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    Riding, showing, hunting, work, my horses....the usual suspects! :)
  1. Starting levade

    Yeah... Eight years of teaching him manners and feet remaining on the ground..... Haha. Anything for cookies lol.
  2. Starting levade

    Pretty sure i spam this board but some more pics of another area we're focusing on. Starting levade/pessade. Only third day of way strong enough to hold it properly but just starting the idea of lifting both legs. MOV_4432_001.mp4
  3. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Hahaha! Handy!
  4. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Thanks! Yes I just put the lead rope in the same place on his neck as I used to on the ground and pointed at his left foot with the stick and say down. Hoping to eventually just have it like we do on the ground which is without the neck rope and pointing at his foot and saying 'down'. (We do have it on a specific point on his foot for this trick where it isn't confused for Spanish walk or the farrier lol... Different cue points for each one. )
  5. On the ground he'll lie down at liberty just by pointing at his foot and saying down..... So i thought I'd try it ridden for our first time. We did it! So so happy our trick is finally almost finished. He's also half way to doing Spanish walk (though currently it's more a cobbish walk.... Gracefulness needs improvement!) and starting to learn piaffe too. I shall post videos once he's more established as its very much just starting currently. MOV_4433_002.mp4
  6. We had a jump lesson last night and tried bridleless

    Thanks bless him. Sat on him again today and walked a few steps ☺️ Sparks did some joust training again in full kit practising with the Spanish baby again. We had some lances broken on us and us breaking some on my partner on the Spanish for his first time. Young Solo met me and sparks in armour too!
  7. We had a jump lesson last night and tried bridleless

    And solo got sat on! And sparks got some armour training tonight. MOV_4395_000.mp4 MOV_4393_001.mp4 MOV_4393_000.mp4
  8. So we've got back into a bit of jumping down the local yard that offers lessons. Last night, we decided to try and take our reins away at the end and try a small course! We didn't have anything untoward happen! The last few weeks of focusing on one handed riding and neck reining must be semi working lol! Bridle and neck strap totally off eventually! received_10160707598585008.mp4 received_10160707598245008.mp4
  9. Sparkle went to the beach

    Yes it's a permanent heat wave here currently! So very cooling lol. Yes he went over first time bless him! Not one obstacle phased him, just had an ear focused on them and a look as he went but straight over them! Very pleased with him.
  10. Sparkle went to the beach

  11. Sparkle went to the beach

    Thanks. Its so awesome definitely a good last minute decision! Last weekend young Solo went to a novice trec/working equitation style clinic also inhand at a yard ten minutes away. I walked him down there and took him for the experience. He was super considering he hadn't even seen a pole or gone anywhere before. Sparks went after with my partner on a young Spanish horse he rides.
  12. Sparkle went to the beach

    Decided to visit my parents who have moved to the beach..... So bought Coblet and a friend with me with her mare! Life long check list done.... Taking him to the beach is the one thing I've wanted to do for ages! This was our first day today. We met the waves and had a swim! Day two tomorrow. VID_20180714_195120.mp4 VID-20180714-WA0000_000.mp4 20180714_150813.mp4
  13. We have our first joust this weekend

    Thanks bless him! The sword melée was embarrassingly slow paced but the ground was tight and slippy and my right leg was strapped up and on painkillers and I couldn't use it at all one-way lol! In this photo, the basla wood did not break, causing the main pine Lance to break instead! It was a surprising and accidental solid hit and put some force through us as you can tell by our postures!!! If you zoom in on my Lance you'll see the part above the metal to the tip that should break and splinter...... If you look at my partners broken Lance, the broken end in the air off us still has the metal attached, all in one piece still and the solid wood snapped clean! Sure gives you a thud!!!!
  14. We have our first joust this weekend

    And some from our Eltham event this weekend in London I was grooming at. My partner is in the red this time ☺️
  15. We have our first joust this weekend

    Found some more pictures from the joust ☺️ And a random blog which we've featured in!