Snowy River and Return to Snowy River. Secretariat Seabiscuit The Horse Whisperer for the horses , scenery and Robert Redford. Quigley Down Under
  7. Do Horses Get Bored With Their Feed?

    Thanks Heidi. What you said makes sense. The sweet filly was never challenged or tested so when she was she didn't know what to do. Babycakes has always been easy to do things with like putting on the blanket , saddle , boots. Anything I can think of to challenge her. Nothings really scares her unless she wants it to. A reason to spook and be silly. She is always watching and notices the least little change we do around her. She used to roll right next to the electric fence then roll under it. We dragged some old dead trees along the fence. We thought ,"There , we showed her." When we were finished the little snot walked over , sniffed all the trees then walked BETWEEN them and the fence. She doesn't , however , roll there anymore.
  8. My Very First Real Live Horse Trailer

    Thank You. I have seen others open the door with the horse still tied. Lesson learned. As soon as I finally get it home I'll get pictures. Now , if I can just get my horses to cooperate and be as excited as me about going ... anywhere.
  9. This is the only place anyone will know my excitement. I've been riding since 6 years old. I've had horses since I was 13. I'm now 53 and just got my very own real live horse trailer!!!!!! It is used and not here yet (have to get the truck ready for a gooseneck) so the ownership hasn't really sunk in yet. I think I'll sleep in it the first night. It's a 3 horse slant gooseneck with dressing/tack room. The fun part is I have 2 mares 13 and 12 years old that have never been off this property. Let's see if those clinicians know what they're talking about...or if I understood them.
  10. Do Horses Get Bored With Their Feed?

    No , I don't turn my back on her at all anymore. Her calmness during training let my guard down. At about 6 months I was trying to lead her which she had known at that point how to do since about 3 weeks old. She would take a step and stop or not move at all. She was too big for a butt rope so I used the lunge whip to "tickle" her. Little tickle , nothing. Bigger tickle , nothing. Finally a sting. She squealed , reared up and struck at me. This time I did do some physical corrections. She looked so shocked like , "Sheesh , I didn't think you'd get that mad." But that was all it took. She now leads nice on a loose lead at my shoulder. Immediately trots out when asked. She is smart with a temper. I was using the shovel the other day and she was "helping". I tried to shoo her away by poking it at her. She struck at it. I know I've made her sound like a witch and she is a pain sometimes but I enjoy working with her. I've never let any horse get away with what she does. I call her Babycakes. My husband calls her "Lil smarta$$ B!tch Horse" LOL
  11. Do Horses Get Bored With Their Feed?

    No Oz , she is APHA but I understand why you'd think Arabian. I have 3 of those too. Floridacracker , I didn't give her any bute or pain meds when she was lame. She is spoiled but has been a control freak since birth. At a day old she was controllong her mother and at 3 months I was working with her. She was so calm and accepted everything I threw at her. Lunge whips , umbrella , tarps. She cocked her back leg and just stood and watched. I made the mistake of telling my husband I didn't understand this filly. I was used to my Arabians. Not crazy but alert and snorty. I was leading this filly back to the rail when I saw stars. I heard my husband gasp. I finally realized her front hooves were on my head. Then her hoof got caught on my shoulder. She would jump on her mother and my gelding trying to get them to play. Apparently I was to be her new playmate. My first instinct was to KILL her but I didn't. I didn't hurt her at all and if you knew my temper you'd understand what will power that took on my part. I Just tied her up and left her standing alone for about a half hour. I was in the tack room incase she got into trouble. She seemed quite humble when released. So , ever since she got her stall back she has been eating. She's a cool filly but she sure keeps me on my toes. It's more relaxing to work my snort and blow Arabs. LOL
  12. Do Horses Get Bored With Their Feed?

    Shameless , I apologize. I read your comment wrong. In the world of horses I think we'll all agree there are no stupid questions. Thanks for all your advice. I'll compare the label to an older bag. But I think I figured out what is wrong with my Diva. You have to know my filly. Very head strong. Very quick tempered. Likes to be in control. A Diva. I've learned to work with the little snot. She's been here since birth. Was imprinted. Anyway , A few months ago she was lame. I built her a stall out of my round pen panels under the lean-to. Built a smaller round pen out of what was left. She is now sound so I wanted my big pen back. I then fed her in the round pen. This is when she stopped eating. After about 4 days of her not eating I began thinking of when she went off her food. After her stall was taken away. I thought ,"No way. She's pouting cause she lost her "room". " My husband built her stall back this morning with her nuzzling his ear the entire time watching everything. Guess who started eating in her stall? Yes , I spoiled her but have you ever heard of a horse going off their feed because they were mad? She's a blast to work with. She's super smart. Anyway she is eating again.
  13. Do Horses Get Bored With Their Feed?

    Well thank you Shameless. I won't be asking anymore stupid questions on here.
  14. Do Horses Get Bored With Their Feed?

    I thought of dental problems but she eats everything else. Her horse cookies are hard but she eats those with no trouble. I called my vet. She said to try a new feed to see if she is just bored but I've never heard of a horse refusing feed. Then again , she is unusual.
  15. I have a 2 1/2 year old filly. She has been eating the same pelleted food forever. Never had a problem. She ate like a "horse". A few nights ago she ate a few bites then walked away. She eats every bit of her hay and we dropped a cookie in her feed bucket. She ate that but left the feed. She is drinking , acting normal otherwise. I thought maybe a sore throat so I put warm water on it. She flipped her bucket upside down. She acts excited about getting her food but then picks a few bites out then walks off. Any ideas?