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  1. Blah

    I always have a busy night shift when I have to work nights in the 911 center and dispatching. We work 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM
  2. Dream Big

    I would like to do another pack trip for a week in Wyoming
  3. New Member From Maryland!

    hello from maryland nice to see other riders on the boards from our area
  4. Weekend Rides

    I love your photographs. I love the area of Maryland I ride in, but sure would love to ride in your area. Keep sending photographs
  5. Huff And Puff Ride

    Love the pictures you post. I have been out riding he trails in Maryland, but can not hold a candle to the area you get to ride in.
  6. What Do You Have For A Horse Trailer?

    I have a 2005 EXISS three horse slant with tack room extra wide for my draft crosses
  7. Back From Dc

    Nice to see people visiting my area. I enjoy visiting Washington D.C I work in Alexandria Virginia and Live in Southern Maryland outside Washington D.C. We have a lot of horse owners where I live. I hope you took some great photos
  8. Washington Dc

    I work in Alexandria Va. It is a gret place to visit and lots of small resturants i hope you have a great trip. Any questions email me !
  9. Washington Dc

    I live one hour outside of Washington D.C. We have taken many people for sight seeing. Mc Donalds is your cheapest inside the Air and Space museum if you want really good food but a little expensive eat at the National Indian museum. You will have a great time. The subway is easy to use, are you staying in Washington D.C.
  10. Newish From Australia

    Welcome back . I am from Southern Maryland. I have 5 horses
  11. Christmas Day Ride

    Glad to see others ride during the winter months
  12. Where Would You Want To Live?

    I would say Maryland. Lots of places to ride not far from the mountains or beaches. I live in Southern Maryland
  13. Riding In The Winter

    When winter really hits we do a hunter clip to the horses coat. This allows them to be worked but not really sweat up. With the night temps you should then blanket after clipping. Happy Riding !!
  14. Hello

    Welcome to the site great to have another East Coast Horse owner