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  1. Waterloo State Park Trails In Michigan

    Pretty country up there, and still so green. The corn here has long been harvested. Do you get any bears?
  2. Stalling A Horse

    Don't give up on the tie ring. I have had horses pull the 40' rope out all way and hit the end so hard they did a backward somersault. You just put them right back on there and do it again. Read the directions and make it harder for him to pull it all the way out. If you tie him solid, tie him high and away from everything. Don't let him spook you. Leave him on there till he gives up and is standing with a leg cocked. At this point with a horse, it's either go ahead and kill yourself or bloody well learn.
  3. Trailer Loading

    Thanks Julie, I will try that.
  4. Trailer Loading

    Well, I can't watch your video (dial up), but I have a trailering question. I too have an old dilapidated two horse straight load. My younger gelding loads fine. The older appy will load right up okay, stand there for about two seconds, then his eyes bug out and he flies backward. I have tried telling him to back out before he goes on his own. I have put him in and out many times. He just won't get comfortable in there and it is becoming a terrible habit to fly out backward. This horse leads and ties like a champ. I can leave him tied safely just about anywhere, he knows how to give to pressure. In the trailer, he just loses it!!! Any suggestions? Besides getting another trailer, which I would like to do but cannot afford. He does ride better in a bigger trailer where he can stand sideways.
  5. A Cupala Kinda Purty Pitchers

    Those are terrible. I think you better go try again.
  6. Stalling A Horse

    It sounds to me like you need a good rope halter and a tie ring. Your horse has no patience and probably won't ever be comfortable in a stall till you teach him some. I really like the tie rings, I have rehabbed horses who were on their way to Mexico because of setting back/ tie issues. If you google "blocker tie ring" you can find out a lot more.
  7. Pastures Without Run-Ins

    Mine only go in to escape the horseflies. Snow, high wind and torrential rain doesn't seem to faze them at all. They just stand together with thier backs to the wind and casually wait it out.
  8. New Here So Thought Id Introduce My Herd!

    Beautiful horses, and a pretty place! I'm not real big on paints (whatever their breed) but that Duke is a looker! Do you mainly trail ride?
  9. Memorial Fountains/ They Are Tears Of A Nation.

    My thoughts are especially with the children who were left without a parent. Their life has been defined by this tragedy.
  10. Oh Deer, Oh Deer.

    Goodess that bear track would have me looking over my shoulder all the time...
  11. Just For Fun...

    I put the bag up some time ago for my son, who was having issues with a bully at school and needed something to beat on. That's been resovled. Mostly now it's Ranger's toy. Thanks for the compliment!
  12. Satanism...

    Hubby saw that and said, "you do realize what you just wrote?" I didn't mean it THAT way!!!
  13. Satanism...

    Jeez louise! I go to work and come home and you guys are exchanging body parts! You can have a piece of my .... Well maybe not. I loff the furry bugger.
  14. I've Had It!

    Well, what I would do if I were determined to try and fix her is this. Saddle her up and put her on the long line. When she bucks, yank her head off and send her off again. She bucks, you stop her with authority. You need to use a well fitted rope halter and wear gloves. I probably wouldn't even ride her until I could long line her with no bucking episodes whatsoever. She thinks bucking is a fabulous idea, you have to change her mind about that. That being said, this is a firmly ingrained behavior by now, it's like a well trod path to the waterhole. You can hack out a new one, but he old track is always going to be there. Anyway, good luck and don't get hurt.