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  1. Horse Racing In The News

    It most certainly has to do with age... if you take a basic biology class one can understand that. Look at Zenyatta- didn't start til what, three or four? Smoked all the competition. Last time I heard, never lost a race. No breakdowns. 23 horses a week in the U.S. is a lot of horses. BUT... I do agree that it is kind of silly to hate on racing- when we have other sports involving animals where they get hurt and/or killed for our own entertainment.
  2. A Special Message From Rick Santorum

    Oy vey. While I agree with some of the stuff he says, some of the other stuff is just way out in left field. Being gay happens in the brain- unless one can re-wire the brain by NOT watching ****, it isn't gonna make much of a difference. People don't change their brain structures and how they are simply by cutting **** out of their lives.
  3. Oh Wow Is He Festering!

    Good for you! I don't think anyone should be dependent on anyone else (except children of course) just because you never know when the **** will hit the fan.
  4. Just...

    If this is a continuous, on-going problem and you have yet to do anything about it, I say either put up with it, or stop complaining about it. There are some issues that can be worked out and sometimes they are hard to work through, but considering the way everyone is talking, it doesn't look like your husband has any interest in working on the things he needs to work on. Of course, we are only hearing one side of the story, and as we know, there are always two sides...however, if you do not like where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with, you either change it or stop complaining about it. A victim is only a victim if they allow themselves to be. If you want to make excuses and stay, then do so, just don't complain about it.
  5. Hmmm? They Cure Cancer But No One Notices?

    That is all well and good, but how do we know it is not just about profits- maybe it is also about population control as well? Think about it. We already have dwindling resources and yet, people keep popping them out like mad. Let's see.....around 400,000 people die a year alone just from smoking related cancers....this is not even including other cancers. Can you imagine the global catastrophe there would be if they released cures that they had for cancer, diabetes, etc?
  6. What Would You Do?

    I believe I am a fairly honest person. I haven't stolen anything except for a Reese's Peanut Butter cup when I was 6. That being said, if an armored truck had flipped over and there was cash on the ground, I'd check on the drivers. If the money were IN the truck but visible, I wouldn't take it. However, if it was out, laying on the ground, I probably would. If I found cash on the side of the road, nope, I wouldn't turn it in. If I found cash floating in the air, nope, I wouldn't turn it in either.
  7. Hmmm? They Cure Cancer But No One Notices?

    Well said Tokengirl!
  8. Just...

    I'm confused. I guess there is more to the story.
  9. Just...

    Not enough information to say one way or another. We always do not get what we want. Just because we are in a relationship, or even are married, doesn't mean we HAVE to go along with what the other person says. We are all individuals, no matter what our relationship status is and as long as we are over the age of 18, we are free to be able to do as we please (as long as it is legal.) He at least brought it to your attention to get your opinion on that matter. Evidently he simply didn't agree with your opinion. I don't see how there is anything wrong with that. If I listened to what my S.O. wanted, I wouldn't have the things I have, or done the things I wanted to do. This kind of stuff builds resentment.
  10. School/sex Education For 9/10 Year Olds

    Why oh why is sex such a taboo thing? It is a natural occurrence, in which, can be used to create life- or simply for enjoyment. Kids are going to have sex regardless if they know about it or not. Simply attending a class that discusses healthy sex is not going to make them go out there and do it. I would much rather my kid be PREPARED to have sex, then not be prepared, for when the time does come.
  11. Hmmm? They Cure Cancer But No One Notices?

    Whether or not you agree with my opinion doesn't matter to me, but can we at least ACT like adults and be respectful of what other people believe/say? Anyway, Tokengirl, I 100% agree with you. More often than not, it is much more profitable to "treat" than to "cure." Think about diabetes. Millions of people have it in this country. A lot give themselves daily injections, test themselves several times a day, etc. The pharm. companies make money off of diabetic patients on a daily basis. If they came up with something to actually cure diabetes, sure, they would get a monetary reward plus notoriety but they would still make more mulah treating the disease on a daily basis. As far as antibiotic resistant strains, they aren't just products of misuse by the people. People go to the doctor when they have a head cold or a sore throat- doctor prescribes antibiotics. Antibiotics do not do anything for a head cold. So, why does the doctor prescribe it? Because it makes the patient think something is being done and the doctor gets paid. The pharm. companies have been and always will be, for money only. They are a business, that is what it is about, but the welfare of their customers do not matter, simply the bottom line. If they do not have the cure for diabetes already, I would be shocked. But I also know if they do, it will never get out.
  12. Hmmm? They Cure Cancer But No One Notices?

    I believe it can be effective with some cancers- and some cancers, not. But I also believe that if there is more money to be made on a "treatment", rather than an actual cure, that a cure will conveniently never be found. The pharm. companies are in bed with the politicians. And if you think about it, we have advanced so far in technology and knowledge, yet, we supposedly cannot find the cure for diabetes, find the cause of Alzheimer's, etc? Right.
  13. Campaign Update: Dogs Against Romney

    Hmm...last time I checked, a truck bed helps to protect from the wind. A kennel on top of a moving automobile is MUCH different. Just because other people do things that may be considered "more cruel" doesn't justify, or take away from the fact that what he did was wrong.
  14. Campaign Update: Dogs Against Romney

    **Shrugs** I guess it is up to the American people whether or not their beliefs/morals support someone putting their dog in a crate and then tying said crate to the roof. I know mine wouldn't...and I think it is a legit dig that can and obviously will be used by other parties.
  15. Pink Slime- What Is Your Take On It

    Think about it and it doesn't seem as far fetched as it looks. The government knows that overpopulation is, and will continue to be, a problem. We are having higher incidences of cancer because of the things we are exposed to on a daily basis. It would be rather easy to change these products to where they do not have these disease producing chemicals, but it isn't done for a reason.