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  1. Hemp Is For Horses?

    Hemp is the plant -- cannabis sativa. Sometimes hemp can refer to the rope that is made from the fibers of the plant. It is a plant which contains a great deal of fiber. In the past, clothing, paper, rope and other goods were made from the woody fiber in the stems of the plant. I don't know about the THC content of the stems of this plant ( I would guess it is very low or nonexistent). The leaves of the hemp plant do contain THC.
  2. Woven Wire

    Probably about 10 or 15 years ago,I had some woven wire fencing that I used to pen up goats and pigs and it ran next to my horse pasture for less than 200 feet. One of my horses stuck his foot through it and when he pulled the foot back, it hung up on the fence. He panicked and pulled back real hard. The fence gave a little bit, but he pulled back with such force that when he hit the end and the fence would give no more, he got pulled off balance and went head over heels over the fence landing on his side on the other side of the fence. I was present and saw this, or else I would not have believed it. I then cut him out of the fence and removed all the woven wire fencing on my place. Unbelievably, the horse was not hurt at all in this ordeal. Just because they can get their foot through the fence doesn't mean they will be successful getting it out of the fence. Especially if they are wearing shoes, woven wire fencing is hazardous as the shoes can easily hang up in the fencing. If you do have it, I would use electric fencing to keep your horses away from it.
  3. Probability Of Pregnancy

    Thank you all for the information. I got the lutalyse today and I will inject my mare tomorrow. My fencing is sufficiently high and strong to keep my horses in, but only about 4 1/2 feet high in places, so it is not stallion proof. However, I will not have to worry about my neighbor's stallion anymore as he was unable to get him to return to his property (1/4 mile down the road) so he shot him. The horse was a mixed breed, about 8 years old and had never been halter broke. It would be nice if the owner of the stallion would cover the vet bill, but that won't happen and I am sure that even a court order would not have any effect on him to do so. Thanks everyone.
  4. Probability Of Pregnancy

    Two weeks ago, my neighbor's stallion broke through my gate and got in with my mare. When I found him in the pen with her, she was kicking at him and did not seem receptive to him. One week ago (January 26th)this stallion again got into the pen with her. (I think he probably jumped the fence this time). This time when I found him, he was mounting her and she was standing for him. The question I have -- is it possible that she could have gotten bred? Here is a little more info. I live in East Central Minnesota. This mare has not been under any lights and has not been blanketted. She is 7 years old. She has not shown any indication of being in heat for the last three months. Other than standing while being mounted, she did not show any signs of being in heat. When I separated the stallion from her and my other geldings, she did not seem to show any interest in him, although the stallion was going crazy, running around and charging towards the fence which separated them. I don't have much knowledge about breeding as I have never desired to have a mare bred, but I know mares would not normally be in heat in January. I definitely don't want this mare bred. What do you think are the chances that this mare was bred? Do I need to contact a vet about this? She is a training project that I am planning to sell this spring or summer and I don't want someone to have to deal with a surprise. Thanks.