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  1. He is smart..... But that's also his downfall. He's incredibly quick to learn things but it's keeping his brain on your side! He's very much independent in himself, quite sharp by nature and still thinks highly of his own opinion lol. I've mostly figured out how best to programme his buttons now! He's back to being his natural playful and people friendly self now at least. 

  2. Not enough! 


    He's done about 12 trick lessons this year so far - I tend not to do any trick training with him outside of public lessons as I use him as my starter horse to show how you start teaching each trick. He does the start of bowing, jambette and lying down but it's only a few minutes he does each time on each - however he'll soon be doing them I think! 

  3. Yeah.... He has a lot of new people on him doing trick lessons, so it's incredibly important to me his specific cues are on point all the time. 

    Solo is also coming on nicely! 


    We have quite a few evening demos and camps we've been invited to - I haven't taken Solo out for these yet only Sparks, but Solo feels ready enough to start doing some training demos now so he has his first one next week at a large equestrian centre not too far away! Fingers crossed he's good, though his job in my sessions is to be the green, 'unedited' training horse so there's no real stress on him. 








  4. Thank you! I'm always surprised when I look at them as I'm notoriously rubbish at having photos done haha so it's nice to have some nice fun ones! 


    All other projects going well thanks! Armour training is going well, trick lessons are going well.... We're actually doing national clinics now not just locally which is great! 


    A lovely client took some pics during a lesson yesterday of both boys doing their stuff. 






  5. And got some awesome pics! I've never had any professional ones done of myself, I was lucky enough to know a wonderful local lady who wanted to use us for some future plans so we had a very girly shoot. 


    Don't shoot me down for no hat or shoes..... It was kind of a magical Boho type feel we were going for. 


    I wish I'd taken his bridle off for the ridden rearing pics now, but I was already bareback in a very slippy dress and doing some fairly decent height airs! 





  6. Thanks. 

    Haven't weighed it but possibly 20 kilos roughly. I got it a month ago and have been adding small bits of weight gradually since. Yesterday was the first time I tried it all out in practice! Very pleased. 


    Coblet didn't seem to notice any different and was a powerhouse as normal. He's quite fit currently as have stsre picking up the pace and been doing 3 x 3 hour hacks per week plus two joust training related days and a day off from ridden work doing inhand and tricks. He's feeling good! 

  7. Thanks. I'm not quite cut out for girly modelling..... Pulling nice faces is hard ha. 

    Solo is still out and about slowly. He's doing some tricks in the clinics I do as the 'starter' horse and learnt bow and jambette and is halfway to lying down. He won't do anymore 'interesting' tricks till he's older though. 


    He had a little jump yesterday with Sparkles, schooled him at liberty whilst my friend rode Sparks. He's only jumped a handful of times so still learning but he's got a nice little pop in him and takes confidence off Sparks. He got too confident and wanted to be lead horse by the end of it.