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  1. The Invitation

    ooc: i am also on board with fast forwarding.
  2. The Invitation

    Peyton's enthusiastic greeting brought a bright smile to Leila's face, and she hugged her friend back, then pressed two fingers to the inside of Ashtyn's wrist as Peyton introduced herself. When Ashtyn introduced himself, Leila turned her smile up to him and added, "Ashtyn's pretty much my saving grace when it comes to everything. But what's going on? There can't already be drama, can there?" When Ashtyn asked her if someone was crying, Leila paused, taking a head count of all the girls. "We're missing...we're missing Shawnee and Emily and-" she cut herself off, as she was in the habit of doing, as Kaylee slipped out of the room and disappeared. "And Kaylee just up and disappeared too. Who's upset? What did we miss?" Mikey, meanwhile, was trudging up the long driveway, pulling his shirt back on, wincing at the sunburnt patches on his shoulders. His phone call to Nova had been rushed and hurried and all too brief, and Mikey wasn't even sure he had reached the right house. But then he heard a kind of general commotion of talking and maybe a bit of confrontation, and his gut told him this was the house. With so many girls, Mikey expected it to be a loud, exuberant, and moody summer. Nonetheless, he knocked on the door, wondering briefly what he was going to do if Nova didn't answer.
  3. The Invitation

    Mikey Chandler 20 Ohio State University Mikey hefted the duffle bag from one shoulder to the other, kicking at the sand underneath his feet as he meandered down the side of the road, holding his cell phone as high into the air as possible, trying desperately to get some service so he could text Nova. The breeze cooled him down, thankfully, but he had already removed his shirt, and his normally alabaster skin was already picking up some color, accentuating his slim, muscled figure. His blue eyes widened as he saw he finally had some service, and he flopped into the sand, pushing shoulder length brown hair away from his ear as he placed the call to Nova. "Nova, Nova, Nova, please have your phone, please have your phone..." Mikey chanted, fussing with the pocket on his cargo shorts as he waited for his friend to answer, so he could find out where he was going and just get there already.
  4. The Invitation

    An island breeze drifted through the open windows of the taxi cab as it crept down the isolated island road, ruffling Leila's hair where it lay across her face. Her eyelids fluttered open and she yawned, stretching luxuriously, then letting her head drop back to where it had been resting on Ashtyn's shoulder. Leila had fallen asleep after the taxi driver finally pulled over and asked for directions to the house, and upon fully realizing this, she sat up and looked out the window, exclaiming, "Ashtyn, we're almost there! You shouldn't have let me sleep that long. It's so gorgeous, we're so close to the ocean. I know you can hear it, the waves are so loud...everything's so green here, you wouldn't believe it...!" She babbled on, describing the scenery outside in the utmost detail so Ashtyn could 'see' for himself. Eventually, the taxi pulled off the road in front of the house, and Leila clambered out of the taxi, immediately pulling Ashtyn out of the car and demanded that he take his socks and shoes off. "No, seriously Ashtyn, the sand feels so good, I'll carry your shoes, just take them off!" Leila attempted to encourage him as she paid the taxi driver, tipping him handsomely purely because she was Leila and she wanted to help people, however misguided her helping may be. "Isn't the sand fabulous?" Leila asked, her small smile lighting up her face as she dragged their bags out of the taxi's way. She put her hand on Ashtyn's arm and looked up at him, waiting for him to give her the go ahead that said he was comfortable and ready to meet everyone. OOC: Sorry for just kind of taking control and dragging Ashtyn along. I thought it might be best to get them to the house. And I wanted to get it done as fast as possible, so please excuse the ultimate crap that is this post.
  5. The Invitation

    ooc: my sincerest apologies guys, i got slammed with double shifts at work and i had to train two new people this weekend and i didn't know until saturday morning or i would've let you know. that's a good thing though because with the two new people, i won't be called in at all for the next month or so at the least so i'll have plenty of time to devote to this. anyway, i just got home from working all weekend, it's two in the morning here, and i can barely formulate normal sentences, but i will be posting normally tomorrow and what not. again, i'm super sorry.
  6. The Invitation

    "Charlie? Have you seen my phone? I can't find it, and we have to leave in..." Leila shot a frantic look at the clock on the stove, her brown eyes closing in despair when she read the time. "We were supposed to leave ten minutes ago! Are you sure you haven't seen my phone? Ashtyn's probably at the airport, and I'm going to miss my flight if-" a sheepish smile turned the corners of her naturally red lips up and highlighted her dimples as Charlie emerged from underneath the couch with Leila's phone in his hand. "What would I do without you, Uncle Charlie?" Leila asked the short, slightly balding, fifty year old man who had served as her legal guardian for 15 years. "Well, you'd certainly never be on time for anything, that's for sure," he replied gruffly, shooing Leila out the door and lugging her suitcases behind him as he followed her lithe, prancing figure to the ancient Jeep that stood on the street outside. "And I'd have to carry my own bags, which would just be absolutely awful," Leila added with a teasing smile as she settled herself into the passenger's seat. Charlie merely grunted and started the Jeep, his gruff demeanor a dead giveaway to how he felt about Leila being gone for so long. "You be careful out there, wherever it is you're going. South Africa, Madagascar, something like that, right?" Charlie finally spoke up as they pulled into a temporary parking spot at the airport. "It's the Caribbean, Charlie, and I'll be fine. I'll have all my girls, and all their guys, and I'll have Ashtyn," Leila reminded him, bouncing her tiny dancer's frame lightly on her toes, her brilliantly and obviously unnatural red hair flying all over the place. Leila hugged Charlie, much to his chagrin, then waved at him, pretending not to notice the worry in his eyes as she checked and double checked for her cell phone, charger, and boarding pass. "I'll see you in a couple months, kid," Charlie said by way of a goodbye, and watched Leila enter the airport. Leila dragged her bags haphazardly to the side, away from the masses of people, and searched for Ashtyn. She knew he'd be nearby one of the doors, waiting for her, but which one? God, she was going to make them late for their plane. But wait, was that...? Yes! "Ashtyn!" Leila called, tugging her suitcases in his direction, ignoring the hiccup her heart did and the way her stomach flipflopped when she noticed him, and definitely ignoring the way it was hard to breathe when she stopped in front of him and said, "I'm so sorry I'm late, I lost my phone and Charlie had to climb under the couch the find it, were you waiting long? I've missed you so much! Do you know which gate we're going to? And did I mention I've missed you?" She stretched her 5 foot frame up onto her tiptoes so she could hug her closest friend hello. Leila often wondered what it was about Ashtyn that drew her to him so quickly, that made them click so intensely. It had always been like that between them- sharing everything together, having no secrets...until recently. Leila seemed to constantly miss Ashtyn, even when he was right next to her. It was like he was holding something back from her. Hopefully this summer broke those walls down, because she missed her friend so terribly. She stepped back from the hug and touched two fingers to the inside of his wrist, something mundane and simple they had worked out between them to be like a secret handshake they could do when they needed reassurance or just extra comfort.
  7. The Invitation

    well, drat, i meant someone to drag him along. however, in the off chance i find someone to drag him along and you're still game to be his love interest, perhaps we can do that then?
  8. The Invitation

    Leila Rae James 18 Philadelphia University yeahhh. my guy needs a girl before i create him and get attached to him and never get to actually play him lol. anyone wanna be the girl to my guy?
  9. I'm Back! =] Finally

    well the largest struggle of any writer's life is getting what's in our heads onto the paper. or computer screen, as the case may be. and you always did an admirable job. and oh you think you're so funny, don't you? this stupid song will be in my head all night.
  10. I'm Back! =] Finally

    i remember you from when i lurked a lot, i enjoyed reading a lot of the stuff you wrote. :) and oh my god, you suck, it's stuck in my head now hahaha. i don't even like that song all that much.
  11. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    we are the awesomest of awesome people. i totally wish we could all do a group high five right now.
  12. I'm Back! =] Finally

    oh god, honey, not mocking you at all. i was being completely genuine! i'm sorry it came across mockingly, i didn't mean it that way at all. anyway, yes, it's been a long, long while since i've posted. and this is a brand new name, because i went through oodles and oodles of crap on my old name [which was -spoof- by the way] and that's why i disappeared for so long. i've been role playing since...2002? haven't been active much [ all] in the past year or two, though. god, i'm ridiculously talkative tonight.
  13. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    i most definitely can. i've moved into my own place and settled into a pattern and have oodles of free time. :)
  14. I'm Back! =] Finally

    indeed you are! i stuck my obnoxious head in and demanded an invitation. ^_^ i miss you people desperately.
  15. Still Raining, Socal, Twizzler, Macho, Generalmybaby

    spoofy wants in, spoofy wants in.