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  1. Getting Into Barrels...

    I have to congradulate BOTH people that answered! Broke, broke & broke, ANNNNDDD Engage the hindquarters, in addition to not "overdoing" the pattern ANNNNNDDD??? SLOW WORK.... You have restored my faith that there are at least SOME sane, knowledgeable barrel people ( and horse ) out there... mostly the ones I run into - unfortunately give ALL - Y'ALL a bad name..( and think every gimmicky piece of tack "fixes" everything ) ... THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ For actually giving GREAT Advice - and letting me see - that perhaps the idiots around here, have not actually taken over the NBHA world.. ( lol )
  2. We used to Board, $200 per mo. Pasture board- seven seperate rotated pastures. Included Pasture, NICE run ins, full size lit arena, all equipment,tack shed, free trailering to shows (if you chip in for fuel ) would feed anything you provided 2xs a day. Doctoring, putting on blankets etc.. also free.. MILES of trails to use all around adjoining farms, nice scenery... bridges , woods , open etc.. and ???? Got Nothing but users and troublemakers every single time. Fences broken, cribbers wrecked gates ( the owner didnt want the collar "so tight" cause it might "hurt him" so she continually loosened it..) Borrowed MY tack without asking, Used MY feed without asking.. NEVER PAID on time, threw garbage on the ground and never picked it up. "Tried" to do "lessons" on their horses, using MY facility ( I put a stop to that ! ) All in ALL? Never again, when you fiqure in the damages to the grass/reseeding/fertilizer/ harrowing/ fuel costs /equipment/maitenance/taxes/liability - just the Basic WORK involved in running a nice facility... I just seem to find the losers- even WITH a good lease,if they dont pay? You gotta track em down and go after them out of your own pocket, and then still get nothing.. ( the courts suck - Jm't aint worth the paper its written on ) its just not worth the trouble. My 2 cents.
  3. I look at barbed wire like this, why give a horse something else to get hurt on? In large 20+ acre pastures I can see where it wouldn't be such a problem because they have more area to move. But in smaller 1 - 1.5 acre areas I think they have a greater chance of getting hurt.
  4. Not for nothin, and I don't need the current Tests.. Just lookin if anyone has some of the little pocket Widget "call" books for beginners /intermediate for some 4H kids to practice with.. let me know if you would part with them /send them in the mail and how Thanks
  5. Someone posted that Barb wire has been around for "100 yrs" and their horse is not "stupid enough" to get into it, when I STRONGLY ADVISED THEM that BARBED WIRE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HORSES . That being said.. I plan on Copying and pasting the replies - all - both good and bad on WHY it is OK to use BARBED wire on horse pastures. **personally I like my horses better than that #1 .. and #2 .. Barbed wire was ALWAYS Intended for CATTLE - which have a MUCH thicker Hide. But that is just my 2 cents... HAVE at it folks... GOOD? BAD ? and of course if Barbed wire is involved "UGLY".. Thanks
  6. Ranch Horse Pleasure Class

    Would be nice, as long as it doesn't disolve into a flunky WP class like the rest of the "working" classes I see at shows.
  7. Nrha Rookie Day

    SEEE??? I WISH!!! We are in the Mid Atlantic area (NC ) and unbelievably .. close to some of the TOP reining trainers in the USA, yet cannot find anyplace like what you are offering (unfortunately ) I WISH someone would have beginner friendly reining clinics-- and for GODS sake- don't label them "rookie" for horses that already know HOW to do all the manuevers. We wanted someone that would break DOWN the manuevers, critique , and show how to correct any issues/imperfections. Bet someone around here would make a fortune at your 35 $ price, considering you can't even get someone to TALK to you for less than 60 $ per hour. Neither here nor there, since we went back to cattle anyway ..
  8. Yet Another Rant...

    She "boards" there? If I was PAYING someone and my horse went downhill like that and had injuries? The HORSE would be MOVED IMMEDIATELY, no GOOD horse person would EVER accept a trash-strewn injury prone property as an acceptable place to house a horse- even FREE. And to actually PAY -for starvation, garbage, no grass, and injuries? Well frankly that is just retarded, she needs to choose between getting her freak on with BF , or the welfare of an animal that DEPENDS on her for its needs and health. The Choice is hers, but apparently she is not doing anything in the best interests of the horse, so she needs to just sell the animal so it can have a better life, and go - do whatever with BF. Idiots abound, especially in the horse world.
  9. Nrha Rookie Day

    I wish there were more people around here that would like to just get together, rather than charge big $$ .. Not saying that the trainers don't deserve to get paid, but I think the organization would get WAYYYY more members ( which translates into $$ ) if they would simply forget that "polish/finish" thing you just mentioned and help the beginners break down the manuevers so they can practice at home. Sure anyone can buy videos and such, but it does take feedback from someone knowlegeable Watching to tell you what to work on. Like I said.. no big deal, we still do it - we just do it in another forum - on the Ranch horse circuit. Too bad NRHA doesn't encourage the little people that work their OWN horses. I cannot even begin to count how many people I ran into at reining shows, that "showed up " to ride their OWN horse ( ?? Go fiqure) and when asked how's it going? They reply that their horse has been "at the trainers.. for such and such amount of time " and now they "showed up at the show ,to ride in ____insert whatever class here_____" ... no offense but how much fun is that ? I want to know when I step foot in the showring that I DID it, not that someone else trained it - and I am just sitting on a well trained animal that someone else showed me how to ride. That is the difference I see, and until they find a way to sort-of correct that, they will not be increasing their numbers ($$ ) as much as they could.
  10. Reining?

    Unless you are $$ LOADED $$ .. I wouldn't. Looking at the payouts even listed on the bigger shows around here- I can't fiqure out how they think anyone other than Flarida and them make good $$. The Green classes, and Rookie classes even 1st place $$ doesn't cover the entry fee. So how do they fiqure it's so great? Of course if you are running with the big dogs,, sure - go for it. But I just don't see it being anywhere close to breaking even for anyone other than PRO or OPEN..and if you fiqure in travel and stalling etc.. that's a stretch too make your $$ back even in the BIG categories. Try some nice ARHA shows.. get to do reining AND reined cow, sorting, cutting and a little bit of everything. ALL the SAME manuevers, none of the cut throat drama that accompanies trainers fighting to get horses into their barns & students to PAY for THEIR addiction to the sport. Comments are From what I have experienced.. just my opinion. Do whatever makes you happy, if you can afford it ? and it makes you happy? go for it. If you are middle class - looking to have fun/rein and have friends? I personally suggest some of the ranch horse associations.
  11. Nrha Rookie Day

    That's great advice.. but around here even the Non pro trainers want $60+ bucks an hr for 1 lesson on your OWN horse. $800-1200 + per month training, it certainly would benefit NRHA to let some of the "little" people come try it, maybe they could increase the membership. I used to go to what we referred to as Play-pens out west, where regular people ( usually that were VERY good in whatever discipline they were in ) would INVITE ( ie, as in FRIENDLY /FREE Get togethers! ) people over to their arena - like on a saturday or sunday, and everyone would do - just as you said, and "break down the manuevers into pieces", while others watched and critiqued each other. The "most" experienced would generally give input on how to correct something going wrong. Afterwards everyone would go out to eat, or have a cookout or whatver.. all in all - good fun and everyone learned stuff. Around here? No one even talks to you - unless of course you are shoveling $$ their way.. then they are your best friend , until of course you stop shoveling .. then if you see them at a show? They don't even say hi.. They need to have ROOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKIIIIIIIEEEEE clinics, for ROOKIES that WANT TO WORK THEIR OWN HORSES ON Manuevers, AND LEARN SOMETHING, Not just ride an already finished horse that KNOWS how to do it. Personally , I think NRHA is missing a BIG BOAT on this one, cause I have heard LOTS of people commenting on the same thing. It's starting to look and act eeeerily like the the WP AQHA crowd, where you can only "do" whatever - if you are "connected" to a Big name trainer.. whatta shame. No big deal to me, I tried it, I still do reining and like it.. however , I crossed over into the RANCH HORSE ASSOC where you can do reining AND Cows, and no one Charges you to be your friend and offer FRIENDLY/HELPFUL advice.
  12. PS>>.. Just out of curiousity? isn't the intent of barrel racing to break the time/light with the fastest time? Seems to me a horse that can STRETCH AND STRIDE full-slam- out to the finish line- has a better chance of hitting that timing light faster than one with his nose to his chest... just another "opinion" of course.
  13. Wow.. Barrel guy seems sorta defensive about that eh? Glad you cleared that up that IMO means IN MY OPINION.. apparently he has some "blanket" issues of ignorance of his own since he didn't know what IMO meant. At anyrate the answers listed - show that quite alot of people DO NOT use tie downs, and the ones that do? apparently use them because the horse justifies the use of them ( IN THEIR OPINION ) .. anyway .. personally ? I can't stand them, I'm with you saddleT ... Tack does not always "train" the horse. But I have seen some barrel horses, be pretty squirrelly and if that makes them have some more control and be safer? Well hey.. it's their horse. That's Just MY opinion.. If Im "allowed" to have one.
  14. Nrha Rookie Day

    Unless your horse is already TRAINED in REINING - save your $$. We had a horse in -training, ( 60 days ) and THOUGHT ( DUH ) that "rookie" meant that there would be other reining "newbies" there and we could all learn something.. NOT. It is a bunch of professionals ** and I DO APPRECIATE them donating their time , HOWEVER... all they do is.. "Ok, let's see you spin, Ok, fence your horse and let's see the stop.. etc...... DUH.. "IF" my horse could DO that , why would I be there? Somehow - we mistakenly THOUGHT it would be like a - well... "rookie clinic".. which is what it is advertised to be. But it mostly is people that are SITTING on high $$ horses- that are LEARNING to ride and cue them, themselves, the HORSES already KNOW how to do it. If your horse already KNOWS ? Then by all means - go and have fun.. If you are looking for someone to offer you advice on HOW to get your horse to do it, or critique the way you and your horse do it, or to ASK them the Mechanics of HOW to get the horse to do it.. ?? Forget it.. You will probably #1, have someone offer to give you lessons at $60 bucks an hr. #2 Try to tell you to SELL your horse, and buy one of theirs ( of course ) #3 ignore you completely while they work on the people that HAVE the 20K + Horses and $$ and just don't know how to ride 'em. ********** Several HUNDRED dollars later for a ONE DAY event, and we were VERY DISSAPOINTED that "reining" isn't a very "beginner friendly " sport, and not alot of people want to "share" or "critique".. they just want YOU to send your horse to THEM $$, or LESSONS $$ or BUY ANOTHER HORSE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ See the common thread running here?? Just my 2 cents. We went back to working cattle- more fun - less trying to convince us to sell our family members and buy one of their horses...