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  1. Hi, Everyone!

    I have replied! :)
  2. Hi, Everyone!

    Hi X, hi Jasmine! :) I do have AOL, send me your screen name in a message if you want.
  3. Henneberg

    "and it starts, sometime around midnight, or at least that's when you lose yourself for a minute or two. as you stand, under the bar lights, and the band plays some song..." Isak Toren Age 19 Gender: Male Hometown: Halmstad, Sweden Personality: Isak is a polite guy, but he tends to be closed off and may come off as standoffish. Once he gets to know you he has a smile ready for you and he's full of random facts that are generally useless but unfailingly interesting. He tends to zone out and wander off, but usually discovers something neat and tends to get very excited about his discoveries. History: Well, all Isak has really known is football. [American soccer.] He knew what a soccer ball was before he knew who his parents were by name and it's been his entire life. Up until last year, when he was involved in a car accident. Due to a complete knee and hip replacement on his left side, he can no longer play soccer as he once did. Quickly, the normally active Isak spiraled into a sedentary lifestyle, then a depression. Henneberg is his parents' last ditch to pull him out of it, before they take more drastic measures. Appearance: Isak is very tall and lean, obviously muscular but as light and aerodynamic as possible. His facial features are striking, with high, almost feminine cheekbones and a strong jawline, brilliant green eyes and ruby red lips, thin but easily pulled into a wide grin. His forehead is a little large for his liking, but he lets his deep auburn hair fall neatly over his forehead and to the left side, his bangs naturally straight but the rest of his hair lightly wavy.
  4. Hi, Everyone!

    I'm always down for creating one! I use to play using AOL Instant Messenger too, but everyone I played with just disappeared. I sent you a PM. :)
  5. Hi, Everyone!

    Why thank you! I'll do my best. Even being away from roleplaying for a week or so was terrible. It's like I could feel my brain falling apart every minute. What RPGs are trying to get off the ground and what not? I don't want to jump in the middle of something that's already really well established and step on any toes.
  6. Hi, Everyone!

    Hi guys, I'm new to Horsecity but not to roleplaying and my site that I've used was closed recently. And, well, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to jump in and keep up with my roleplaying ways. I know that a roleplaying community can get pretty tight so I didn't want to just stick my nose in without introducing myself.