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  1. Sometimes God Just Has To Remind Us.....

    Hey M Praying you have a great Thanksgiving and your car repair issues get resolved. We are both off this week and have had a challenging week as well. We did ride today and when the gale force winds knocked out a tree branch and only Larry's horse jumped ( he stayed on) I was Thankful! We are driving to the folks tomorrow so we are not cooking- I'm Thankful! Mommas surgical recovery is going along fairly well and the plan is for her to live independently again and not with us - We are both THANKFUL! :yahoo: The list goes on and on..... :huggy: Hugs to you!
  2. Did You Ride Today?

    That'd be fantastic
  3. Did You Ride Today?

    Hey M, No more lurking! I rode Fergus and he was awesome!! I love him.