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  1. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thank you. I rode him by myself last night with no leader, he was very good! Bit sticky moving forwards for a little while to start but then just wiggled him turning and bending left and right and then he got the idea.Even changed the rein and turned. Woah was instant too. Very pleased with him! Did some pole work on a circle altering where he went over the poles to what trot he needed, ie collected or lengthened. He only does five minutes of this as it uses up his brain capacity lol. VID_38740113_103155_098.mp4 VID_38710220_014059_665.mp4
  2. Solo got ridden last night!

    Videos attached. He was very good and we've probably been a bit over cautious with him as don't want to rush him and with how we've been trying to undo everything the original breaking yard did. But he's taking it all in his stride. I've sat on him earlier this year but not actually walked off on him or feet in stirrups reins etc. Doing more of the same tonight, will eventually sit a little taller each time. He's a bit flappy if he gets scared so just taking things real easy and quiet with him and we're having no issues. I quite like him. I originally got him to break and sell potentially......but that's definitely gone out the window now. He's a bit bigger than Coblet and once he trusts you has a really nice nature and tries hard.... so it'll be interesting if he's useful in the future. It would be nice having the best of both types! VID_28530415_134422_906.mp4 VID_28401024_014451_546.mp4 MOV_4573_004.mp4 MOV_4571_000.mp4
  3. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Thanks! The food was always on the flat out part so he goes straight to there lol. Good luck with yours! I found leaving it a little bit and then coming back to it again a few weeks later made a difference. We'd do it the next time and he'd automatically do what we were trying to do the last time and be at the next stage.
  4. On the ground he'll lie down at liberty just by pointing at his foot and saying down..... So i thought I'd try it ridden for our first time. We did it! So so happy our trick is finally almost finished. He's also half way to doing Spanish walk (though currently it's more a cobbish walk.... Gracefulness needs improvement!) and starting to learn piaffe too. I shall post videos once he's more established as its very much just starting currently. MOV_4433_002.mp4
  5. Solo got ridden last night!

    Thanks! He's a Welsh section D.
  6. Solo got ridden last night!

    Haha! Awesome memory! Did him again tonight and he was awesome. MOV_4573_005.mp4
  7. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    We did it with the rope method, though not forcing him down. Pick one leg up and turn their head the opposite way and they lay down if they're sensible enough. Then just taking it away bit by bit till you do it just with a tap and saying down. And food reward lol.
  8. Starting levade

    Hahaha ordinarily I'd agree..... A low Lance is not good though and you're thankful of a high front to protect you! Doing gates out hacking is difficult however lol depending how high up your horse is from the gate lol! Solo had another play tonight but with Uncle Sparks. And a few pics from last night. VID_178641231_231357_404.mp4
  9. Starting levade

    Pretty sure i spam this board but some more pics of another area we're focusing on. Starting levade/pessade. Only third day of way strong enough to hold it properly but just starting the idea of lifting both legs. MOV_4432_001.mp4
  10. Starting levade

    Haha its quite eccentric! 17th century clothing style. Solo had a little play tonight. He's had a few weeks turned away at grass while I've been busy at events. He'll be ridden away this month properly now we're mostly back home regularly. MOV_4555_001.mp4 MOV_4555_000.mp4 MOV_4556_000.mp4
  11. Starting levade

    Thanks! They're so comfy to ride in. It's next on my list to get one! I prefer the medieval ones out of choice though! They're super comfy.
  12. Starting levade

    Not many! Currently I'm the only historical 13th century one I think and there's one or two that do 15th century (tilt rail and full plate armour). There's a lot more women internationally that do it but not many in the UK. I can't comment on stunt jousting as not anything I'm involved with but I'm guessing there's more females doing stunt riding stuff.
  13. Starting levade

    No they're quite different.....we have the same stunt type jousting over here too. Everything we do we try to do historically accurate, ie tournament rules and heraldry/costumes etc are all from manuscripts etc. There's three main types of jousting over here; stunt, bolsa and solid. Stunt being stunt.... Light lances and people falling off etc, stunt riders etc. Bolsa being what I've been doing and the main type of events over here. 3/4 solid wood but then the end being prepped soft bolsa wood. Proper armour. Solid, exactly what it sounds like. Solid lances and proper hardened armour, needs to be specially made to take solid hits and protect the rider. Costs in excess of £25000 minimum to custom make. Real deal and only a few do solids over here and only one event here in the UK that holds a solid joust.
  14. Starting levade

    It's all with the same jousting company and classical yard..... They're a historic riding company basically. I'm dropping down my normal job hours to do more work with them next year. My partners been a rider for them for a while. Its very cool! April till October is various event season, jousts, these shows, battles etc.
  15. Starting levade

    Thanks! He's had the weekend off this week, as I've been grooming at the Duke of Newcastle shows the company does throughout the summer. It's quite nice seeing the Spanish horses at work.... I mostly just turn them out for the shows and warm them up but also get to be involved on the ground for the show for the inhand training work on pessades etc in some. My partner rides in it (in the black and white photo lol). So much nicer having a horsey partner (and just generally nice partner lol!)
  16. We had our second jousting tournament

    Thanks so much!! It's taken till today to stop aching lol.
  17. Pics as self explanatory and I'm exhausted lol.
  18. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Thanks! We're a bit quicker at it now! VID_66290310_032103_182.mp4
  19. Starting levade

    Aw thank you! We had a go under saddle for the first time today which he did.... After a short while of questioning if my partner reaaaaaally meant for him to do that with 'mum' still on his back lol. We have the battle of Hastings next month though so i don't want him doing too much going up yet as he'll have spears and swords being waved at him there ..... So we're leaving this one till after then and will carry on with it over winter to avoid any confusion early on!
  20. We had our second jousting tournament

    Haha thanks! It's been mentioned too lol. The swords probably heavier than the Lance..... Though its the armour that weighs the most. Around 30 kilos!
  21. We had our second jousting tournament

    Hmm good question. It's pine wood down to the last 2ft then bolsa wood. Perhaps just over 5kilos?
  22. Starting levade

    Yeah... Eight years of teaching him manners and feet remaining on the ground..... Haha. Anything for cookies lol.
  23. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Hahaha! Handy!
  24. We finally almost finished our lying down trick

    Thanks! Yes I just put the lead rope in the same place on his neck as I used to on the ground and pointed at his left foot with the stick and say down. Hoping to eventually just have it like we do on the ground which is without the neck rope and pointing at his foot and saying 'down'. (We do have it on a specific point on his foot for this trick where it isn't confused for Spanish walk or the farrier lol... Different cue points for each one. )
  25. We had a jump lesson last night and tried bridleless

    Thanks bless him. Sat on him again today and walked a few steps ☺️ Sparks did some joust training again in full kit practising with the Spanish baby again. We had some lances broken on us and us breaking some on my partner on the Spanish for his first time. Young Solo met me and sparks in armour too!