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  1. Share Your Easter Eggs

    They are plain because I had trouble finding paint that was not dried out and some good paint brushes. But blowing them out and painting them was fun.
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Easter and bad weather have been keeping me busy. We had wild winds today and all Lacey's bedding blow away, what a waste of sawdust. I have gotten to ride Lacey 2 times so far, but I my new bit does not fit and I am questioning how well her saddle is fitting. Tucker wanted to say hello,
  3. Share Your Easter Eggs

    Sorry I am busy busy. Got out on a ride with my horse, and bought my first horse trailer today.
  4. Share Your Easter Eggs

    I have just been busy. Surprised no one else has pictures.
  5. I'm Making This Dessert For Easter...

    It does look yummy, good luck and Happy Easter.
  6. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    Here is one place I have choices but still not may in 4.5"
  7. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    Wasting my time at SmartPak they only ship to the US. That is my problem can not find a good site in Canada.
  8. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    As I said it is the only one that was a 4.5" bit, from statelinetack. So I was just looking for opinions. This is the one a did buy and it is a nice bit, just wish it fit her. I wish I could find one like it in the 4.5".
  9. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    I like this one, but I am just not sure
  10. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    Yes the one opinion I posted is the only 4.5" bit state line tack has. Thanks You for the link.
  11. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    Thanks, but I have searched. Most of them are not store you can ordered from. Then a number are english only.
  12. Tack Stores (New Bit)

    one opinion opinions
  13. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Duns of Impact click on the picture on facebook, if it comes up the new way, delete &theater to view it the old way The opposite click the picture and click copy image location Come here and click insert image then paste. You are done. Pandora, my puppy, is at the vet getting fixed. I bought Lacey a new bit and it is too big 5". I went to the feed store to order a smaller one and the are all 5", but a couple and I do not like the smaller ones. Lacey why do you have to have such a rat face. We have a winter storm warning in affect, I thought it was spring.
  14. Bridle Question!

    Okay I will take another look at it. She is an 18 year old standardbred. Standardbred are known for smaller faces.
  15. Bridle Question!

    What is too big? I say it is the rings, because the length seems to fit, half an inch smaller would have the rings in her mouth.
  16. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Sally one of the goats New lamb Lacey My nieces, Mackenzie
  17. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Pictures, at least of some of the animals Samson Nicky Daisy Pandora and Baby 4 of our 13 cats and 1 of our 3 dogs.
  18. Was It Just Me?

    very slow when it is working
  19. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Done my essay, hope to have done okay on it. Now time to enjoy being home. Sitting on the couch with two cats and the puppy. My friend stopped by for a visit on Saturday night. She had her 11month old husky with her, what a laugh it was to watch him and Tucker play, he would attack Tucker do a lap around the table then attack again. Tucker would just wait for him to return and fight back. Her puppy Miho got twice the exercise. Tucker got so lazy he laid down and would just go for Miho's long legs. I cleaned Lacey up once and it did not last long. Half the paddock is **** and the other half is mud. I am thinking I may go see how much I can clean up. I also took her fore a walk, what I different horse she is in the spring. Full of energy and no fight about crossing two streams. A lot of ours cats have a sneeze, I am hoping it is just a cold going around them. Poor Smudge the day I got home she got clawed in the eye, been giving her eye drops is doing a little better. She was feeling good enough to catch a mouse yesterday. Pictures to come soon.
  20. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Will I am home but have been really busy. Still working on that essay. Have not unpacked my camera yet. Monday is the earliest I can get any pictures, as Essay will be done and nicer weather, expecting a storm tonight and Lacey is a mud monster.
  21. Leash Training

    Try a gentle leader, instant results. I work at the local shelter and have seen this work on several dogs and you can wean them back to a lease and collar over time.
  22. Pictures Anyone?

    Also sorry to hijack... 70-200 f/2.8 is a great lens, I wish I had the money for it, but being a student it is not in my budge. 50mm f/1.4 is also a great lens, I have the 50mm f/1.8 and love it. Been told that the f/1.4 is twice as good. That sounds like awesome gear to have in your camera bag. Good luck on you photo advantages.
  23. College

    You can do all you schooling at UPEI, undergrad and grad, 7 years.
  24. Pictures Anyone?

    The Nikor 55-200mm VR is a great Nikon telephoto lens. To the op, Lucky you. I choose to spend money on my horse instead of my camera this spring. Two very expensive hobbies. Or should I say lifestyles.
  25. Fat Cows, I Mean Goats, Chickens And A Pony

    I can not believe this I am on the search for a white creased polish rooster, and I have always said I am going to name him Einstein. One of my white creased polish hens is names Cruella Deville. All the animals are very cute.