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  1. My New Horse

    Thanks, and yes shes a beauty! And I'm not really new to HC just lost my password for my old account. Their helping me got my old post count back =)
  2. My New Horse

    This is my new 8 yr-old QH.
  3. My Time At Aec's!

    You guys look great! Congratulations
  4. Horse Pet Peeves

    When you tell someone you have horses and they say "Oh....I rode a horse once"
  5. Four Loko Banned From Wa State

    Banned in Ohio to.
  6. Remember Me? :)

    I remember you, I just came back to! My screen name was WILD_N_OUT.
  7. New Fantasy Painting

    cool, I love the forelock!
  8. This Or That

    ahh thats a hard one, love them both but.... Border Collie TV or movies?
  9. Wildlife Collages

    love the elk one.
  10. A Fun Post For Everyone!

    I joined HC in 04' and ive had a few names Toris_mom; Tori was my horse WILD_N_OUT, we use to have nicknames for our horses and that was tori's Now I'm Tori_N_Brandy Tori was my best horse and friends but i had to put her down yesterday and Brandy is my new horse I'm picking up Saturday.
  11. Lost My Best Friend Today

    I am going to pick up my new horse next Saturday, I guess this was the right time to start looking for a horse and I just didn't know it.
  12. Lost My Best Friend Today

    She was my baby and I loved her so much I cant even explain it. People always asked why I wouldn't sell her and I would simply tell them that I cant. This morning I got a call at 7:30 saying that she must have coliced in the middle of the night and she was rolling and got cast. When I got there she was still trying to roll so I walked her until the vet could get there. When she got there she listened to her heart and said she was in A-Fib and there were no noises from her gut so she decided to do a rectal exam. Her intestines had twisted from the rolling. We called my cousin and my step dad to come say goodbye. My cousin, and both my sisters and I had all learned how to ride on her. I took her outside and let her have some grass for the last time(they vet gave her some meds she couldn't feel anything). We said our goodbyes and then she was gone. It doesn't seem real, I guess it will take a while to get use to her being gone, I had her for 11 years. You were the best horse ever Tori, I love you so much and will never forget you. Tori RIP 11-21-10
  13. Lost My Best Friend Today

    Today I had to put down my best friend and first horse. She was 32 about to be 33 in March, and still kicking. When I got her I had no idea how to ride and she hadn't been rode in years, she was very fluffy AND chubby. Here is a picture of her when I first got her. We practically thought each other everything. She went from not even walking over a ground pole to jumping three foot.
  14. Kinda New Here

    Thanks, I'm glad to be back. I have two horses, Tori and Brandy. Tori is an Arabian and is going to be 33 in march. Shes was my first horse and ive had her for 10 years. Shes my baby=) This is right after I body clipped her in the spring. And this is my new horse im picking her up next week!! Im so excited and cant wait to have her at home. Her name is Brandy and shes an 8 yr old Quarter Horse.