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  1. Equifest update - pic heavy

    Hahaha it's a family event type carnival so nothing too provocative! I have seen my outfit and it's quite cool lol... lots of feathers, long bustle skirt to trail over his bum and sparkle haha.
  2. Equifest update - pic heavy

    Probably hahahaha. It's usually on the news too. Glad I've been on a diet at least lmao.
  3. Equifest update - pic heavy

    Thanks all! We've been roped into something else interesting this weekend..... A carnival! The burlesque dance group a friend does wants to dress him up as a unicorn and me join in riding him, in a full burlesque outfit as well. Hahahaha. Slightly intimidated by this one lmao!!!!!
  4. Just an update again!

    Not really too much to say really! We're still around. It's been a sedate year as not really competed much due to no transport and been going through a not so great point in life.... I've definitely kind of wasted this year it feels. But anyway. Onwards and up I guess. A few pics from a few things we have done this year. We did one show a couple of weeks ago locally - we won the barrel jumping competition [so skinnier and was about 15cm wide lol! We were the only ones that would actually jump it.] We did a ridden cob showing class too and came third. [/img] We then did a XC clinic also and had a sleep over at my friends yard for the weekend Then we also did a photoshoot for Your Horse magazine last week too And acting as quiet nanny to my best friend's kid who needs to get used to horses. He's not yet two....he's so gentle with him. Done a bit of driving too. We now have a better harness also. And we've been trying schooling with no bridle And some bareback jumping And did a hunter trial and came 8th out of 40 odd And been XC schooling a bit That's about it! We have equifest coming up again in less than two weeks time, we're stabling there for 3 days and competing over them 3 days. Coloured Working Hunter, Freestyle Dressage to music, driving showing classes and then showjumping to finish! We have a small show tomorrow in practice for it, as we've only been to one competition so far this year! He's never bothered luckily. It's me that needs the practice!
  5. Just an update again!

    Hahaha no not yet... You wouldn't believe what kind of book lmao..... Jilly cooper type novels I think lol
  6. Just an update again!

    Thanks. Seems quiet to me as not competed hardly lol. Other than that I've kept myself quite busy I guess..... If I didn't keep busy I'd be a complete mess currently probably. Very glad I have Coblet to keep me busy. On another note, he might be used for some fictional book covers also haha!
  7. Just an update again!

    Thanks. We came first in show jumping yesterday and second in working hunter. Good practice for equifest in ten day!!!
  8. Pics from our ride today

    Hello! Dropping in again just to say hi and share coblet piccies....I am still alive just not out and about competing again yet so nothing too exciting to share! Went on a half day ride out today and explored some new trails we haven't been down yet at the new yard, now the weather has brightened up and ground dried out! Found some new followers with more hair than him..... An old church Found an old dove cote in the field next to the old doves now, only blackbirds that have moved in!
  9. Pics from our ride today

    I don't like them particularly but he literally treats every fence like its no different to the last so fills me with confidence to any jump!
  10. Pics from our ride today

    Just a little two wheel bell crown
  11. Pics from our ride today

    Good luck, sounds great!
  12. Pics from our ride today

    My thoughts too. Yes we will be hopefully. The horsebox is currently off the road so we've missed ones so far this year. We have a qualifier for the finals again next month and equifest again later this year for driving. Probably just some show jumping and dressage in between!
  13. Pics from our ride today

    Haha thanks :) definitely better technique than a few years ago. Lying down trick came in handy the other year, the fence came down overnight and he got his foot caught up in it. Rather than panicking, just stood there and then lay down till I removed the tape from his fetlock. Much better than panicking and doing more damage! We just do it predominantly playing around with now to change things up as don't always want to only ride him. :)
  14. Pics from our ride today

    Thanks! :) Some pics from XC yesterday: And practicing our 'Down' trick.
  15. Pics from our ride today

    East Midlands area, Northants/Leicestershire area. :) Uploaded some vids, not sure if they'll work or not!
  16. Pics from our ride today

    Through a ford and a little dip in the 'river'. ^ And that was all from our ride today! Haven't really done anything apart from hack as I have no arena, though did have a jump the other weekend at the local arena I managed to hire out :) He's not forgotten how to jump! And just some randoms over the last month
  17. Some pics from Africa :)

    I spent the new year in Africa again visiting just thought would finally share some pics again! Pics of my friends lovely horse I use when I'm over there, Maxi a 6/7 year old Gambian pony. Not sure on breed, noone records breeding over there, they're all some kind of arab x small TB type mixes there. They're all very little over there, all around 13.2-14.3hh.. We just spend our days beach riding really!
  18. Some pics from Africa :)

    I'd love to go on a proper safari. Fathala is more like a zoo you drive around than a proper safari but the closest place to see animals to Gambia. It seems to do an OK job on conservation and the animals seemed healthy. The lion walk I didn't like personally as they were too tame..... But a once in a lifetime type experience to do once.
  19. Some pics from Africa :)

    Trust me those lions were like kittens lol.... Really not very wild. The handlers stroke and play with them. They're not that old either. That was at fathala Park in Senegal, we drove over for the day. There's lots of clips of the lion walk on YouTube. We were lucky with the safari drive as managed to find every animal there.
  20. Some pics from Africa :)

    Haha! Stroked a crocodile too!
  21. Some pics from Africa :)

    Yeah I go every year and have all the necessary things done. Haha on Coblet I can almost do the same bareback tbf with my legs! But yes, very different to my usual type! He's a fun lad though, he's not a beach horse and privately owned at my friends stable, so he has a lot of energy lol!!!
  22. Some pics from Africa :)

    And some of Coblet at his new home :)
  23. Some pics from Africa :)

    And some 'African' pics:
  24. Some pics from Africa :)

  25. Merry Xmas!

    And a happy new year to all :)