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  1. Qh X... With What?

    I'd say hes just flat out gorgeous! I see the Quarter I would vote thoroughbred too or maybe a tb/qh cross stud. I've seen quite a few stockier short type tbs
  2. Great Here I Go Again

    Skin so soft my sister had lice several times due to a friend contact, but anyways this was the only thing that worked made her hair horribly greasy but my mom would soak her hair with the skin so soft and then put a shower cap on for at least an hour then shampoo and rinse did this everynight for a week and then once a week every week. Hope this helps
  3. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V6

    good luck flyingstars!
  4. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V6

    hmm yucky doc appointment yesterday. Had my 28week checkup and had my sugar test last week. Well sugars up so onto the 3hr test I was really hoping I wouldnt get diabetes this time so I'm quite disappointed. I had it with my first one. and I have been watching what I eat since I had my first son since it is more likely to aquire when your older. Other then that good news babys heartrate was 147bpm and hes a huge MOVER! Kicked doc man when he was trying to get the heart rate So wish me luck 3 hour test on thursday and then back to doc on mon, I love going to my baby doc so thats no biggie LOVE hearing the heartbeat
  5. Its so hard when deciding to find a new home for one of your loved ones. I found a new home for my appy 2 years ago in September and it took a long time to find the right home I had lots of nut jobs call me! He is living in NY now with a wonderful family and I even get to visit and we have become like second family to each other. I wish you the best and hope you find a great home too! Don't rush it the right person will come along eventually!
  6. Ok Mommys Have A Question

    I would say this is normal. My son had changes in his poop when he was on full whole milk too. I have worked in daycare as in infant teacher for over 5 years and I have seen changes in poop as well with changes in formula and foods. I think as long as it is not a bitter smell then she is fine. If it lasts more then a week or two I'd call and check with the doc. Everything kinda takes time to work through your system. Hope this helps.
  7. Pictures!

    How neat! We don't have anything like this by me! Video worked for me!
  8. English Starter Tack Set?

    thats what I was figuring. What brand should I look for as far as just something for backyard riding? I don't want to spend a fortune, just thought if I could find some cheap good quality tack I'd try out some english riding at home too.
  9. English Starter Tack Set?

    also I ride in a 15in seat in my barrel saddle I like to be comfortable I was told to get either a 17 or 18 in english would this be correct?
  10. English Starter Tack Set?

    Hi guys I have always been a western girl at heart but took english lessons as well wanting to be versatile. So I have a coming 2year old I'm thinking about doing english with, I am not going to be showing not my thing anymore. I just want to do backyard riding and am wondering if these all purpose english tack sets I see in the 200-400 dollar range are good enough quality. Like will they last me for the backyard riding?
  11. Anyone Use Tsc's Haystreacher?

    Thanks so much. I have never had this issue in the past. Alot of local farms have stopped or slowed their hay production leaving good hay scarse here. I was afraid of the haystretcher just being a filler. They don't list much information on their website about it. I'll check into some other options mentioned. I'm off to do some research on Nutrena feeds! I went to a seminar on Purina have never checked into Nutrena so I'll check them out now!
  12. Anyone Use Tsc's Haystreacher?

    Hay is becoming scarse around here and I like to feed as much forage as I can over grain. Our suppler in hay only now has a grass hay left not much better quality then you would feed cattle. I saw TSC has something called a hay stretcher and I am wondering if this would be a good filler for the missing nutrients in our hay. Or what you guys would suggest. We have access to Purina feed dealers but they are limited around here. 2 of our biggest feed companies went out of business this year. We only have TSC close right now and they do not carry the whole purina line which I am not happy about. We have a rehabed coming 2year old and 9 year old, a fat mini, and a fairly easy keeper 11yr old. Right now I am feeding the Purina Omelena 200 and it seems to be doing them well. I don't believe this is the best choice but this seemed like my best option. I am so used to mixing my own feed at the feed mill which I cannot do anymore since they shut down. Our TSC carries, all Omelenas and the Stratgey's plus some Nurtina feeds which I have never used before. I am not sure what to do as far as feed I'm frustrated and feel like I have been given the shortend of the deal lately. Any help or advice would be great!
  13. Update On Rescued Yearling And 9Yr Old Paint

    Thank you so much! These 2 were my first rehab. I have been around horses my whole life. I have done training and lessons but have never rehabbed before. This by far has been the best experience ever for me!
  14. I Can't Delete This

    HOrses have all been found homes and the funeral is today. Family is hoping to have some quiet time now. A rescue in new york helped organize and find homes for most and then a rescue here close by took in the remaining horses.
  15. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V6

    Hi everyone! I guess I should join this thread! I am due April 30th with our second boy! Our first Wyatt was born September of 2007. My husband and I are very excited! I am having a fairly easy pregnancy with this one! With Wyatt I had GD and gained over 70lbs. So far so good here doc put me on the low carb diet ffrom the start this time. So far so good! Only issue I am having is he sits very low and is causing pressure on my sciatic nerve which makes my hips and legs really sore by the end of the night. I can't be on my feet long or sit long. Very glad I am a stay at home mommy right about now =) anyone else ever experience this? Were not for sure of a name yet our first son is Wyatt Wayne and this one we want to give my great-grandfathers first name of John for a middle but our still considering first names. Any Input or Suggestions? We both like Eli Rhett I like Coltten (Coltt) Dallas Dalton Braxton Ryker Hubby likes Waylon Walker We both agreed on Wyatt with no problem and right now we like Eli but are having such a hard time deciding on a name. We want to keep it country and simple like Wyatts. Ok onto the pictures cuz we all love pictures! Me and Hubby Me at 26weeks Wyatt and Bella Wyatt and Cooper Wyatt and his commecial shirt