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  1. This Place Is Dead

    Love the pictures storey! I am about to take my guy to our first BN combined test in 2 weeks after 2 Starter level minis (were doing our first sanctioned event in April) and looking at even those Novice fences makes me want to pee my pants! Glad to hear every one is doing well!
  2. Ponykins First Ever Horse Show

    She is adorable. I want to steal her.
  3. New Pics Of Too

    Looking good! Can't believe how far you've come with the marey! I knew you would end up falling in love and keeping her :)
  4. Some Video Jumping Today - Critique Please

    He is so cute! Love his effort - maybe he can chat with Houston!
  5. This Place Is Dead

    I feel your pain... I can't wait for the semester to be over!
  6. This Place Is Dead

    Hi all! Everyones horses look great. NH I will be interested to see pictures of the little mare in the spring :) Houston is doing really well. We have had an interesting couple of months. We went to a small HJ schooling show Labor day weekend, participated in a clinic with Robin Walker at the beginning of October, did a 2 day mini horse trial at the end of October, and finished up most recently with a 4th at a one day mini horse trial the 2nd weekend in November. The schooling show went mostly well. It was my first time showing him and it was a long weekend but overall a positive experience, the clinic had its ups and downs but we became a better team and I learned a lot about myself and Hue through the course of the weekend. The 1st mini trial was really good. A rail in stadium and a stop / more like a hesitation.. on cross country bumped us out of the ribbons but again it was all about the experience and we finished up strong at our last small horse trial in 4th place - Houston was a gem. This winter we will probably go to 2-3 schooling shows. He will likely get 2-3 weeks off over Christmas though - which will be good for him. He has grown up so much the past few months. And for your viewing pleasure... All smiles after completing our first mini trial: Having a blast XC at our most recent Mini: Thanksgiving: Hope everyone is doing well!
  7. Introducing New Neds That You May Like.....

    Handsome boys!
  8. Happy Anniversary. Looks like you had a great morning!
  9. Some Video Of Our Ride Today.

    Your jumps are awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Need A Pony Squeeeeeeeeee! Fix? Click Here!

    Holy CUTENESS!
  11. Remember This Big Guy?

    Congrats on finishing school and good luck with him :) I look forward to updates of his progress over fences
  12. A Bit Of A Bittersweet Update.

    Glad he went to a great home though!
  13. Help Me Decide...

    I love the headshot too! So for me it would be 8578, 8584, and 8629 :)
  14. Trainer Punishment

    We have a rule at our barn that if you fall off you have to bake cookies - or if you are 21 bring some form of refreshment to the barn. I like this rule! Haha. No others I can think off at the moment.