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    Riding, showing, hunting, work, my horses....the usual suspects! :)
  1. Giving Horse Ace Before A Ride

    Edited.... Only just realised this is an 8 year old post!!!!??? When you say ACE'D do you mean the equivalent of ACP? If so, I won't ride a sedated horse. I totally understand your opinion OP. I want a horse 100% sound minded on judgement. Not clouded. Sedation is not made for working them in my book. Training and temperament issue. I would be livid unknowingly riding a doped animal also.
  2. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    Thankyou very much ☺️ x
  3. And meet Solo!

    Yes I plan on getting him out walking everywhere and leading off sparks ASAP. He literally has barely been handled much up until this last fortnight and I can only do him weekends. I think as it is at the moment he'd be a liability to take out on the main roads we have by us, but once he has more ground work established and happy watching the traffic go by (we wait at the road side and watch all the new traffic currently) then I'll be dragging him out everywhere. As it is atm, I don't feel he's established or reliable enough to listen off the headcollar if anything did frighten him out in public. But we will venture out shortly, it won't be too long. My friend is going to ride sparks and me lead him.
  4. And meet Solo!

    Hahaha I know! Definitely photo bombed! No idea on the stables....the house is 16th century but not sure about the yard. I'll have a browse to see if there's a date in the brickwork at all :) Today we took the plastic one stage further and created 'washing lines' lol....
  5. And meet Solo!

    So we met some reallllly scary flappy plastic sheets..... Again not sure if video links will work or not....
  6. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    Thanks! Not quite sure what you mean.....? Could you explain a bit more I'm having a blonde moment lol
  7. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    Thanks. I'm OK. Back on medication currently and got to have more blood tests done. My immune system is pretty ruined currently, antibiotics have caused just as much horrible effects and I'm picking up everything possible. But we shall carry on as normal lol.
  8. And meet Solo!

    It's turning to winter here now and it's a mixture of clay and marshland pasture - it goes bottomless and unsuitable to ride in over winter unfortunately. England rain and weather for you lol.
  9. And meet Solo!

    We have plenty of turnout, he can live out 24/7 all year round if he needs to. We've had too much grass to keep up with this year..... Had two horses on over ten acres all year! There's three empty fields to choose from lol. He lives with Coblet. They come up to the stables whilst I work them one at a time. I have no facilities as in arena or suitable safe place to start him in. The fields adjacent to the main road in the village and all quite large and too slippy to ride in over winter, especially on a youngster doing circles etc.
  10. And meet Solo!

    I said I'd crack on lol. He's quite a large boy for not having done anything or seen anything in life...... I have no facilities at my yard and the local arena doesn't allow lunging so we're a bit restricted. I plan on doing him in the yard for the meantime to get him reliable leading walking stopping general manners and putting a few scary objects out. Get him bitted up and understanding that then hoping to just walk him everywhere seeing sights and life before he's broken. If he's not too flighty, I hope to ride Coblet and lead him...... But we shall see. I'm not sure if I'm going to actually back him myself yet. I'm planning on doing everything on the ground up to that point and sitting on/leaning over etc but possibly going to send him away locally to get ridden away. I'm helping ride the Spanish ones currently in my spare time and he's said he's welcome to go there to be broken in spring once his horses are back out, so I might do that but was hoping to get him done before then ideally. There's another lady who he could go to new year time if he's ready by then too. I haven't decided yet but we have plenty of time. It all depends how he goes..... If he remains quiet enough to do without facilities then I may end up doing him myself again. Didn't have facilities with sparks and he's not ended up badly from it...... But horses for courses! We shall decide once I get to know him a bit more.
  11. And meet Solo!

    So this weekend, we had out first set of tack on and learnt very basic walk and woah :) Don't know if they'll work or not the links but worth a go!
  12. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    Thanks very much! This is just the last two and a half months haha! It keeps him active and interested at least lol.
  13. And meet Solo!

    I haven't done much with him since he's been here in all honesty yet. He's just out in the field with my lad as it's too dark to do anything during the week now. I've used the remaining holiday I have left as half days off in the mornings between now and new year..... So I shall update when I get to know him a little better as I get him started! He's very friendly. Just a little spooky and unsure as he's literally seen nothing..... he's next to road and kids play ground and sports club.... So he has quite a busy environment he's getting used to compared to the farm life's been used to! He has a kind temperament and eye which is why I bought him..... Hopefully he will prove me right.
  14. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    And finally......some SJ schooling also.
  15. And meet Solo!

    Kinda had a picture overload in the other post so started a seperate one for a seperate horse! I accidentally purchased a second one last Solo. 14.3hh 3 year old dun registered Welsh Section D gelding. Probably to make 15-15.1hh. Lightly handled and a complete blank canvas as has just been a companion! Did not plan on getting a second one.....but as always he found me! I saw him, liked what I saw and bought him! We had our first ever rug on day one..... We like kisses