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  1. Bull Terrier Baby

    I can't get any of the pictures to attach, so here are some videos of the bratty boy. He is growing like a weed. Him and Ming playing. Him telling everyone he loves them (on the bed he decided to wreck). Playing with the lunge whip. I'll keep working on the pictures.
  2. My Trip To Europe

    I want to travel so bad! Scotland and Greece are the top two destinations on my list, but I'd pretty much go anywhere. My husband was gonna fly us to Greece for our honeymoon 4+ years ago, but at that point in our life I didn't feel like we should spend the money. I kick myself in the rear every day for not going. I just hope I get the opportunity again.
  3. Bull Terrier Baby

    QueenBAW your dog is adorable! I have a Boston Terrier/ Pit cross. She is hilarious. Love her so much. Sherman is a hoot. He is bull headed, but smart. He learns quick. We have our first obedience class on Sunday. I just keep praying we don't have the dumb kid in class lmao. My Ming Ling!
  4. Bull Terrier Baby

    So at the end of February I lost my Australian Shepherd. Her hips were so bad it wasn't fair to keep her going for my selfish needs. I wasn't ready for another dog, but my husband had been searching for a bull terrier for a couple months. His hope was to find one before Yoko passed so it could grow up a little with her. That didn't happen and on March 12 we made a 9 hour trip to Michigan from Tennessee. It only took us like 12 hours to make it home with a 13 week old puppy. Anyways, this cute little booger is trying to help my heart heal after my loss. His official name is Rogers Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken. His "barn" name is Sherman. As in Sherman Tank. Obligatory photos of the new kid (and the mess he made on my porch, but he is cute so....).
  5. Anyone Watch Un Branded?

    I watched it and loved it. I have seen many people talk about how cruel and uncaring the guys were. I just didn't see that. I saw guys that cared a whole heap for their horses (and even baby talked them!). I will probably watch it again because I liked it so much. I'm pretty sure it made me want another mustang. I miss the one I grew up with. Maybe I will make that a new horse goal. Buy mustang.Sounds good to me. Serah, yes that annoyed me half to death. I wanted to punch him in the face.
  6. What's Your Pet Color?

    I guess I don't really lean towards a specific color with the dogs. My currents are blue merle and fawn/white. I have had pretty much every color over the years though. I guess I go more towards which ones no one else wants. Cause I am a sucker. As far as horses go. Ugh. I try and try and try to stay away from the pinto ones. Never works. I seem to always bring them home. I have two in my pasture now. I swear up and down my next one will not be pinto. It most likely will be though. I don't have cats. And my snakes are never a consistent color, although we do tend to lean towards the albinos. Parrots are always different colors as we always get a different breed each time. My chickens (yeah they are pets too) are always multi colored too.
  7. Almost Hit A Dog Today.

    Glad y'all are ok and it was just the chip bag that broke. My husband also drives truck and will slow down if he can. If not, well, sad but better the animal than him.
  8. The Random Thoughts Thread

    YAY it worked. So anyways, this is my Beast. El Bandido Banjo. I bought him August 2014. Then I got sick and my sweet Kisser Lou got sick. Kiss passed away and I had a couple surgeries. So Banjo sat. On August 10 of this year we found a trainer and he went to school. At this point my horse is better trained than I am lol. And he still has like 3 weeks of training left. ACK! Just figured I'd share my handsome boy. I really have way to many photos to post. so i will just share one more.
  9. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I think I figured it out? Apparently I can do one per post and I have to really resize them (this was just my test photo).
  10. The Random Thoughts Thread

    How the heck do you post photos on this thing? I was going to share a couple of my big beast, but I must be tech illiterate.
  11. The Random Thoughts Thread

    My Beast (Banjo) has to be seen by the vet/chiropractor Wednesday. He is off in his rear and his front right. Horse gets a good massage before I do.
  12. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Congratulations! Crossing my fingers for ya.
  13. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Our truck is sitting at the mechanics. I miss my truck! Now I am stuck driving the tiny toy car that makes me feel all vulnerable and mouse like while on the road. No clue when the truck will be done. Parts are on back order. Something in the computer went out. Right now I'd take you $900 estimate Serah. Our estimate is over double that just for the part. Tack on the labor and we are getting up into an area that makes me sick to my stomach. Those pictures are gorgeous. What kind of camera do you have? I need a new one. Maybe I should wait until after the truck is fixed lol. I am 100% healed from surgery and cancer free!! I have been happy dancing all week over that. I still have to see my oncologist every 3 months for 2 years, but that is better than the alternative.
  14. The Random Thoughts Thread

    So sorry for your loss Rosy.
  15. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I used to have a farrier that didn't show up. I kicked him to the curb. Now I have a great one that is always on time or early. Much better.