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    I'm a qualified, practicing Herbalist for people and horses. Love my horses and animals and my farm. I love studying body mechanics, and nutrition, and treating my horses to an Equine Touch session(which they enjoy) <br />There's always another way to do things or a different approach to a problem, you just need to be around open minded people who will share it with you.
  1. ** Happy Birthday Lynx Little Pep **

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Cheers
  2. ** Happy Birthday Tx Palomino Kim **

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Now you can look forward to the next one
  3. Do You Remember Diesel?

    Wow!! He's an awesome prospect to have in the barn. I'm new so I don't know your horses... I take it your Jr is the fellow in your signature? They're both lovely, well done
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  8. Cnn Poll Of The Day....

    Haha, that was weird... just finished reading this, closed the page, and a story came on the news... a guy found 50k on the train, handed it in to police, then started planning what he would do with the money after the waiting period was done. Within the day the owner turned up and claimed it... DARN IT! Unless your the original owner I spose I'd get all excited and plan all the great things I was going to do with it.... then turn it in
  9. I think there are way too many horses out there to be spending time (and money?) on this one. The vet has already said they feel there could be a problem breeding her, you are not sure of her history, the owner is not being very honest, I'd be walking away, actually I'd be running. But thats JMO. One of my first ponies had melanomas, we had them frozen off three times over several years. They would start growing back within months. The lumps under his tail were up to about 1/2 an inch in diameter, nothing like the ones on this mare, and they didn't start showing up until he was about 20-21 years old. He was grey and a typical candidate for melanoma. It sounds like you have the best intentions in mind. Good luck
  10. ** Happy Birthday De Equestrian **

  11. 400 Starving Horses In Montana

    And the breeding will be worthless after they're dead! If he was vaguely interested in the preservation of the lines etc etc he would have sold them and got his $200 just to see those lines continue on. Surely there are people who would take them on now to carry those lines??
  12. 400 Starving Horses In Montana

    Heres a response..... Thats appalling! Politics and money rule the world. Don't worry about pain and suffering... oh unless its happening to you. I'm glad its making news, maybe some of them can be saved, and with a bit of luck the others can be shot and freed of their agony. I know which way I'd rather go.
  13. Good luck, I hope it you can get the procedure done. The essay made it clear you had thought things out as far as you can up to this point in your life. Thats the best anyone can hope to do. My two BF's from school and I are all childfree at 39 yrs old and we all knew thats what each of us wanted from as far back as I can remember - 5yrs? 6yrs old? None of us have undergone sterilization but if thats the option you choose then you should be free to make that choice. All the best
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  15. 11 Dead 92 Missing! Whole Horse Studs Wiped Out, Dead

    Another quickie update Levy banks at Kerang broke half an hour ago and the town has been evacuated. Its going to go right through town but they had 5 days of sand bagging the town and have already evac'd most families, hospital etc. So people should be safe. Its a big standardbred breeding area and horses have been moved out over the 5 days also, most should be safe.