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    learning more about horses

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    I'm a writer who knows about raising cattle as a kid in Texas, but it was cotton country and folks had no use for a horse. Have a story I've wanted to write for years and seek the confidence to do so by getting a better feel for things here.
  1. My Mom Has The Dreaded C Word

    Yes, I would suggest finding out as much as you can. Sometimes different places recommend whatever ttreatment happens to be their specialty. Love, prayers, and many good wishes, Fawnsmom.
  2. Too, Too Tuesday

    I spent the day working on a new story.
  3. News From Austgin ...

  4. News From Austgin ...

    I just googled it and guess what ...? Apartments for rent in Austgin | Gables offers Apartments for ... Apartment rentals in Austgin | Gables features luxury apartments for rent including unfurnished, furnished apartments, and corporate housing. Free apartment ... However, if you click on the link, they meant Austin too.
  5. Watery Weekend

    Here's what it's like at the beach, so you'll see more after daylight ... Santa monica live beach cam =
  6. It looks like you're in Indiana, where I went to college. What direction is north in the picture? I do like that you're on a hill so the basement will never flood. And that looks like a great snow roof.
  7. News From Austgin ...

    Hi Greenhaven ... Thanks much, lady!
  8. News From Austgin ...

    I'll give him a couple of days, and then write and ask what he thought.
  9. News From Austgin ...

    Obama showed up at the South by Southwest festival yesterday and spoke at a number of seminars. Two copies of the book sold that same day, so I like to pretend he bought one of them.
  10. News From Austgin ...

    I won't retire anytime soon, but just wanted to thank everybody at HC.
  11. News From Austgin ...

    Rats, I blundered the spelling of Austin in the thread title and don't know how to fix that. Anyway, you know what I mean.
  12. News From Austgin ...

    Lady Joe is in the Book People window in Austin, Texas for the next two weeks. This is during the South by Southwest festival for music, flim, and interactive media over there, so they say the sidewalks will be packed 24/7. Anyway, I am so grateful to you guys for the encouragement and boost you gave to my morale in kicking this thing off. You were the first to see it, and I'll never forget that. It's doing all right for a self-published first book. I won't retire on it, but horse books don't get dated either, and I gather cutting horse stories are hard to find. Anyway, I just want to say thank you again. You are important to me.
  13. Hi Greenhaven ... I've just been doing a little catching up. I am so in awe of how strong you are.
  14. Riding With Glasses On

    These work really well and are comfortable ...