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  1. Saddles Saddles Saddles

    Okay I need help! I need an amazing barrel racing saddle; I have grown out of my youth (which I didn't like) so I need your help! Tell me about your amazing barrel saddle it's brand and how it fits your horse. (Please add your horses shape and your bar size.) Throw in a couple pictures for good measure. Thanks so much! -Tippy
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    "Mashed potato oven mits."
  3. Dumb Question

    If you go to sstack.com they have liners that go over the head and are attached by the straps on the other blankets. -Tippy
  4. Help With Moral Delimma

    If he was mine and I had done everything in his life to make him happy and comfortable then I would let him go before he would suffer any pain at my hands. -Tippy
  5. Barrel Racing Bits

    My arab rides in a slow twist snaffle it really helps with response. Work on breaking at the pol and alot of collection really develope the mucles that help with that. Backing with her head down will do wonders for you. -Tippy
  6. Couple Questions.... Please Help...

    Have you considered they may be getting too many nutrients from all the supplements and such. It could be mites or lice but to me it looks like they are having a hard time with so many supplements. Also baby oil and non alcohol listerine in a 3 to 1 combo really helps with itch. -Tippy
  7. To Grain.. Or Not?

    I personally don't. I like oat rye mix and grass hay it will keep her warmer in the winter. I am not a fan of alfalfa as it doesn't do much but put weight on a horse. If I were you I would wean her of of the nightly alfalfa and just give her a little in the morning grass hay will give her body more to do at night. I wouldn't even bother with grain. My horses work fine on the rye/oat and grass ad they get worked about 6 times a week and race on weekends they are all in really good weight. -Tippy