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  1. ****and They Call It Puppy Looooove......

    Awww lol that reminds me soo much of my dog, except about 45 pds heavier lol mine boy was only about 80 pds. He was a Brendle Boxer! The best dog in the world and thought he was a person literally, he went everywhere we went swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, riding he was there. lol Just a few years ago he got cancer tumors in his throat and they got big enough it blocked his throat to where he couldnt eat and he had to be put down I cried for weeks. Sorry to share such a depressing story after your wonderful pics! He is a handsome dog and I hope you share a great life together!
  2. Lookie What I Found Today...

    We have the second one at our house my dad always calls them field spriders but idk if thats really what they are called. Haha I like buckbreak's name "smashitquick" better though lol I hate spiders!!
  3. A Colt & His Puppy

    awww too cute too cute!!!
  4. Check This Out!?!?!?!?!

    a lil vulgar with the language but i have to agree
  5. Who Wants To See Pictures Of My Newest Creations?

    hehe yeah i wouldnt have the patients either but they do looks very nice and tasty lol
  6. How Is Our President Doing?

    Oh so now you read my mind???? LOL WOW thats AMAZING!! How would you know if I say what I mean or I don't. U R NOT ME so u have no clue! Now there you go judging me agian by saying I am lying because you dont believe that I am NOT offended by your example of ME! But I hate to tell you but i really DONT care what any of you think of me I just want you all to leave me and my outspoken, rude, and arrogant self alone!
  7. How Is Our President Doing?

    and to rephrase my first post in a more RESPECTFUL way I voted Poor. I do not think we could have a worse person running our country. I do NOT agree with obama or any of the government. I wish we had another President.
  8. How Is Our President Doing?

    I didnt/wouldnt take your FINE example offensive nor disrespectful as some of you took my posts. I feel you were just voicing your opinion. I am a very outspoken person and i think you all have figured that one out and i am always around outspoken people so we dont offend each other so wasnt really expecting to offend all of you. I see I was too outspoken and offended most of you. I am Sorry.
  9. How Is Our President Doing?

    Andi, thank you! I wasn't trying to push anything down any ones troat and i dont care what religion they are I am Simply saying I am a Christian and Thank GOD for it! Thats all. I will calm the names down although they were not meant for any one in particular just want you all to know that. But like I have said before every one has a right to their own opinion and I meant NO disrespect to any of you!
  10. How Is Our President Doing?

    Well I hope knowing that I have a BROWN and White Paint Quarter horse was worth the wait I am also looking forward to getting a Black and White Paint! (I have nothing agianst color I look at Obama actions and statements) And no disrespect meant here to any of you I think we all have the right to an opinoin and i was just viocing mine along with all of you. But if we want to take the disrespectful route then I think some of you are being disrespectful to me by judging me by my age. I am into politics I listen to 1290am Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Jason Lewis every day and I am very interested in the people running the Country I live in. I love being an American and I thank God I was born in America!
  11. I know Mustang I am sick of ALL this RAIN 2!!

  12. How Is Our President Doing?

    Thank You Luther! AAAWWWW and I LOVE that Doll!!!
  13. How Is Our President Doing?

    No, Just Because I am only 15 doesn't mean i CANT voice my opinion it is OPEN debate board!!!
  14. Is Obama Really A Natural-Born U.s. Citizen?

    Thanks Mustang it was not meant as a threat but truth hurts and i have plenty of reasons just too many to list. Besides our debt, no new jobs that he promised and all the LIES!
  15. How Is Our President Doing?

    I voted POOR, but if there would have been one that said THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER i would have picked it LOL I HATE OBAMA and dont think this country could have voted in any one WORSE!!! I dont think OBAMA has done a single good thing and i honestly cant beleive some people were STUPID enough to vote for him and honestly cant beleive some of you on here put anything besides POOR! That is the LEAST that can be said about the STUPID SOCIALIST!