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  1. I know.. Time has flown by! She is trained to lay down on q, since she was 4 months, also rear up on q. I love her so much, she is simply amazing!
  2. Here she is! She is simply amazing. I have now had her under saddle and rider 5 times without any buck or anything, she's like a big puppy dog. Really light riding so ya know, even bareback with halter and a leadrope, walks to gates so I can open them and I also dismount her by sliding off her butt every time lol. My 9 month old grandson and his daddy rode her as well. I get on her bareback about once every 2 days but just started her with all of this.
  3. HIYA!! We had a handsome colt at 230 pm yesterday. He seem to be doing very well, but here are your pics!! My new Tattoo for my man Clink: and of course we have Patience... He was born at 230 in the afternoon... The amazing thing is that her owner got out of the hospital and got to her horse an hour before her birth. I really see that as a miracle. We named him Chief for a stable name, and going to try to register him as Seminole Wind. Just so you know, she waxed 1 hour while in labor... so she doesn't want to show us many signs, she only changed in ph levels. Thanks for your prayers, they helped so much. One more foal watch in about a month.. time to rest. Rachel n Gwen
  4. I just tested her ph level because she is just leaking milk everywhere!! She's sitting at 6.4 so its gonna be really soon!! Wish us luck!! By they way her owner is in the hospital and won't be able to get out until possibly tomorrow... she has raised her and trained her since she was 4 months old, she is also my best friend. I am saddened that she may miss her birth but she is extremely depressed that she may. This is why I haven't posted, sorry. Rachel n Gwen
  5. Sorry for not updating lately, I'm usually very good about these things... But no new news, she is about the same just bigger udders and she has turned scarlet red in the vulva tonight so we are watching tonight. Thanks all!
  6. Tested Lucy tonight and she is sitting at 400 TH, and 6.8 PH... Maybe tonight!
  7. Wish we did, but we don't I had to go out of town the night before came back, and still no baby... Does anyone know if you can do a ph test with barely even a tiny squeeze onto the strip? And how often should I be doing one on Lucy? We bought some yesterday and couldn't get anything but barely a drop from Lucy because her udder is so hard Thanks, Rachel n Gwendolyn
  8. 340 days now and... Her hoo hoo has discharge pics: and for some reason her udder is as hard as a rock almost like clay, never seen that. Is it normal?
  9. Take care for now!! I do believe she is going to foal really soon...
  10. Lucy and Patience photo's from today... Lucy looks V'd to me and she had a lot of mucous coming out of her jay jay yesterday. The last photo is of our new stud colt we got. Tell me what you think of Lucy, and our new colt... of course you can always say whatever you want about Patience lol
  11. Annie's Foal Watch -Colt!

    He's a real looker, he has some beautiful muscle tone as well as nice coloring. A True beauty.
  12. I have a soft spot in my heart for paints or pinto's... can't wait to see your baby but I hope it cooks long enough for ya.
  13. Cheyenne's First Foal Watch

    Man she is a real looker, I can't wait to see this one.
  14. Cb Foal Watch 2012

    And I thought Lucy was huge... That's gonna be a gorgeous baby!