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    Team roping, horse training, colt breaking, freestyle reining, working cow horse, riding bareback.
  1. Anyone Remember Us?

    Haha awesome! I'm actually suprised ya'll remember me! Oh... yeah... and btw... I graduated this year!
  2. Anyone Remember Us?

    I havent been around in a while... But I'm hoping someone remembers me and my horse... I came here for a lot of training help with her when she was a 3 year old... well.... shes 5 now, and is super awesome :) Just poppin by to say hi again! Here are some photos! cause I know everyone loves photos! About the time I was posting here regularly: This year:
  3. Critique My 2Yo

    I've had her for about a year, bought her at an auction last fall for $750. (Holy moly STEAL). She's 2, and has been lightly started undersaddle by myself. Here's her papers and a few randoms: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/lucky+magic+belle She's bred for barrels, so that's probably the direction I'm gonna direct her into... but I'll most definitely be trying some English with her later on!
  4. Critique My 2Yo

    Aww thanks! If she didn't get sun-bleached, she would have been black like she is in the first few pictures.
  5. I Came Back For A Visit!

    I havent been around for a while! Holy smokes. How is everyone and their hosses? Well, I had knee surgery (ACL) at the end of July, so I havent been able to ride WHATSOEVER. And IM LOSING MY MIND. Some of you might remember my dun mare that I posted about a lot when she was 3. Well, now she's a big beastie 4 year old! We've progressed a lot since I came here for help. I ended up having to re-start her in the Spring for some odd reason... she just forgot everything and it was a really sucky time. But, we're about as back on track as possible. I've started her on the barrel pattern and roped calves with her at branding. I want to start heading to some jackpots with her next year! She's also starting to figure out how to stay round without needing any contact, which is awesome. Some pics of her: I also started an awesome 2 year old filly this year. She's one of those that seemed to be born broke. I have some big hopes for her as well. And I have another 2 year old that I just started doing some ground work with. She's one of those smart ones that will try to outsmart you to get out of doing things. Yep. That's about it. :)
  6. Critique My 2Yo

    Bumping up. In the first 4 pictures, her feet are really long, and the last few are the most recent.
  7. Critique My 2Yo

    Meet Foxy!!! Her reg. name is Lucky Magic Belle. What do you think of her?
  8. Barrel Racing Critique

    This is me on my 10 year old team roping mare! How are we doing?
  9. I let my 4 year old breeze the pattern at her own pace today. You think she wants to fly? LOL. I think now is a good time to lay off the barrel work and relax for a bit, like, brandings and such. Pulling calves makes for great conditioning! Hopefully I can find a little jackpot for baby girl sometime!
  10. Bits

    *shrug* I did all of my girls flexing/bending work in a d ring snaffle... I like to keep it as simple as possible for the young 'uns.
  11. Second English Ride

    Thanks! I have some more recent schtuff:
  12. Bits

    I'm training a 4 year old right now, and I'm bit shopping for her. I really want to get away from the nutcraker ickyness off a plain snaffle for barrel training (plus I only have 1 snaffle and 3 colts to start this Spring...) She has a really soft mouth and likes to chomp on the bit like crazy when she get's excited, so something with roller or something would give her something to play with. I've tried a few shanked bits, and found them to be like they're too heavy for her. Here are sone bits I've been looking at: Reinsman Copper Roller Myler Dee with Hooks AHE Dogbone AHE Gag
  13. I Don't Know If Any Of You Remember....

    I'm just going through the H*LL of looking for a bit for her. I don't think that gag would be what she needs right now, she works pretty good in a plain snaffle, but she's a chomper and a 3 piece bit would proabably make it a bit more comfy... no nutcraker buisness. Someday, when she's consistently working the pattern and ready to haul, I'll think about a sweet 6, but for now... it just seems too much.
  14. I Don't Know If Any Of You Remember....

    She has been off since November, and the video was her second ride back, so this will be based on before that: I could control her front end easily, and move her hip over well. She would bend and break at the poll nicely w/t when I asked for it. Once she gets back into shape and gets her good muscles back, I think she'll get a bit more supple. I have her in an offset D ring snaffle bit, I've tried 2 different kinds of shanked 'transition' bits, and now, I want to try a 3 piece snaffle bit, probably one with a copper roller.
  15. I dont know if any of you remember this horse, but I came here for help in training her last summer. I just want to share this video of her yesterday, in comparision to the videos I asked for help with and such last year. She's changed a lot I think. Last year: YESTERDAY: Also, I'd like your thoughts on the lead changes please