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  1. Xmas update

    It's very wierd, it's not that heavy feeling to wear as it's contoured round you and not dead weight. But yes it's a fair amount extra!
  2. Xmas update

    So Solo is having a little break currently as he's worked hard and can have a bit of time to rest and reflect everything. Sparks is in work still.... And now a part of my business. I started offering trick training clinics with him, which I'm now fully booked till March! They start next week, which I'm excited and nervous about starting! I hope people enjoy learning trick training as much as I do. He's also doing some modelling work too! I've put some videos of him together recently. Fingers crossed it's a good decision! Video_20181212200549484_by_videomaker.mp4 Video_20181211221217990_by_videomaker.mp4 VID_190651104_182016_491.mp4
  3. Xmas update

    Thanks. Haven't weighed it but possibly 20 kilos roughly. I got it a month ago and have been adding small bits of weight gradually since. Yesterday was the first time I tried it all out in practice! Very pleased. Coblet didn't seem to notice any different and was a powerhouse as normal. He's quite fit currently as have stsre picking up the pace and been doing 3 x 3 hour hacks per week plus two joust training related days and a day off from ridden work doing inhand and tricks. He's feeling good!
  4. Xmas update

    So..... We got our own kit! Tried it out this weekend at a training session at the historic yard. And messed around with some new tricks. Spanish trot, roll and asking for raised legs whilst sat up. VID_89160430_120712_045.mp4 VID_89111107_043458_662.mp4 VID_89111105_163138_349.mp4 VID_89111103_090137_568.mp4
  5. Xmas update

    Thanks! It was great fun. I'm off to Holland this weekend so no clinics this weekend.
  6. Xmas update

  7. Xmas update

    Well we did our first riding club trick training clinic yesterday. Boys were great, was a success and have another one booked next month with their own horses!
  8. Xmas update

    Thanks. I'm not quite cut out for girly modelling..... Pulling nice faces is hard ha. Solo is still out and about slowly. He's doing some tricks in the clinics I do as the 'starter' horse and learnt bow and jambette and is halfway to lying down. He won't do anymore 'interesting' tricks till he's older though. He had a little jump yesterday with Sparkles, schooled him at liberty whilst my friend rode Sparks. He's only jumped a handful of times so still learning but he's got a nice little pop in him and takes confidence off Sparks. He got too confident and wanted to be lead horse by the end of it. Video_20190218191323566_by_videomaker.mp4
  9. Xmas update

    Random photos from today..... I got a new old riding dress so wanted to try it out naturally!
  10. Xmas update

    I can imagine! Sparks is very mellow in his leisure time, he'll occasionally canter round a few strides when you turn him out but normally grass is his main concern lol.
  11. Xmas update

    Haha I was out of shot asking him. Our attempt at a yearly snow picture lol.
  12. Xmas update

    They're going well thanks! No unfortunately nothing else heard unfortunately .... I had a TV show contact me before Xmas wanting a horse act to appear on the show. Nothing heard since though! Nothing really interesting happening lately other than normal day to day things! It's been quite icy and snowy intermittently so riding work on mine has been sporadic!
  13. Xmas update

    Some new year and Xmas ponies... Video one doing a mounted riding lesson off Solo with my yard owners daughter on Sparks. Other vids are out hacking and Solo doing some work with Sparks. My partner is riding sparks..... He's not massively bigger than me on the ground but looks bigger on Sparks than me. Solo and sparks went on a hack over to the Spanish yard yesterday, stayed there for the day and then hacked back. The palomino is Solo's sire. MOV_4645_000.mp4 VID_26120110_144924_353.mp4 VID_84740603_071850_969.mp4 VID_84800210_131648_817.mp4 49755196_988505118025519_1880788336654680064_n.mp4 49665646_1142555139243388_7423382488988254208_n.mp4 49801849_2346947955528671_8422707313026007040_n.mp4
  14. Hay shortage ideas

    Over here it's currently double the normal price of small bale hay.... Small bales are normally £2.50-3.00 here after a normal summer, however we've had no rain this summer.
  15. Hay shortage ideas

    Basically we had a draught this summer and farmers only got one cut of hay. Hay is now getting impossible to find other than ones which are high priced now. I moved yards just before winter and most farmers are not taking on new customers due to the shortage. Obviously, if it means spending a lot to feed them, then I will (bearing in mind for my two horses currently it will cost £8-9/$14-18 per DAY in small bale hay at the current price once I have to get more small bales). Mine are out in the field 10 hours minimum each day, however obviously it's more mud than grass, they have about an inch of grass covering over two acres. I've switched onto straw bedding instead of sawdust so they can munch through that too to increase forage intake. I've got some round hay bales to feed too which should last a little while. Is there anything else anyone can think of that is economical to supplement alongside hay so I can stretch out the hay I do have? I have small holed hay saving nets hung in different areas of their stable too.
  16. Xmas update

    Good guesses so far..... I'll do a bit of everything with Solo. I plan on keeping him at least for a year or two and seeing where he is. I don't know what his career is just yet. He finds lateral work incredibly easy working on the ground and can really sit back on his hocks naturally so quite interested in classical schooling with him in the future. He's quite receptive to the idea of tricks also. He's showing a nice little pop jumping too. And he's nice and safe on the trails. So yeah..... I don't know yet in a nutshell. He sort of has future potential for anything currently so I'll see how he goes and what he enjoys best! I just want to ensure he's a useful, slowly produced, well mannered horse by then, so he has a good life wherever that's with me or someone else. Though I can't see me being able to bring myself to sell him lol.
  17. Xmas update

    Merry Christmas! Hope you had a lovely holiday. Solo is back in light work now for the new year, he's had two months not being ridden, I'm just going to ride him lightly and take him out of the trails a few times a week till February, then he has another holiday planned being turned away 24/7 with a couple of other horses from the Spanish yard till spring when he'll be 5(!). Time flies. Sparks has some possible exciting news too..... But I can't say anything just yet as nothing definite so I'll keep you guessing! We played around tackless today. And Solo had a first ride back in work. Video_20181227125505236_by_videomaker.mp4
  18. Hay shortage ideas

    Thanks. I've got some alfalfa beet for them.....that was more economical as larger bags of it and they're well used to alfalfa. I've managed to find regular round bales off my yard owners husband luckily and got given 20 extra small bales, so thankfully I think we'll be fine. It's really quite bad over here..... Some small hay bales are £5-6 now!!! Crazy.
  19. Hay shortage ideas

    Thanks. Yeah we have sugar beet over here, sounds the same thing, it's about about £10 per 20kg bag. Do you literally just do it as a feed? They currently have a bucket of alfalfa chaff and small amount of pony nuts morning and evening too to line their stomach but I don't feed any proper hard feed as such as they're good doers luckily so I don't really do fancy feed with them. I could easily add beet to that though and bulk it out. Yeah they eat their bedding which is why I switched back to straw - they both pick through that happily once their hay is eaten so at least have that to munch on till the morning.
  20. Hay shortage ideas

    Thanks. We don't have much in the way of hay cubes over here unfortunately. They have things like ready grass and fast fibre and alfalfa pellets.... But none are nicely priced unfortunately. Is beet pulp the same as sugar beet?
  21. Xmas update

    That's my plan to a degree, Sparks is great but where he knows the tricks, it makes it slightly more difficult to show the training behind each trick as he'll happily do the finished trick rather than behave how a new horse to tricks would. For some of the tricks I plan on using Solo to show the raw 'baby steps' that will be more accurate responses teaching them at the beginning. Plus he'll gets used to a bit of a crowd and new people which is helpful.
  22. Xmas update

    Thanks. I hope so! Solo is having a go at some tricks whilst he's having a little ridden break. If he turns out useful doing tricks in the future then great! MOV_4665_001.mp4 MOV_4665_000.mp4
  23. Xmas update

    Hahaha I'll take that as a compliment! She was part of Miss England for our home area.
  24. Xmas update

    Thanks! Aah that's not me, thats a model from a Photoshoot.....but I'll pass on the compliment lol!
  25. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks. Hopefully! I only need part time hours now and it's doing ok so far. A few breakers to do for people and done a few trial trick lessons on Sparks. It's a really nice ride round there, though it floods and disappears over winter after it's snowed. It's a good 30minutes down the main road to get there but once you're there it's lovely!