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  1. I agreed to ride a few of my client's horses in a hunt clinic with a prominent trainer in the area, because she is not good enough to ride the green ones. After riding the first horse, I realized there was something unusual about her She was not acting her normal self, and seemed fatigued, behind the leg and very out of it. I brushed it off, thought it might have just been an off day for her. I got on my 2nd horse, who is always very hot. He was dead to the world. I immediately knew that these horses must have been ACE'd. I was livid, but kept my cool and just tried to finish up the clinic with the trainer without causing a scene with the horses' owner. I got off the 2nd horse, and told the owner I was extremely upset with her, that I am not against her ACE'ing her horses unless absolutely necessary (ie. dentist, clipping), especially when I am unaware that the horse's are aced' while I am riding...especially while jumping! Mind you: these are xc fences that dont fall down..the horse hits a fence with his front end and we end up in serious trouble! I told her if she wants me to continue training her horses that she must consult me before EVER making any sort of decision like that, especially if I am to be riding them at public events. It is my reputation on the line, and it is illegal in eventing to dope your horses. Am I in the wrong here? What's everyone else's opinion? I am livid, and these horses dont deserve to be doped for no reason. I can compete these greenies in horse trials just fine..there was absolutely no reason for that, and I feel sort of violated.
  2. Warming up your horses is important before putting them to work. I was reading an article about a clinic that George Morris was teaching, and he touched on the importance of the free walk. He explained to his students that a horse should be marching in his walk with a purpose, and that he hates seeing careless riding even while walking. As much as I hate to agree with the man, I completely agree. I like to keep my horse's brain working and thinking forward and stretching to the contact, even while walking. I thought this brought up a good topic for us, what are some exercises you do to encourage a horse to really stretch down into the contact in a forward working walk/trot? Long and Low is a great exercise, and in my opinion should be incorporated into everyone's warmup/cool down. Any particular exercise you think is helpful in achieving it?
  3. On The Bit

    The concept is that it's a quick fix to putting a horse's head into a "false frame," so that they can hurry along and jump a course. They seesaw their horses tongue/bars of the mouth so that they evade bit pressure and tuck their nose in, instead of reaching out and seeking the bit, lifting their back, and pushing into the bridle. I mean, unless youre sawing off your horses face its not a terrible thing to quickly put your horses head down, but its not going to keep him collected and pushing to want to accept contact.
  4. Questions For Anyone Who Has Leased A Horse...

    When you lease a horse out, you draw up a contract that state the terms of the lease. For example, if it is an "on property lease" and you want to do a full lease, meaning the leaser has rights to the horse 7 days a week, than you state that in the contract. You decide whether or not they pay for vet/farrier/dentist etc. Usually if i lease out my horse, it involves the leaser paying board and farrier and then vet/dentist is paid for by me. If you decide to do a half-lease where the leaser has rights to the horse 3-4 times a week, then you can just split expenses down the middle, or you decide what they pay. It's totally up to you, just make sure you have a contract that states exactly what the leaser is responsible for, and how long the lease lasts. First I would ask the leaser how long they plan on having the lease. You can do it month to month, but I usually prefer to have them do a 3-6 month lease, money always paid in the beginning of the month.
  5. Well That Was Interesting!

    can you get a video of it!!?!! That would be hilarious!!
  6. a manicure is an awesome idea! Every time you look down at your hands, you'll be reminded of the great work you've been doing. Only $10-15 too! Or really splurge and get some white tips. Just wear gloves around the horses!
  7. While Being Investigated For Treatment Of His Horses

    If someone were to try and take my horses from me, you're **** straight I would flip out, and pick up a stick..and probably end up hitting them with it. Last I checked, a stick wasn't a deadly weapon... Has the law opened up and included pebbles and rocks to the list of deadly weapons? Now I know that the cameraman wasn't about to take the horses from the guy, but I can understand his frustration and feeling like his privacy was being invaded. I would like to see what the "near abuse" conditions looked like. I don't really like to point the finger until I see all of the details...but I have to give the guy some credit, he likes his horses! ;)
  8. The Free Walk, Long And Low, And Stretching Into The Contact

    pegasus: as an initial peice of advice, i would say you are totally right on, but he is beyond learning how to bend and give to my aides. Like I said before, I do a lot of bending to the inside, having him seek the bit, and then do serpentines as well, spiraling in etc. He hasn't been extremely stretchy with these very basic questions. Although today I decided to try a different technique... I rode a ton of transitions, some shoulder-ins, started teaching him haunches in, leg yielding to and from the rail, trot walk transitions, basically lots of stuff to tire him out and making him use his entire body. Then at the end of the ride, after he was tired from holding his big self up for 30 minutes straight, i asked him to stretch out and release all of that "tension," and he started to respond! I praised him, and told him thats what i wanted when i asked him to stretch. Hopefully when I hop on him tomorrow, we can start our ride where we left off, thinking to stretch into the contact. If not...we'll probably do a re-do of what we did today.
  9. Funky Spurs

    omg Serah Rose, those are the scariest things i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The Free Walk, Long And Low, And Stretching Into The Contact

    He is naturally built uphill and likes to keep a natural slightly round head carraige. When i bend his head and neck around my leg, he doesnt take up the slack in the reins, but he will follow the bit (without adding in a stretch). I also just broke him in October, so he's still learning about all of this. I want to show him to you!! I forget how you post pictures on this dang thing.... it's been years ;) Here is how he likes to go naturally, with me just basically sitting on his back and holding the reins. (Note me hysterically laughing and about to roll over on his neck, the photographer was being a smart a$$ lol) Here he is if you ask him to come round We are cantering in this picture, but this gives you an idea of what he would look like when i ask for inside bend around my leg in the trot, asking him to stretch down..he sort of looks like this, only with a little more slack in my reins. Sorry for not having pictures to address this topic, these are from about three weeks under saddle back in November. Note: The saddle wasn't mine so its incredibly small for me, it was just a loaner until my saddle I bought for his wide wither was shipped to me.
  11. The Free Walk, Long And Low, And Stretching Into The Contact

    Whew! Look at Layla! She always looks like such a fun horse to ride, i just love her expression. It's always nice to sit on the ones that naturally like to poke their noses out and stretch, but if i have a horse who just doesnt naturally want to reach out, i usually do what you do Shantel, and do some serpentines to really get them to "look for the bit." If i need to go a bit further, I circle in eventually to a tiny circle, keep them really pushing off their hind end, and ask for a lot of bend. Then, when i let them circle back out and relax, they usually say "Ahhhh please let me stretch this tightness out of my neck and back..and they stretch into the contact." The horse I am working with now doesnt really respond to either of those I was hoping other people had some good suggestions!
  12. After breaking a baby (or just taking a horse whose broke but has done nothing) how long do you typically take to get them going, from doing basic lateral work to pirouettes and tempi changes? :) Or for those of you who don't start horses, how long did it take you and your horse to get from Training Level to 2nd/3rd/4th level and beyond?!
  13. I may need PhotoShop, but I need to draw something creative for my business "Internet Eventing." I was thinking of a World Wide Web symbol (the globe/ball thing) with a big I on the left hand side of the globe, with an E laying on it's side so that a horse is jumping over the E. Anyone creative and feel like taking a jab at it? Or, any advice on how I can do it myself?
  14. For Those Of You Who "start" Your Own Horses...

    PMJ i completely agree. Although I'm an event rider, and I tend to hurry my "babies" along, I see no need to waste time if the horse is ready to go. I read an interesting article the other day about people spending too much time avoiding teaching the changes on their young horses. Their point was that the horses do it out in the field naturally on a regular basis, and there was no reason to not incorporate it early into the horse's training on the flat. Hmmm...something to ponder... ;)
  15. Seeing as Wallyworld has everything, they should have a booth there to do this for me, seeing as i am not talented in the drawing department. lol
  16. Anal Glands In Dogs

    I have a spayed six month old hound that I took in as a rescue when she was very young. For the last two weeks her rear end has smelled terrible (like poop). We kept giving her baths thinking she rolled in poo, but finally realized it was probably coming from anal liquid secreting from her bum. Yesterday she had blood spots on her bum, and I think its due to her anal sacs rupturing. After doing some research, it says you can express the anal glands by massaging externally around the anus at 4oclock and 8oclock points. It says it is not uncommon, and it can be treated at home. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there anything else that I should be doing to treat this ie. A diet change, a colon flush, antibiotics etc? we are traveling for the holidays and if needed can take her to a vet to get antibiotics, but I would really like to save the office fee if I can unless its necessary, and I get her to a vet back home.
  17. Anal Glands In Dogs

    She is on a purina puppy chow. I am trying to keep it as affordable as possible to have her as a rescue, but if you recommend switching to a different food I can try that. Any recommendations for me? I will schedule an appointment to take her to the vet, we just moved to a different state, any advice or websites to find a new vet? I've been using the same one for years!
  18. How To Build A Website?

    So I have the introduction to building a website, and it's time to choose a host provider to register my domain at. I dont know who to use, but I do know that i need a host that is beginner-friendly, since i am a first time web designer. Can anyone recommend a host site for me? I would like a host site that sort of holds my hand through it all. It doesnt need to be free/cheap...but it does need to be fast and efficient! Thanks for any help!! :)
  19. How To Build A Website?

    Thanks for the advice so far. I would like to have advertiser's use my site in order to get some ppc's and get some revenue to cover the website's expenses. How does that work, how do I find advertisers/sponsors?
  20. Need Help With Personal Photo

    Sorry I cant help, but I do have a question. I want to build a website, and was wondering what the best web hosts are for new web design people. I would like a host site that sort of holds my hand through it all. It doesnt need to be free/cheap...but it does need to be fast and efficient! Thanks for any help!! :)
  21. Has anyone seen the horse racing episode? I'm watching it right now..and it's absolutely hilarious!! You have to have a sense of humor to enjoy it though ;)
  22. Confo Critique?

    I will ditto and also thank goldentoes for one of the only constructive critiques. Moving down to the south has taught me how to be nicer to people, and i enjoy watching others embrace that as well :)
  23. I Haz A New Project :)

    agreed, she will probably grow a bit more, although her butt is already lower than her wither (which is great!) So if she doesnt grow...thats ok, because she is a great looking horse as is. I love the liver chestnut color too! She would make a lovely eventer, you should probably send her to me. *hint hint*
  24. I just moved to a different state so I don't know many people. I am an event rider, but my new project horse seems like he is really going to excel in dressage vs. competing in the upper levels of eventing since he's a heavier warmblood. I was invited to join a dressage and combined training club, and I have only been a member of the US Eventing Association so I'm unfamiliar with the USDF and clubs. Is anyone a member of the USDF AND a dressage club? Apparently this club allows you to compete in recognized USDF dressage shows without paying a membership fee to the USDF. I'd like to join just to meet horse people in my new area. I'm on a budget, so I'd prefer not to spend more money than I need to. What's the perks of having a USDF membership on top of a local club membership?
  25. Those Of You Who Have Lost Weight...

    if you want to lose weight and get faster results, incorporate a strict strength training program into your work outs. Avoid doing circuit training (working out every muscle group in a single session), because it only breaks down your muscles without giving yourself time to repair and build strength. Cardio is great for burning calories, but you only burn the calories while youre at the gym. Once you leave the gym, you're heart rate goes back down and you are back to where you started when you walked in the gym (minus some blood, sweat and tears). If you want to burn calories while youre at the gym, when you leave the gym, and even while youre on the couch watching tv, start doing strength training, as well as some cardio to supplement your workout. The majority of your time in the gym should be spent on the weights, not on the cardio machines. Most people aren't aware of this, and make the mistake of running on the treadmill for an hour, thinking theyre really doing something great. If you're a newbie to working out, a great resource is Its free, and very informative and helpful for losing weight. There is also a calorie counter so that you are held accountable for everything you eat. Food: boost your protein intake, stay away from sugar. Drink LOTS of water, and i mean LOTS. Most of your hunger pangs are because you're thirsty, not because you're hungry. stock your fridge with apples. They are a great crunchy snack to curb a hunger pang. a can of tuna (in water not oil), with a small dap of miracle whip for added moisture, and lots of pepper for flavor. Have a peice of whole wheat toast (90 calorie bread by sara lee) Eggs, Eggs, Eggs! If youre serious about losing weight, egg whites only! Pepper and garlic powder makes them taste yummier. If you really are having time issues with making food, try drinking protein shakes. You can mix your own, or just do slim fast. It's all about portion control, and mindful eating. Don't have crappy food in your house, because if you'll eat it! Simple as that! Good luck!