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  1. Who Rides In Colorado?

    Nice pictures Equinitis! I'm glad the moose (mooses? meese?) didn't take offense to you, they are scary when they charge. I'm glad you had good riding up at Indian Creek - that's my neck of the woods. The campground and trailer parking usually fill up on weekends, so I'm glad there was room at the inn. And yes, it was hot and dry this summer. More days over 90 than in recorded history. Not really a record we wanted to set!
  2. Getting The Itch..

    Yeah, life has a way of changing things. If you want to ride, and have the energy after work, consider going straight to the barn. That way you don't get relaxed and comfy and not want to go back out. I know I sometimes get home and all I want to do is not head back out again! If your confidence isn't what it used to be because you haven't raced in a while, then just run at home until you're ready to go someplace and compete. Very few people can walk away at the top of their game and step right back in where they left off - most of us need to regroup, re-learn, and work hard to get back to it. Figure out where you'll be happiest - at a local show strictly for fun or a big jackpot weekend. But really, the most important thing is to have fun with it. If it's not fun, then maybe it's time to change your riding up and find a new (and maybe completely out of your comfort zone) goal to work towards. Good luck!
  3. If you're referring to the Diamond McNabb sale, they are offering a nice selection of working ranch horses, broke horses that have been exposed to some ranch work and some family horses as well. Working ranch horses can be a far cry from good family horses, since they're used regulary and regularly used hard. They aren't used to standing around idle for weeks at a time. In order to buy a horse at this sale, a buyer will have to start saving early - last year's sale AVERAGE was $6,885, high selling 9 yr old gelding was $16,500, low selling 3 yr old gelding was $2,500. That's more money than a lot of people have to spend on a horse. But - they come with a 30 day guarantee and presumably you get what you pay for.
  4. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    I wondered if this was a Foxwood mfg. saddle, but couldn't find an online presence for them. Now that I have the saddle home and have taken a good look at it, I'm not inclined to mess with it. I'll just stick to my Buford roper and hope it fits the new horse. Thanks Jack!
  5. Favorite Saddle Features?

    I'll play! I like a saddle that fits me & fits my horse. It has to be a saddle that puts me in proper alignment, I don't want my feet in front of my knees, and has a narrow twist. I want places to put things, so strings and rings are a must. I have to be able to heave it on the back of my horse, that means nothing over 30 pounds now that I'm a seasoned rider. As long as my horse is broke, I can ride english, western, aussie, bareback, whatever. But when I'm hitting the trails for several hours or days in a row, I like my little Buford roping saddle best. It's an old kid's saddle, fits my fanny, fits my horse, doesn't weigh much and has enough cantle and pommel to keep me seated going up and down hills. And then there's what I really don't like - I don't like a brand new saddle. I want one that has a few dings and bruises, it's maybe been rained on, ridden across that chest deep creek, been splattered with cow flop and mud - then cleaned up and taken out again. Then I don't have to cringe when it starts getting dusty or dirty or used!
  6. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    This is how the saddle sits on a horse. Before anyone gets too excited, this is NOT the horse I would use this saddle for! With her flat back and wide shoulders (and dusty butt) you can easily see the fit problems. I haven't bought the saddle yet, so it will go back if it's in the "too hard" category. Thanks in advance for any ideas or advice!
  7. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    I hope these shots illustrate the curve in the rawhide that causes the saddle to fit weird. (These won't resize for some reason, sorry.)
  8. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    This is the next set. The fleece is new and is synthetic. The saddle has been dropped on it's horn, but that's the only real blemish I see on it.
  9. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    Here is the saddle in question. I don't think it will be in an old catalog, this saddle is basically "new". I'll post several times with the pics I took.
  10. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    I'm in Colorado and they're asking $450 for it. It's in very good to excellent shape, maybe wasn't used much because of the issue with the "trim". I'll see if I can get (and post) pictures. The trim is the same leather that I see used on some of the good handmade roping saddles around here, usually on the pommel, horn, cantle roll, etc. Looks and feels like rawhide to me. The fleece is in better than average shape, the tooling is beautiful, and I don't know enough about saddle makers to tell which decade this saddle was made in. I didn't examine it too hard at the shop, thought I'd better see if something can be done with the trim before I get too excited. I was trying to find out anything online with no luck, but I knew that Jack B. really likes the Bona Allens, so maybe he could help! Thanks Jack!
  11. Bona Allen Saddle Question

    I was looking at a Bona Allen saddle at the tack store yesterday. They can't get it sold because it doesn't fit anything. It's a nice looking saddle, lots of tooling and in great shape. The problem appears to me to be the rawhide trim that runs completely around the skirt. It has dried and curls in toward the horse, making the saddle rub on the horses it's been tried on (it's been out for trial and returned several times). It's a nice saddle, has the BA medallion on the latigo keeper with the number 7244. I'm coveting the saddle...but only if the rawhide problem can be fixed. I'm guessing that I can wash the saddle, wet or soak the rawhide and dry the saddle on a barrel and that might reshape it enough to be usable. Anybody think this is "do-able"? Any other suggestions? Maybe I should just stay away from it? Thanks!
  12. Colic Surgery Poll - Would You Or Wouldn't You?

    I have a horse that is chronically colicky and if he were in the wild, he would have died long ago. I've been fortunate that most of his colic episodes have been reasonably mild, but he has had 2 that were moderately severe. In both of those instances, I have opted for non-invasive veterinary treatments. That included sedation, oiling, and IV fluids. I have several friends and aquaintances that have had colic surgery on their horses, only to lose them within a few days to a few months of the surgery. We live near a highly regarded veterinary specialty hospital as well as a veterinary university, and I will still make the choice to NOT do abdominal surgery on a horse. And it's not so much because of the huge outlay of cash, although that does play into it, but more that the horse's quality of life is, more often than not, compromised from that point forward. As an animal owner I owe it to them to see them through to the end, humanely and compassionately. I'll do it for them, not for me. eta: We all need to live with our decisions, and euthanization is a tough one. Each of us has to decide for ourself where to "draw the line".
  13. Can Someone Please Help?

    Maybe you can knot a rope halter for him or make some rhythm beads. There are lots of instructions for both online.
  14. Forgiving Horse+Bad Timing=?

    It sounds like her timing is off just a bit, not like she's hanging on him for half a minute or more after he's done what she asked. Did it bother you when your guests didn't respond as quickly as you would have liked, or did you brush it off since it wasn't going to be permanent? Maybe the "permanent" is what's bothering you the most. Loopy pointed out something very important, that it sounds like he's a very forgiving horse. A lot of them are, and they adjust to their people much better than their people adjust to them. If he's going to get good care and good loving, and they are happy with each other at the end of the 2 weeks, then it's all good. (And one thing I have to say about Parelli afficianados is that they never stop trying, so she's likely to continue to try and improve her relationship with him.) If you see a big change for the worse in Beau at the end of the trial period, if you'll kick yourself for letting him go to her, and if your contract with her allows, you can always say "no sale" and wait for the right home. Good luck to all of you!
  15. New Filly !

    What a nice filly you have there! Looking at her pedigree, I'll be curious to see what color she sheds out to. I like playing this game. Since I assume she'll be AQHA and the name has to be limited to 20 characters: SR Streakin and Moonin (barn name Mooner) SR Streakin Martha SR Sixes and Threes (barn name "Nine") I'm like SWW - I like to give them a barn name that they've earned, but I threw some in just for grins. She's sure got some speed (and quality)in that pedigree, what are you planning on doing with her?