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  1. New From Mn!

    welcome to HC, come and chat some time.
  2. New From Va Soon Fl

    I used to live in Panama City had a great time there.
  3. Buck Brannaman Clinic

    While we were there we meet a nice couple, very green to the horse world. They had gotten some land and thought getting some horses would be a good idea. They have 10 horses all under the age of 2. Now for me why would you get so many at first and why get them so young when you know so little. I have a hard enough time with my 20 year old and my 6 year old. To me that was really taking on alot.
  4. New From Va Soon Fl

    Welcome to HC and the best of luck moving. Where in Fl are you heading to?
  5. Buck Brannaman Clinic

    If you can go see one of his clinics I highly recommend it. If you could be in one of his clinics that would be so awesome.
  6. Buck Brannaman Clinic

    was there any bouns features in the dvd?
  7. Buck Brannaman Clinic

    Yes I saw two mustangs that were there this past weekend. Let me know how she liked the clinic.
  8. Buck Brannaman Clinic

    He did have a good size group doing the clinic and good size crowd auditing too. He is not fancy, in fact I didnt know he was in the arena till he started talking. I would love to be his shadow for a week.
  9. Buck Brannaman Clinic

    Had a great weekend. Got to see Buck Brannaman on Saturday. A very humble man who truley cares about horse and rider. He signed my book for me and I ask him why he still remains doing the clinic all by himself when so many other have made their clinics such a production? He simply said I remember where I came from and I want to still be invited to do these clinics. If you have not seen the movie about him it should go on sale this week.
  10. I Need Some Help!

    Yes get a helmet , wear mine whenever I get on my horse. Might look goofy but I have seen it save my friend's life when she fell off her horse and the horse step right on her helmet. Made a huge dent in it but not her head.
  11. I Need Some Help!

    I wish you the best on find the right instructor to help you. Take it slow it will come back, you may not ride like you remember how you rode as a teenager but the thrill is still there.
  12. Cost To Rescue A Horse- Update

    Keep us posted, I know how hard not to help, I helped several resecue horses that come through our boarding barn. People that let a horse suffer should be horse whip.
  13. I Need Some Help!

    How was goat shopping for you? Take things slow, I try to get on to fast, and now having to start back on square one. You are not alone.
  14. New Member(:

    welcome to HC hope you had a great summer with your pony.
  15. We Bought A Pony!

    congrads on your new pony