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  1. Had a great trail ride tonight; ran into a rabbit, turtle, moose, and raccoon and saw a white tailed deer. Most wildlife I have ever saw on one trail ride.

  2. Nice little walk with my old dog Tucker (he loved getting some one on one time), got the lawn mowed, and a short little ride on Lacey. A good day over all.

  3. Walked some shelter dogs today. It feels great to spend some one on one time with them and make their day with a nice walk. Patience got a beautiful long walk.Colby's was cut short as a thunderstorm was rolling in and it was getting close to the shelters closing.

  4. Attempted to try to take some self portraits of Lacey and I. It is tricky to compose self portraits, but here is a shot I was really happy with.

  5. Applied for student loan, and enrolled for classes. Excited to go back to school, but not so excited to move to Fredericton and increase my student loan.

  6. Student loan is a headache! I got an extension on my student loan, then never heard from them. Well it turns out that I have missed a payment with no notification. I applied for another extension in the hopes that it will go through until I am back in school. Trying to apply for student loan for the fall, but running into a number of road blocks, as I am lost filling out the information.

  7. Lost power. Do not know why it feels like fall outside today. Not complaining as I love fall weather.

  8. Positive, Versus Negative Re -Enforcement

    All I was really trying to say is treats can be used in trick training, as I am not sure how pressure and release would be used in that application. I like to watch well trained trick horses, but do not think trick training should be done by everyone as it can create bad habits or be dangerous if horses do certain tricks off cue. But smilie I do agree with you that pressure and release (negative reinforcement) and the praise of good boy or good job and a rub or pat (positive reinforcement) is the basis to good training. Also some quick punishment when a horse bites, kicks, or acts in a dangerous mannor.
  9. Positive, Versus Negative Re -Enforcement

    Yes, I am on the wall, but I see your point. I have the book Trickonometry and it teachs tricks like: pushing you around pickpocket taking a hat off your head and giving it to you shaking hands counting ... seem like they 'could' encourage bad habits.
  10. Even though I am not feeling great today, I took Lacey for a short walk and rode her home bareback. The sun came out so I wanted to do something.

  11. Positive, Versus Negative Re -Enforcement

    Trick training is the only time I agree with using food as a bribe, but I do not know if I agree with trick training or not. Does trick training not teach horses to be disrespectful? It is fun to watch them do tricks but how do they learn to only do them on command and not when they are trying to earn treats (as some tricks are very unsafe).
  12. Mounted Shooting (Photos)

    Correction it was the blank gun unloaded (not a cap gun). She knew she was not ready to shoot a gun off her horse, but her mother wanted her to try so she was led the pattern pretending to shoot the balloon and her horse actually spooked once at the empty click sound.
  13. I took a class in how to write instructions for mathematics and computer science student in university. I think this class should be taught in high school to everyone. I keep running into poor instructions and have to clarify them. For example applying to unb, the application says mail or fax, but the email I got after says mail. Steph said all I had to do was call the school, they say I have to bring in a stamped envelope. Feeling frustrated.

  14. Mounted Shooting (Photos)

    The young girl is actually only using a cap gun. Not even popping the balloons. She shoot a gun from the ground, but was not ready to do so mounted.
  15. Mounted Shooting (Photos)

    Some guns were blanks others gun power. You had to be with 20feet of the balloon, still very dangerous if pointed at the horse. Range official was needed and the clinician had to be close to those not registered to carry a gun.