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  1. The Invitation

    "Hold up, I did not bring him here." Nova said as she re-entered the room. "He was invited way before I ran into him on the plane. I brought a really good friend of mine, Mikey who is-" Nova was cut off by the sound of sharp knocks on the door. "Finally here!" Nova squealed and ran out of the room, her bare feet barely making noise and she ran to the door and threw it up, throwing herself onto Mikey in a large hug. *** Tristan sent Shawnie a text back, I don't understand why we can't do it face to face if we are in the same house. But whatever you want. Please convince them not to kill me. Tristan flinched as another girl walked by and made a remark that stung. Tristan had been a horrible boyfriend in the past and wasn't even looking to get Shawnie back, he just wanted everything to be civil. "I promise to keep my temper. I really didn't think me being here would cause such an uproar or I would have stayed at home. I apologize." Tristan said. OCC: No offence but I think we should get this thing moving, like through the introductions and such. Just so it doesn't die while its still the first day there.
  2. Heel Growth

    I don't own and haven't been there when the blacksmith was. I'll get pics next time I go. His tendon on that leg is now swollen and sore, at least since that last time I was out. He was out in the field and came back in like that. Could that be from his hoof?
  3. The Invitation

    Nova just looked at the drama unfold, her eye brows furred in thought. Her full lips pursed a little and she flinched when her phone began to vibrate. She felt a pair of eyes on hers and quickly scanned the room and found a pair of ice blue eyes staring at her green ones. Her playful smirk returned to her lips, but she was once again distracted by her phone. Mikey. She smiled and quickly picked up, walking out of the awkwardly tense room. "MIKEY! Where are you? Actually don't answer that. Get to the house pronto!" Nova said not allowing him to get in a word before she quickly gave him the address and directions then hung up. Still standing outside the door, she allowed her eyes to look out the window at the beautiful beach scene. "Finally time to relax." She sighed and leaned against the door, still able to hear the quiet chatter from within. *** Tristan watched as Shawnie ran out of the room and tilted his head in confusion. "...So am I leaving?" He asked the rest of the group. His eyes took in all the sights of the girls and understood why all the guys were here. Every single one of the girls was stunning, like Hollywood movie stunning. There shouldn't have been any way that so many beautiful girls were in the same house and all friends. "I promise to stay away from her if I can stay." He said and looked at Kennedy, who he only knew from Shawnie showing him her facebook. "I think it's up to you."
  4. The Invitation

    Tristan bowed his head in shame and met Shawnie's scared ones. His only thought was to walk out that door and beat the crap out of himself for what he had done to her. She was a shell of her former self and he couldn't let that happen so he decided to man up. "I'm so sorry." He mumbled to her and then looked up, no tears in his eyes but a determined look. "Look I don't know if she had told you yet or not, but it's time for me to man up. It took a very hard slap, that's bruising by the way Nova," He said and she stuck her tongue out. A slight grimace on her face from the tight pressure of Shawnie's nails. "I gave her that black eye and every other shy problem she has now. I take full responsibility for it and I hope to have become a changed person from it. I leave it up to you, Shawnie, if everyone wants to kick me out that's fine and I don't blame you. But if she is willing to let me stay, not as a couple or even a friend, but as an acquaintance then I want to show her that I have changed." Tristan told the whole room that stared back at him. "I'm so sorry." He said to Shawnie and very slowly reach his hand out to slightly graze herself, not surprised when she flinched at the contact. *** "I know what happened." Nova said to Shawnie before Tristan began to his speech. "I left a large bruise on his face that should match yours by tomorrow." Nova stopped and looked up at Tristan during his talk and tried to ignore the biting nails of Shawnie. Hopefully they can work this out or it was going to be a very awkward month.
  5. The Invitation

    OCC: SORRY!!! I was busy the past few days!!! My b! Owl, Nova will meet your guy there. My post is horribly put together, but I just want to be caught up for the most part! *** Nova walked up the large mansion with a huge grin on her face. She quickly walked up to the house and sighed as the ocean breeze hit her face. She remembered all the memories here talking about guys, making light jokes about each other, tanning and the list goes on and on. She was a little disappointed to that she had to leave without her friend but another friend from OSU was there to keep her company on the flight. Tristan was in 2 of her classes and she was surprised when Tristan first told her about him and Shawnie dating, then he told her about the fight. The first thing she did was slap him across the face which shocked him for a few minutes outside the house. "Ow! Well that wasn't pleasant!" Tristan growled and Nova just glared at him harshly. "You better be thankful that's all your getting from me. Everyone else is going to beat you senseless." Nova growled out and clutched her bags harder. "I didn't mean too! It was an accident. It's just that I have such a terrible temper and she doesn't care enough to realize that I'm little touchy." Tristan tried to explain and Nova just rolled her eyes. "Am I happy with you? No. Is anyone inside there going to be happy with you? No. So you better get yourself under control before you walk in there. But I'll try to keep the dogs at bay." Nova said and Tristan hung his head like a scolded dog. "The party has arrived!!!" Nova sang/yelled as she burst into the room, her black hair bouncing into her green eyes. "Oh I've missed you all and look what I scrapped off the bottom of my shoe." Nova said with a slight smile and Tristan slowly walked into the room behind her. His black hair hung into his piercing blues eyes the immediately landed on Shawnie's eye. "Oh I am not going to make it out of this one alive." He said so that only Nova and those closest to him could hear. Nova's toned body jumped onto a few friends and she squealed with a giggling following it. Nova was a total flirt and her jaw practically dropped at the selection of VERY attractive guys that she was in the house with for the next few weeks. "Well hello handsomes. I require hugs from all the girls and names of all the guys!" Nova was back into flirt mode.
  6. The Invitation

    Nova ran around her house quickly trying to throw everything in her bag that she needed. She had always been the lazy one and this time it was coming back to bite her. She did make a list and was quickly checking things off as she threw them into her suitcase. She had a half hour before she had to be at the airport and it was a 20 minute drive. After checking her list again Nova quickly changed into shorts and a tank top before shoving all her suit cases into her car. She swiped her black bangs out of her dark green eyes, her long hair easily tousled by the wind. Her slightly tanned figure got into the car and quickly reversed out of the drive way, almost hitting a trash can. "So I have to calm down a little." She said and slowly pulled the rest of the way out and continued down the road. She had missed all of her friends terribly and was excited to meet the guy that she was bringing along. They had been friends since they met her freshman year when they literally ran into each other. "I hope they all get along." She mumbled and pulled into the parking lot. Nova quickly pulled out her phone and sent a mass texting asking where they should all meet. *** "I can't believe it." Tristan growled and stared at the unfolded blanket and pillow on his couch. "I just can't keep her off of me." Tristan said and continued to finish his packing for the trip. He felt horrible about his "incident" with Shawnie last night. He had been drinking a little and wasn't known to have the best temper. Tristan flipped his shaggy black hair out of his chocolate eyes, allowing his eyes to scan the room. "I think that is it." Tristan shut the door to his apartment and locked it tight. He didn't have any animals or anything, so no one would have to enter his apartment. That was one of his pet peeves, when other people touched his stuff. That had started many fights between him and Shawnie. He had been invited on the trip way before his fight with Shawnie and planned on going. While he was there he would try to make amends with Shawnie, but if she didn't want to he didn't care that much. "I could be better off without you." He spoke his thoughts out loud and shut his car door. He opened his phone and sent a text to Shawnie, 'You wanna tell me when you stay at my place. I think we need to talk, no fists involved this time. Please?'
  7. The Invitation

    Nova Marie Bennett 19 Ohio State University Tristan Edward Milcoa 21 OSU Are we putting on like the personalities and descriptions or just developing it as we go along?
  8. Heel Growth

    Ok so this horse that I'm riding right now has the worst hooves I have EVER seen. He used to be a paddler on his left front, then went lame on that leg and his back. We've slowly gotten him back to be able to ride and jump properly. He's sound and vet checked and said he was so fine so no worries there. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do for the heel on his left front because it is so warn down and that hoof grows slower than his other one does? Any ideas?
  9. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    I would say either 16 to 18 or 18 to 21?
  10. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    This Twizzler. I forgot what e-mail I used for my old account and can't remember my password. But I'm In!