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  1. I Could Really Use A Hug Right Now!

    :angel3: :huggy: :angel3:
  2. Free Horses- In Pa

    I also put it on the local classified, hopefully they will find new homes.
  3. Free Horses- In Pa

    I wish I could take on more horses but I just can't right now. The paint sounds like something I would want. I will try to spread the word. I just posted the letter on facebook.
  4. Who Is Going To See It?

    I am definitely going. I read all three books and thought they were good, hopefully the movie is just as good. I read Water for Elephants and was disappointed with the movie.
  5. I Lost My Job!

    I got fired yesterday after 22 years at the same factory! I know it was my fault, I missed too many days and got too many points but I had a dr slip for probably every time. I just don't know what to do with myself now, trying to find a job is not going to be easy! It also is not going to be easy starting over from the bottom! I am soooooo tired of crying and blaming myself and am so freakin depressed! I guess I just needed to get it off my chest and talk to people who don't know me and who will hopefully not attack me for being so stupid! I blame myself enough I can't take anymore people telling me how it is my fault right now so please try to be easy on me right now, Thanks!
  6. Anyone Use The Shape Up Shoes

    I walk about 8 miles daily at work is why I wanted the shape ups for work and will be trying to get around to walking here at night but now that the weather is nice we have to ride when we can, only so many hours of daylight after work. I have chronic back problems so some work out regiments will not work for me so they are not an option! So I thought the shape ups were another route for me, that was why I asked about them, thanks so much for all the advice!
  7. Anyone Use The Shape Up Shoes

    I bought a pair of the Shape up walking shoes for at home and then also a pair of steel toed ones for work and was just wondering if they really work? I haven't really used them yet well because of the weather and the pair for work I just ordered off the internet and they haven't came yet. Thank You for your input on the subject! Chris
  8. ** Happy Birthday Blaze Indy Stormy **

    Thank You Very Much!!!!!!
  9. Newbie From Pennsylvania

    Hello! I am also from Pa, where are you from in pa? Just wondering if we might be near each other. I am from Elk County.
  10. Some Awe Pictures Of Baby Buns

    I also like the fluffy black one but i already have 7 bunnies now so I can't keep any more so I am hoping to find homes for them all.
  11. Sheaths..

    My daughter and I clean them at least twice a year and this fall Michaela cleaned several beans out of Blaze one was at least as big as a quarter if not bigger. I worry about the horses plugging up and causing infections, I have heard of more than one in our area so I don't take the chance. One of the horses at our barn right now is peeing orange and it is just drizzling out but we had the vet down today and he tried sedating him and after 5 shots Phantom was still kicking like he wasn't given a thing so he wasn't able to be cleaned out, so now I don't know what his owner is going to do...? I may wait several weeks and see if he might let me clean him but I am not going to get hurt either, any suggestions?
  12. Some Awe Pictures Of Baby Buns

    Ok thank God that's all of them , aren't they cute?
  13. Some Awe Pictures Of Baby Buns

  14. Some Awe Pictures Of Baby Buns

    I just thought I would share pictures of my bunny babies that I am trying to find homes for. They are Lion Head Lop and Mini Rex mix and Lion Head Mini Rex mix and they are so darn cute. So here are the cuties:
  15. Missouri Fox Trotters

    I just thought I would share a picture of my Missouri Foxtrotter and he is gaited very nice when he decides to do his gait but he will also trot. He Foxtrots on the trail but if he is in the ring he gets bored and will trot after so long, which I don't blame him I get bored too! But any way here is Indy, Mr Impressive: You can't see it in the photos but he has really pretty blue eyes also!