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  1. My New Kitten Needs A Name

    Gah cuteness overload!!! I think he looks like a Fischer!
  2. Is Your Job Easy?

    I am a brand new pharmacy technician. Only a month in. It is difficult dealing with the public, doctors, and insurance. Doctors are dumb, patients are dumber. The cool part is, i get to tell people when they are wrong! :-) because the law backs us up and we absolutely cannot go against it or there will be fines, lost licenses, etc. It is cool though. There is a lot more work in it than youd think. Words of advice: take your meds as directed, its not the pharmacys fault if insurance wont pay/doctor didnt send it in/we need ID and ask for DOBs/etc
  3. Mom's New Puppy

    Bernard and shepard! Look at those paws! He looks like a total sweetheart and hes super cute!!
  4. Pics Of Bella~Updated With Videos

    I just have to say what a big beautiful mare!
  5. Zenyatta

    Epona!! Im a March 8 birthdayer as well!! And what a coincidence that mine was Gawd awful lol. Happy belated birthday! I just want to know the handsome fellows name!
  6. Very nicely put wolfhaven. Cant believe anyone would say that step parents cant be parents and basically just to butt out. Thats so absurd. Im aware of all the issues that comes with splitting a household as im the product of a split household. I have a 'stepdad' that is more of a father than my piece of work dad. Saying that almost sounds as though the person should not and doesnt care about the children or what happens.
  7. Nerving A Horses Tail?

    Without reading all the posts i will say that a previous trainer of mine had us block my arabs tail for the hunter ring. She now cannot be ridden because she has back issues. We were told it was completely safe and completely trusted said trainer so did no further research. This is after years of blocking every 6-12 months. I had her when i was 12, i am now 21. Shes been out for a few years
  8. Some Horsey Pics From Today

    Jealous!! I havent been on a horse in going on two years. It looks so pretty there
  9. Riding Pics!

    Glad you went with her! She will look awesome when shes fit and cleaned up. And i have to say you 'fit' her! Looks like your leg can comfortably wrap around her. Congratulations!
  10. Lame-O Update On My Teen Mama Life!

    Speaking on behalf of everyone here, Im so happy for you and proud of you. I so look up to you because most people our age wouldve gone down the opposite path. Youre an inspiration :) By the way i have big-head-syndrome too, dont feel bad! Maybe men just have smaller heads..(pea brains??) Edited because i also have fat-finger-syndrome and cant type on my phone lol
  11. I'm A Little Hurt And Confused Right Now

    ^What she said
  12. I'm A Little Hurt And Confused Right Now

    I dont know you but i have to agree with the other ladies in that this whole situation should not be taken lightly. If my boyfriend didnt know if he wanted this or not he would be gone. Adults know what theyre getting into when they get into a relationship. Sounds like he needs to grow up. In this case id never wait on a man. Long distance, money, school, etc...good reasons to wait. Having second thoughts....you dont love me, peace out. Good luck
  13. I Need Opinions. Really.

    Both Look great. PJ looks like a great project whos coming along very nicely. I have to say i really love the mare..
  14. What Do You Think Bella Is? Update

    Shes very flashy! Im going to say Appendix or full QH. I can haz to show plz???
  15. Update: (#104) Lilly Home Owner Says She Is Sound?

    Me tooooo! Im so sorry about the grey mare but im a firm beliver in that everything happens for a reason! (jumps up and down waving hand) i lyke videoz