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  1. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks. Hopefully! I only need part time hours now and it's doing ok so far. A few breakers to do for people and done a few trial trick lessons on Sparks. It's a really nice ride round there, though it floods and disappears over winter after it's snowed. It's a good 30minutes down the main road to get there but once you're there it's lovely!
  2. Solo got ridden last night!

    Videos attached. He was very good and we've probably been a bit over cautious with him as don't want to rush him and with how we've been trying to undo everything the original breaking yard did. But he's taking it all in his stride. I've sat on him earlier this year but not actually walked off on him or feet in stirrups reins etc. Doing more of the same tonight, will eventually sit a little taller each time. He's a bit flappy if he gets scared so just taking things real easy and quiet with him and we're having no issues. I quite like him. I originally got him to break and sell potentially......but that's definitely gone out the window now. He's a bit bigger than Coblet and once he trusts you has a really nice nature and tries hard.... so it'll be interesting if he's useful in the future. It would be nice having the best of both types! VID_28530415_134422_906.mp4 VID_28401024_014451_546.mp4 MOV_4573_004.mp4 MOV_4571_000.mp4
  3. Solo got ridden last night!

    Haha indeed I agree! Sparks didn't mind. I have hay stored in the garage so he was quite happy having a pit stop whilst I did some housework and other bits and bobs! I quit my job just over a fortnight ago. I've gone freelance working for myself, mostly teaching, schooling other people's horses, doing an at home backing service for people and planning some trick lessons and clinics in the new year! Very exciting and SO much happier working for myself and having so much more free/flexible time. No more office work!
  4. Solo got ridden last night!

    So Sparks had a surprise little home visit haha. I'm glad my partner is horsey and has no qualms with him turning up in the garden haha!
  5. Solo got ridden last night!

    Indeed lol. The arena is a bit too big to do that lunging lol and don't trust free jumping outside lol.
  6. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! Yeah..... I ignored it and said he's only got short feathers currently as I chopped them for jousts and battles and he was tripping over them haha. Solo has outgrown his saddle already by getting too wide.....flipping gangly growing babies! So he's on a little riding vacation currently till I get him a new saddle. He's really working on his polework though! MOV_4599_000.mp4 MOV_4598_001.mp4
  7. Solo got ridden last night!

    I know right....oddest comment I've ever had. But I also got told to trim Sparks as he's not traditional enough by another..... Errrrrm.
  8. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! I said years ago I'd never have a Welsh again lol. Yet here we are haha! Large breed mountain/moorland and driving type with Solo and traditional cob with Sparks. In the driving type they commented his movement was far too smart to solely be a driving horse and its why they didn't place him higher than third....that's a new one I've heard lol!
  9. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! Over the moon with him. Totally well behaved and both of them qualified for Royal London and Equifest next year in all their classes!
  10. Solo got ridden last night!

    The boys are settled in well. They're off to a show tomorrow for solo's first outing out.... Fingers crossed he loads.
  11. Solo got ridden last night!

    They both get jealous yes! Unfortunately. Keeps them on their toes though and willing to work lol. Thanks. I've changed his feed to more oil based and added some various herbs for digestion and skin condition - he's bloomed on it just after a few days!
  12. Solo got ridden last night!

    Haha you joke about that, there's a potential in the works! They moved yards this weekend, we were only at the historic yard for the summer till his horses come in for the winter. I luckily found a yard just down the road to move to though so have moved there instead of back to my old yard which was 18 miles away. I have an arena here too which is great for winter and for Solo. Solo is ironically terrified of the welsh section a ponies bred there! We got some feet off the ground and Welsh dragon snorts loose in the arena this morning! Sparks doesn't care about anything, obviously.
  13. Solo got ridden last night!

    Newest trick now finished on command!
  14. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! Like I said was only playing and seeing just to see his reaction to my 'question'. It's not perfect but it was a good attempt at the right answer!
  15. Solo got ridden last night!

    This is not correct at all, I know. I just find it amusing as this is the result he decided on as an answer to me asking for levade AND forwards. It was a one off ask out of curiosity and even though it's not a terre a terre, I'm still pleased with his level of thinking on his reaction to my ask bless him. We'll be doing it inhand like everything else first, like I said, it was a one off decision whilst ridden just to see what reaction I would get from him. He's not strong enough behind on his levades or piaffe yet to do it realistically. Posted solely for your entertainment! As I said, I do not class this as any thing relevant or correct! Missed strides, straightness not perfect, wonky levades, my core's gone, etc etc. But it's not a bad effort for a chunky little Coblet. VID_167090227_033455_224.mp4
  16. Solo got ridden last night!

    Hahaha it's pretty much based on that! Doubtful will ever happen but it's a funny image lol. Ironically, he does a low capriole easily enough and is showing some interesting movements ridden lol.... We can do a mezaire and tried a terre a terre.....I say 'tried', we got a new interesting movement never seen to man haha.
  17. Solo got ridden last night!

    Hahaha exactly! Sparks is coming along quickly and solo had a lovely weekend hacking and trying on some harness. VID_153550115_080851_369.mp4 VID_153550113_041319_546.mp4
  18. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! That Norman nasal helm is the easiest one to ride in haha. You have full vision in that unlike the great helms for jousting which only has a 3mm slit to see out of!
  19. Solo got ridden last night!

    Polework clinic pic from the other week and other battle pics.
  20. Solo got ridden last night!

    Me too lol. It's held at Battle Abbey, they're the ruins left from there.
  21. Solo got ridden last night!

    Other than one scarily high vertical rear followed by walking a 360 circle on his back legs on the first battle day (I have new found respect for the power of that horse now, any other horse should have flipped over the height he got with the unexpected added weight of my armour)..... Other than that one hairy moment he was absolutely brilliant. Attacked the shield wall and did awesome formation cavalry work. Though he did take a bloody good hold on the 24 horse line cavalry charge. 24 horses in a line shoulder to shoulder galloping is something else. Especially with a ditch to go over halfway. Anyway. It was incredible and definitely nothing like anything I've ever done.
  22. Solo got ridden last night!

    He did indeed! He's having a week off as I have the battle of Hastings this weekend so will be away for a few days and working lates at work.... So he's just chilling and having a reflection on everything that's happened over the last couple of weeks. So far he's still keen to work and more interested in playing or creating some form of work. I put the tarp out with him loose in the arena tonight..... Where does he go.... Straight on top of it! Anything scary or out of place apparently means he has to investigate to see if treats appear miraculously haha. Flapped it about up at him whilst he was stood on it, didnt care. Covered him in it over his back after, didn't care. He's gone from the most nervous little horse to the bravest.
  23. Solo got ridden last night!

    Haha bless him fair enough lol!!! Solo went to a polework clinic today. We went as it was local so rode there just to give him the experience being in a new place and with other new horses etc. Good as gold and even did some poles! Then did Hastings practice on Sparkles. VID-20181007-WA0003.mp4
  24. Solo got ridden last night!

    Haha cold weather might have something to do with it! Sparks is learning his next trick. Sitting pony! VID-20181003-WA0000.mp4 VID-20181003-WA0001.mp4 received_328743297885862.mp4 VID_76280428_001328_758.mp4
  25. Solo got ridden last night!

    Hmmm... Definitely for the time being lol. He's turning to be super cool and willing. Sparks gets to do the fun stuff but i try and make sure he's still the main man! He went out for a four hour hack today. Plus they'll start going on trail rides together soon as my partner will take one and me the other. They're both going to a clinic next Saturday, Solo just for the experience of just standing around and manners around other horses in a new place mostly.