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  1. High Knob Ranch Equality Il

    TRAILRIDERS BEWARE!! I have ridden out of High Knob Ranch at Eqaulity, IL for over 10 years and 3 different camp owners. This camp has always been dirty, no marked camp sites and no flat ground to park your trailer. The trail access to Shawnee National Forrest is great, and the ONLY reason we have stayed at High Knob until now. I had heard that the 3rd new owner had bought the property early this year. I called to make reservations for 6 rather large truck and trailers and was told they would have spots for us when we arrived. Upon arrival, we found the parking area full. Two different employee's (Both sporting beers in their hands and plainly drunk) told us to park next to a permanent camper in front of the shower house. We then crammed 6 trailers in a spot that 2 trailer should park. Sat morning the new female owner of High Knob became very NASTY that 1 of the trucks did not have an armband on the wiper arm indicating that they had paid. Instead, the armband was on the steering column. She came UNGLUED!! We should have left then. I noticed that at least 3 times, the owner of High Knob was climbing on the side of my Freightliner to make sure that my armband was on my truck also. Does it take 3 times climbing on my truck to make sure it is still there?? Sat night, the people in the permanent camper pulled in and told me I had to move my trailer (which would require the other 5 trailers to move in order for me to get mine out). I told the people I had paid to camp and they needed to talk to the owner of High Knob. Within 10 minutes the owner of High Knob was screaming at us to hook up and move our trailer from the spots that she had told us to park the night before. She told us she would refund our money since she was forcing us to leave on a 4 hour drive at 10:00 pm at night. When it came time for all 6 trailer of us to pull out, she decided she would only refund 50% of our money. Wow!! After 10 years of riding High Knob, I will NEVER camp there again. The place is a dump. The employees are drunks. The owner is a crazed lunitick!!!! Take it from me. GO SOME WHERE ELSE TO CAMP!! On a brighter note, I gurantee there will soon be a 4th owner. No way this idiot can keep from going bankrupt with customer service skills like this.