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  1. Hunter Seat?

    Your horse looks really cute! What is his breeding? As far as what is in that video, it is the quarter horse version of english/hunt seat which I don't care for but seems to be very popular in that world. I'm no authority in this area but looks to me like they just took a western pleasure quarter horse and slapped an english saddle and bridle on. Something about dull, expressionless horses just does not do it for me. But hey, to each their own.
  2. So Sad And So Young...

    Central Pa. woman dies in equestrian accident DUNCANNON (AP) ? Official say a central Pennsylvania woman is dead after a horse-riding accident. Perry County Coroner Michael Shalonis says 20-year-old Allison Archibald died Tuesday night of a head injury. Authorities say Archibald was trying to regain control of a horse when she struck her head on a tree and fell off while riding at a farm in Wheatfield Township. Family and friends tell The Patriot-News of Harrisburg that Archibald was work two jobs while pursuing an associate's degree in elementary education.
  3. TCM gallops into summer with an entire month full of cinematic horses each Tuesday in May. It?s off to the races on May 3 with a night of horse-racing films, beginning with the Marx Brothers in the comedy classic A Day at the Races (1937). Betting on horses takes center stage May 10, with a roster that includes The Rocking Horse Winner(1949). The next two Tuesdays feature films with kids and horses, with such titles as National Velvet (1944) and The Black Stallion (1979). And on the last day of the month, TCM salutes horses from the Old West, starting with the TCM premiere of Roy Rogers in My Pal Trigger(1946).
  4. Do You Have H R T V? Dish Network.

    HRTV is channel 404 on Dish Network.
  5. Do You Have H R T V? Dish Network.

    I have a cousin that works for RFDTV.
  6. Do You Have H R T V? Dish Network.

    Have DishTV and love it. HRTV has more horse programing and they seem to be adding more all the time. Equestrian Lifestyle Monty Roberts NRHA Inside Reining HorseTalk Ridin' High America Al Dunning Show Jumping Ireland Inside Reining Horse Patrol Riding To Win Palm Partnership The Saddle Club Various Rodeo programs The Mane Event The Weekend Cutter American Horseman Tom Pierson Training I like HRTV better than RFDTV because HRTV is all equine and with better program times. RFDTV has too many old, hokey shows and some crappy programming. I found this on the HRTV web site. "Formerly known as Horse Racing TV, HRTV's new programming schedule now features a wide variety of horse sports competitions and events and award winning documentaries and equestrian lifestyle programming" "HRTV is available on channel lineups throughout the country on DISH Network as well as AT & T's U-Verse and Verizons's FIOS service." A live stream of HRTV is available for equine programs as well.
  7. Farrier Derriere Contest

    Taking a break after doing some of the draft horses.
  8. Video I Made

    Very nice video. It is hard to let go and i'm sorry for your loss.
  9. 2011 National Horse Show To Be Held At Kentucky Horse Park

    Considering some of the players on the NHS BOD is this really suprising? One has to look no further than the president of the NHS to see that "the fish stinks from the head down."
  10. 32 Degrees Below Zero Here

    -32? How do you function in temperatures like that? I don't think I would survive. So glad I live in Florida. It ain't sunny today but it is about 55* today. That's 87 degrees warmer than where you are in MN.
  11. Horse Hoodies Help!

    What is a hoodie?
  12. Mandatory Arabic Classes In Texas Schools?

    Globilazation is not going away anytime soon. The faster we (United States) embrace learning of the other major cultures that we have ignored for so many years, the better off we will be. Our schools should be spending a lot more time teaching children from grade school up about European, Asain, Arabic cultures and others. If we continue to isolate our children, they will have a very difficult time functioning as adults in the world that will be their future.
  13. Things Every Good Jumper Should Know ...

    Holy cow! or should I say horse. That is cool!!!!!
  14. A Candid And Frank Interview With George Morris

    No not a memeber but I do lurk a little over there but not often. The link to this video was emailed to me by a friend up in upstate NY.
  15. Royal Flush

    I want to flush my new hairdo and my aunt that gave it to me. What was I thinking.