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  1. A little background: My horse is a 16 yr old Appendix QH, Halter bloodlines on top(Conclusive/Impressive) and TB on the bottom. Just last week (Monday), I was talking to a fellow boarder in the tack room, and he was in the crossties. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye, and saw his head drop and his eyes close, like he was falling asleep. Then his right front knee buckled and he fell over!! He woke up as he hit the ground and thankfully was able to right himself, and only had a scrape on the one knee. He was not tacked up, I had just finished grooming him, and was getting ready to ride when I started talking to the person. I thought this was a freak thing and went on with my day. Well, on Sat. I was getting ready for a horse show with him. I had ridden him early in the morning and came back about 6pm to bathe and band. No issues bathing, put him in the crossties and am banding his mane, and about halfway through he does the same thing!! Didn't quite go all of the way down, but I was slapping him and shouting and he didn't respond for a couple of seconds. I moved him back and forth a couple times and then got back on my stool to continue banding. About 4 bands later, I see his eyes close again and his head start to fall. I again slap and shout ( a little more fervently now, I didn't want him to fall again) and he wakes back up, but it was still a delayed reaction. There havent been any changes in his diet, turnout, or excercise level. He is on 24/7 turnout and has been since February. I see him lay down outside all of the time. He has been at the place he is at for a year. He is the pasture boss. He is currently fed free choice hay, and TC Senior with 1/2 cup of oil added in. He gets worked 4-5 days a week, about 30 minutes each time. I think that its weird that this just started and it is happening back to back like that. After doing some thinking though, he has these sores on the front of his fetlocks that he keeps opening and they scab over, and then somehow he opens then again, and they rescab. The scrapes have been going on for the last year and a half. Also to add, I have never had any issues while riding him with him feeling unstable, falling over or laying down. So Questions?? 1. Could this be in any way related to HYPP?? I have his papers and can't find a HYPP status on them, and I know he is from the right line for it. I am planning on calling the AQHA to see if he has ever been tested/needed to be. I just don't know can HYPP horses present like this?? 2. How common is narcolepsy in horses?? Is there a test they can do to perform it?? Anyone experienced a horse with it?? How do they treat it?? 3. More of a thought: If the scrapes on his fetlocks are related to this falling over that he is doing at other times (out in the pasture, in his stall), why would it have taken this long for it to happen while I am around him. I see him twice a day and spend at least two and a half hours at the barn each day( I do chores for free board), so I think it would be odd that this would be going on for a while and I didn't notice it. 4. Another note: his old owner mentioned that a trainer she had him with always wanted to keep him on a product called red cell. She said she couldn't remember why, but that something in the way he acts made her always want him on it. Could something that red cell helps/corrects be causing the passing out/falling asleep? Thanks for your help!! Just really worried about this because the way he went down it could be really easy for him to get seriously hurt.
  2. Silver Cleaner On A Show Saddle

    I have borrowed a western show saddle from a friend, it is a very nice saddle. I cleaned it with horsemans one step for the leather and hagerty silver polish for the silver. I cleaned the silver first and the leather second. However, now around the silver peices there is a white residue on the leather. The residue is only in the area around the silver. Is there a product that will take this off?? It kinda looks like crap and I do not want to give it back looking like that. Thanks!!
  3. Anyone Do The Insanity Workout?

    I am on my last week of insanity and I love it!! Definately doing another round!! If you do it, be ready to be sore for the first week or so, but if you can push past it you feel so amazing. I look forward to the workout everyday because of how I feel afterwards. People are telling me everytime they see me how amazing I look. Definately recommend it for someone who is ready to change their body and their life. But you have to be ready to give it everything you've got, and you have to really want it with this program. Good luck if you do decide to try it!!!
  4. Background: I have a 16yr old Appendix QH that I show on the open show circuit. He is not emaciated looking, but is pretty ribby. I will try to post pics tonight. When I bought him he was about 200lbs underweight. Now I think he could use about 75ish more pounds. I ride him about 4-5 times a week for about 20-30 minutes at a time. He lives outside 24/7, with free choice hay and free choice grass (Hay is pretty good quality grass/alfafa mix and grass is ok, not great but not horrible). He gets brought in for his grain, so that we know he is getting it. He gets 6-7lbs of Triple Crown Senior per day, split between two feedings with a top dressing of a cup of oil over the evening feeding. He sometimes doesn't finish all of his grain, leaves .5lb-1lb, sometimes finishes it with the next feeding. This happens maybe once a week now. Used to happen a lot more. He is also top man in his pasture, so I know he is able to eat. He also gets dumor joint supplement for mild arthritis. I have had him fecal tested and blood work done for metabolic disorders, everything was clean. He is just a really hard keeper. Also, I have had him scoped for ulcers and did put him on gastrogard for a little while with no change Things I've tried: I had him on Purina Ultium, Amplify and Senior and at one point was feeding him over 10lbs of grain a day. I had a really hard time getting him to eat his grain when he was on this mix. Also had him on weight builder and saw no change. It wasn't until I switched him to the TC senior that he started to gain weight and eat all of his grain, but I still feel a little embarassed bringing him to the shows(I feel like he is still too thin). He also has not continued to gain and has even lost a little bit since show season has started up(only do 2-1 day shows a month, give him 4 days off after them and we have only been to three so far this year). Questions: What supplements/types of grain would you recommend to add more weight?? I do not want to take him off the TC senior because he is doing really well on it. Also, he can be pretty hot at the shows sometimes, so I would prefer anything I gave him to not make him more hot/more energy (I understand that as he feels better he will have more energy, but I don't want him crazy lol). Should I just bump up the TC Senior?? Would feeding him BOSS be a good idea?? I have heard that they can be good for weight gain, but some people don't like to use them?? Also would they make him hot?? And I heard somewhere that they may cause inflamation? Would that cause more problems with his arthritis?? Cocosoya: How would this be any different from the vegetable oil as far as weight gain goes?? Rice Bran: Would adding more of this be a good idea?? The TC Senior already has some in it. Beet Pulp: Could try this but he is a very picky eater, and would not look forward to having to go back to mixing applesauce in his grain everyday Equi Pride: Has anyone tried this on really hard keepers with any success?? Don't really need to improve coat, skin condition, the oil keeps him really shiny! Any other ideas for weight gain would be great!! Thanks for reading this, and sorry if it is all over the place. Just trying to include everything!
  5. Possible New Horse

    Hi, I have this horse opportunity that has kind of fallen into my lap :). It is a 5 yr old Luke at Me bred gelding that a friend of a distant friend is trying to sell because she can't afford to keep him. Has anyone ever had any experience with Luke at Me breeding?? Are they easy to handle, any health problems prone to the line?My first horse is a Conclusive/Impressive bred with a bad attitude (I love him anyways lol), but I am trying to avoid another one like him. Secondly, she has him for sale for very cheap, what questions should I ask to see if there is a reason he is so inexpensive? She already stated that even though he is 5, that he is as green as a 3 yr old. I have experience with younger horses, so that is not an issue but I do not want to get stuck with something with health problems that will cost me a ton of money or that I will not be able to ride. I would obviously get him vet checked, but questions I should ask before I shell out the cash to bring the vet out...... Thanks!!!
  6. Adaquan Vs. Legend

    Hi, I have a 16 year old Appendix that I am trying to get back into the show ring after 4 years of semi retirement. He was shown heavily from 2 to 6 at AQHA shows, and was started jumping around age 5. He then had like 3 years off, and I started working with him when he was 9.(no jumping, just flat) I rode him for 3 years and then he was sold to another lady, who let him be a pasture ornament for 4 years. I have since bought him from her and would like to show him one last season (reliving my glory years lol). He has been on dumor joint oral supplement for the past four years, but I still notice differences(stiffness) in his hocks and knees compared to when I showed him before. I know that is to be expected, and I asked my vet if there was something I could do to supplement or replace his current joint program to make him more comfortable when I try to show. He strongly recommends legend IV but he only recommends doing it twice the first year he is on it and after that once a year. I have been doing some research and others say that Legend is only a short term solution and that Adaquan is a better long term solution. My vet charges $120 for Legend and I would have enough money to do the two shots, but not once a month like others suggest. Should I go with the legend or do you think Adaquan may be a better solution?? Any suggestions, comments or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  7. Tall Boots Question

    Hi, I have a pair of tall boots that I got out of a package deal I bought. They are Ariat Heritage zip boots. I really like them and they fit well. The only problem I have with them is that the right toe was probably stepped on at some point, and the toe of the boot is pushed in. Even the structural inside of the boot is pushed in. The toe then pushed on my toes in the boot making it very uncomfortable. Does anyone have any idea how to "push" the toe back out, or are the boots just scrap now?? Thanks, and I am sorry about the confusing explanation. Steph
  8. Won't Gain Weight!

    Allrighty, so I have a 15 year old appendix quarter horse that I cannot put weight on to save my life. Here's the background: He is on almost 3lbs of Purina Ultium a day, as well as a whole bale all to himself every day. If he cleans that up and is looking for more, he is given a couple extra flakes. He also gets the maximum of four scoops of Weight Builder every day. He cleans up all of his feed and hay, every time. His teeth are good, and he does not have worms, I had both checked by the vet. I have been attempting to put weight on him for about 4 months with no luck. He gets worked approximately 4 times a week, for about an hour each time. Nothing too strenuous, just basic walk, trot and canter. His coat looks really great because of all of the fat, but no luck gaining weight. Does anyone have any other ideas I could try?? I have heard a little about Soya oil, has anyone ever used that?? Also, if I backed off the Weight builder and started him on something like Purina Amplify, do you think that would work better?? Also, I am trying to avoid feeding him more Ultium because he has a tendancy to get hot when we up grain, and I would still like to be able to ride. Thanks for your help!!
  9. Winter Training

    Im in WI and have always been in the same situation. NO indoor, cold weather and icy ground. I always spent the winter working on showmanship. I don't know what you show, or if you are even interested in showmanship, but I have found that teaching a horse to move of your body with showmanship helps any horse, even if you don't show in the discipline.
  10. Extreme New Behavior....

    ok thanks everyone! I guess I was confusing tying with cross tying cuz all ive really ever done is cross tie. Now, though in this new barn there is no thinking post per se. There is an aisleway that runs along side the indoor on one side and a row of stalls on the other. Should I just tie him with one rope to one of the rings that would normally hook a cross tie to?? Or should I tie him in one of the empty stalls?? The aisle way is probably about 6-7 feet wide. Just don't want my new horse to get hurt doing something stupid. Thanks again for everyones help.
  11. Extreme New Behavior....

    ok but im worried to leave him by himself in case he goes up and over in the cross ties and no ones there to do anything???
  12. Extreme New Behavior....

    Oh and by the way he does not pull back or anything like that in the cross ties even when he is rearing he still gives to the pressure on the cross ties. The girl that runs the boarding stable keeps telling me that I have a very talented horse lol!!!!
  13. Extreme New Behavior....

    Hey, Ive been trying to cross tie him untill he settles down, because I do agree that horses need to learn patience and how to stand. I have figured out that it is the barn that he doesn't like, because if I tie him in the other barn he stands like a champ. However the indoor arena is in the barn he has a problem with so I would really like to resolve this issue. Like I said I have been tying him for several days in the crossties and sitting 20 feet in front of him in a chair. Each day I have left him in the cross ties until I get a calm four feet on the ground stand. I am in school and I work so I do not currently have all day to sit around in the barn until he completely relaxes, hopefully this weekend will give me some more time. But when hes in the cross ties he spends basically the entire time rearing and dancing and working up a sweat which is also a problem cuz we are in the midwest and it is very cold here right now. He isnt showing any less reactive behavior even though ive been cross tying him like this for five days now. Do I just need to keep trying and wait for it to work or should I try something different??? Thanks again guys for all your help.
  14. Extreme New Behavior....

    Oh and he has always been a little pig headed he wasnt gelded till he was four, but I have never noticed his issues being female related. Just a little bit more pushy and of course really built, especially through his neck.
  15. Extreme New Behavior....

    Thank you everyone for your opinions. I went back out there last night and we found that his problem is the lack of other horses when Im working him. The facility has two barns and right now all of the horses are in the second barn. So when I bring him into the indoor arena, all of the other horses are in the other barn. I was walking him out by his stall and he was just fine, calm and quiet, paying attention to me. But the second we left that barn and went to the indoor, the old behavior resumed. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?? How to get him away from his dependency on other horses? Thanks again everyone!!