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  1. Where is everyone?

    Hey all.Not sure anyone will remember me. lol I only stop in once in a blue moon.but have gone thru many changes to get where I am today. sold everything except the horses and Moved to Missouri .Bought a little place and moved my ponies here back in 2014. Best decision I ever made .Hope all is well
  2. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    they ( 2 horses and a mini donkey) are in a 3 acre crappy weedy dry lot, I let them on my yard and driveway ( about 2 acres ).But hay to buy is almost nonexistent,They need to keep what they have for their own stock so none for sale. I am feeding a good amount of hay for the last feeding of the day and cubes/pellet mix during the day. I am still able to get a burmuda grass maybe 40lb bale paying 7.45 each from the local feed store.
  3. Kitty Needs Help Pics added 9/18

    poor baby,Glad she got some one to help her out of that mess.
  4. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    oh yeah good Idea Thanks..
  5. Hay shortage,what is a good hay stretcher

    thank you for the idea. Any clue if I should measure them before or after I soak them ?
  6. New Puppy Pics

    oh wow that is one cute pupper. man the eyes are amazing
  7. We are in a sever drought, Hay is not going to be very easy to get this winter, I'm looking for ideas to stretch the hay.Feeding in between hay but what is best? I was thinking of soaked alfalfa pellets, any other ideas are welcomed, TIA
  8. Stupid Neighbors

    ok one word "CAMERAS" check with local laws and homeowner ***. but for most states you can put as many cameras on your property as you want. I know from personal experiance. the cameras dont even have to be hooked up as long as they are there, I run cable from the camera to the nearest building and watch all nonsense stop. If you can see the suspects house or at least the direction they would be comming from point one right there. Best of luck ..but DO NOT let your guard down. this is not a game. if they can harm an animal imagine... well pet your baby and puppy kisses...
  9. I'm Backkkkkk Remember Me? Pics Of Opie

    well my store started out in an old barn the lady was renting retail space.I had rented a stall and cleanned out my tack room. then I started taking in consignments and before I knew it I was renting a second stall. and blah blah blah .. I ended up moving when it got cold and she wasn't going to fix the furnace. the location I am at now was only a temp spot but I couldn't pull everything together in time to move before the temp. lic to expire. But heck nothing good comes with out hard work right.? ok whatever... lol And my horse treats started out as gifts for xmas for my horsey friends and too many people asked how much they were and well that too is history. I make them with all kitchen ingrediants so if you get hungry at the barn...hehehe dbblD heck you got some big dogs too. St b's are so cool... but ahhh those rotts are something special
  10. I'm Backkkkkk Remember Me? Pics Of Opie

    DbblD of course I remember you.. !!! and Kelli too!!! and yeah Lyle saddly has gone on to be with bristol .we lost Bristol to bone cancer back in Seneca and old Lyle went quietly at the barn where he loved to run with the goat. but he is burried there and well what can ya say he was 12 and for such a big dog thats not bad. HorseLes how've ya been? and Cactus & myoldhorse...well yeah hes big accually hes between 16 2 and 16 3 on the stick.. so i go with the later. but either way he is so cool he just stands there and lets me do what i need to clambor up there.. lol it sure is good to see all the old gang is still around. Oh I'll be changing my name on here to "Opie"Sweets ... which is also the name of my horse treats I make and sell in my store
  11. I'm Backkkkkk Remember Me? Pics Of Opie

    bumping to show off my boy
  12. I'm Backkkkkk Remember Me? Pics Of Opie

    hi sorrel,charmer,wild rose,ratts, and of course tuck, Yes its really really me .is mudder still around?gosh I've sure missed ya'll !!!!!this place sure has had some major changes but so far seems all for the better. i'v been very busy and only recently have had time to play. but to start here are a few pics of my pride n joy and I couldn't love him more . the first one is 3 years ago when i first got him the second is from last summer.(the white things are hail NO I put them out AFTER it was over !!!) but he is just 5 and had grown and filled out more but i haven't any pics form the past 6 mos so. but we have done a little local halter classes and he seems to like the attention. The name was my hubby's condition to get him. mike wanted to call him opie lol he does fit the name very well tho so opie it is .hehe .his big name is Texas reed mcCue jr.and of course that is sweetie in the background. she is a barrel horse now.but I don't compete a much younger gal has taken on that challange but I still take her out on trail sometimes.Well when I don't feel like riding my trail couch any way hehe I did open a small consignment tack shop but right now am loolking for a new location and my business lic has expired here so the doors are temp closed. so here I am enough of that .how has every one else been ?
  13. hi all i haven't been here in a while but guess what???? i'm back lol I have a new addition too but i haven't got a pic on my new computer yet, so you all will have ti wait t o see him. but I'll tell you about him he is a big 16 3 beautiful dun buckskin FQH. named OPIE well thats what he answers too anyway, and of course I still have Sweetie too .. any way HI i'v misseed ya guys
  14. horse stolen in Utah "Sockett"

    Can you please keep a look out for my friends horse. Thanks oh also hit the link to see more horses stolen or lost http://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/Sock...stolenMay06.htm owners name: Sandy Sanders email: smomtoall@msn.com city: Erda county: Tooele state: UT country: USA zip: 84074 home phone: 435-843-7177 other phone: 435-840-5936 theft date month: May theft date day: 9 theft date year: 2006 location: 8000 n. Burmester road, Grantsville, utah Tooele County how missing: the morning of the 10th of May about 10:30 am I went to feed and check water. I noticed that the pen that my horse Sockett was in was empty. I went looking for him in the pasture and then up and down the street. Even if he did manage to get out of his pen I know he would not have left his pasture pal. There are 8 other horses out there. Not to mention he is surrounded by cows. Sockett is scared of cows. After looking for him I call the vet's in town and the Sheriff's office to see if anyone had found a horse or if one had been hurt or killed in the area. They all said no. So I began to look more and after 2-3 hours I called to the sheriff?s to report my horse missing. A deputy came out along with brand inspector. The BI said that it was plain to see that the pen had been opened by a person and not a horse because the gate had been lifted, not pushed across the ground like a horse would do. Later on that day, I caught up with one of the other ladies who has her horses out there. She came out to the pasture and found that her saddle, saddle pad and bridle had been stolen from a truck that she had parked out there. She has filed a report but I don't know the case #. This is when it became very clear to me that someone had stolen my Sockett. The woman whose tack was stolen had told me that some one had been stealing her hay for the past few weeks, a few bails at a time. So I believe that someone had been planning this for a while. Although my horses had only been out there for a month and 2 weeks. http://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/Sock...stolenMay06.htm