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  1. Shawnee In Illinois

    We stayed at Hayes first then High Knob. Hayes was my favorite campground you can ride to the bar/restaurant great food. Loved the poop pick up at your site every day, and mats in stalls. High Knob did have more variety of riding, also had great food, cooked right there, they also had a bunch of new covered stalls. I got my electric adapter ripped off at High Knob, I wasn't there but I guess Jo Jo kicked out the people camped next to us (they seemed like very nice people to me) anyway somebody took my 110 to big three electric adapter, and plugged me into 110 the last couple of days I had to keep resetting the electric. High Knob was not even close to packed full for Columbus Day, Jo Jo was very nice to me.
  2. Shawnee In Illinois

    Thanks, how are the trails around Bay creek? are they well marked?
  3. Shawnee In Illinois

    EEyore? when you say some campsites are on hills? is there a level spot for your trailer? I sent a questions to a couple of the campgrounds in the area asking for pictures of the "actual" campground and did not get a response? I guess if your campground was really lumpy - on hills - a person wouldn't have to put any pictures of the campground on their web page...
  4. Shawnee In Illinois

    Thank you :)
  5. Bug Repellant On The Trail

    OFF just go get some people spray.. I hate chemicals... living in the bug capital of the states UP of Mich I don't ride much in the bad bug season but have found nothing works long.. people spray works the longest for deer and horse flies. My horse hates the swarms, even with fly gear and when the deer flies aren't landing on her.
  6. Shawnee In Illinois

    I am looking for advice. We are staying at High Knob for a while but looking for a different camp ground in the Shawnee where we could stay and see the other trails that you cant get to from High Knob. What are your suggestions? And Why
  7. Which Gps Should I Get?

    What kind did you get? have you used it trail riding yet?