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  1. First Time In 35Yrs, I Haven't Been Able To Ride

    Sorry to hear about your surgeries and the time you have spent healing and not's just a detour....not a dead end.....and when you are healed properly you will feel even better and saddling up will be even sweeter. Best wishes, take your time, you've got plenty of it!!! What are some of your other interests that are helping you to pass the time??
  2. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Hello everybody! I haven't posted in a good while, life just gets in the way sometimes. All is well here and I am proud to say I have been riding Belle. She has calmed down so much in this last year, it's like I own a different horse. I guess she finally decided life is easy, just relax and enjoy it. Maybe I have developed the same attitude too! Loved reading all your adventures and stories, this is such a wonderful place to visit and I will be back soon!!
  3. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Well - I hear ya on the heat issue. It is too hot for us and imagine how hot it is for the horse to tote us around and work. Belle is not rideable right now either....she's got something going on with one of her feet. Had the Vet out and Belle has been taking it easy for about 3 weeks. I am going to have to start all over again by the time this is done! Oh well, don't have much else to do.
  4. Big Day For Super

    My husband and I have been Super fans since the very beginning! There is just "something" about this guy, he is so giving in his own way. I am sure he will be a wonderful mount for you, my husband definitely covets that mule!!! We wish you and Super nothing but the best.
  5. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Stopping in to say hello everyone! Great score on the hay PD! Nice, healthy ponies, WR! They have some really nice grass to munch on, no wonder they are so happy!! Glad you are proceeding with Jedi and you are making awesome progress! I was doing well too until Belle came up lame after her last shoeing. Vet made some recommendations for the farrier and we'll see how she looks when we pull this shoe off in a couple of weeks. Very frustrating....but it's too dang hot to ride here anyway! Taking my neighbor to her doctor's appt today. She's 85, her family is in New Hampshire and she lives alone, although I spoke with her son last night and I gently suggested it might be time to make some changes. She is just alone way too much. OK, off to see Belle for a few minutes and I will check back in soon. Have a wonderful day everybody!
  6. I guess we all have to do what we think is right for ourselves, especially when there is health issues. Life sure can change quickly! PD - that sure is a lot of hay to stack and store! Granddaughters sure are special...I have two but they are 21 and 19 and I get as much joy when I see them as I did when they were little ones!! Had a pretty quiet day yesterday, even got a nap in! Watched a few fireworks from our deck and then watched a movie. Nobody in the neighborhood got crazy with fireworks so Belle had a quiet night also, thank goodness!
  7. Soreno - I am 62 years of age and my advice is "Don't give up" You don't have to keep doing everything you did before but you just have to keep doing whatever you CAN do even if it is just walk outside and fill up a water barrel. One little thing that makes you feel like you accomplished something can do wonders for the soul. As we age our bodies naturally place limitations on us but the key is just keep going, maybe less than you used to but you are still going!!! Your activities will soon kind of just snowball and you will be amazed, I know I have been and continue to be everyday!!! Thanks for sharing and this group is wonderfully supportive, hope to talk more soon!
  8. Good morning all! Yay for the good weather you are having and I'm glad some of you are able to ride and do your chores. it has been miserable here - spent most of yesterday entertaining friends who wanted to escape the heat by swimming in our pool. It was great fun, but I am pooped today! PD - You are looking good and very relaxed on that nice horse, glad you finally got to go out and the critters behaved theirselves! Please say a prayer for the 19 AZ Hotshots who died in the line of duty while fighting a horrible forest fire yesterday. It is that season again and this one was bad! It has been on the news, what a horrible tragedy, a whole unit lost at once!
  9. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    Condolences and prayers for the Baumgartner Family. Jack was such a wonderful man, I respected him very much and my heart is very heavy knowing I won't be able to talk with him again.
  10. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    Well, there must be something in the air....Belle has been lame for 10 days! Left front foot, she doesn't want to put full weight on it. I had the farrier out yesterday and then the Vet in the afternoon. Farrier couldn't find anything wrong. Vet put a nerve blocker in her ankle, wouldn't you know it...she walked, trotted, bucked and wanted to run....soooo something going on with that foot. She made some recommndations for the farrier and we did notice that one heel bulb is "odd" looking so it's either bruised or has an abcess trying to resolve itself. She's on bute, no exercise for a week and then we'll see again....Xrays next. Vet said for me not to let my imagination get carried's not founder....whew! This past weekend I rode my friend's new guest horse....had a HORRIBLE ride! I hate lesson horses, he tugged on the bit, was barn sour, bony back, saddle was uncomfortable.....I won't tell you the worst parts. Let's just say, I'm glad it's over, I love my nice soft cushy saddle and my nice soft cushy horse....can't wait to ride just Belle!!! Tetonka....Coco is a jewel! WR....keep at it! and Piper are amazing! PD....I hope Royal is back to his old self again and bloodwork came back good!
  11. Thundershirts

    Thanks! It certainly sounds like it is working for Yoko! I think my daughter should give it a try!
  12. Thundershirts

    Do you notice a difference in her behavior as soon as it goes on? If you were having a bad storm and you put it on her, would it calm her right away? I am asking because my daughter's lab has anxiety attacks when it's raining and storming.
  13. Trail Ride Today Finaly! Pics Added!

    Looks like an awesome trail to ride on, love the obstacles! In the first picture, I love that looks so comfy and soft and fits the horse perfectly! I really like pictures of old barns, think of all the stories associated with that barn. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    That's the right way of thinking WR! Solve the problem as they come up as Rosie already knows what she is supposed to do, she just needs a refresher. Belle did the same thing with me in the beginning, she wanted to lead me. My trainer said to keep walking with her and when I finally got Belle to focus on me and walk nicely with me, I knew I was on my way!!! You will be surprised how easily it will all just fall into place!
  15. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    WR - Keep up the good work and positive thoughts! Take it slow.....we are all rooting for you!!