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  1. Sparkle went to the beach

    Yes it's a permanent heat wave here currently! So very cooling lol. Yes he went over first time bless him! Not one obstacle phased him, just had an ear focused on them and a look as he went but straight over them! Very pleased with him.
  2. Sparkle went to the beach

    Decided to visit my parents who have moved to the beach..... So bought Coblet and a friend with me with her mare! Life long check list done.... Taking him to the beach is the one thing I've wanted to do for ages! This was our first day today. We met the waves and had a swim! Day two tomorrow. VID_20180714_195120.mp4 VID-20180714-WA0000_000.mp4 20180714_150813.mp4
  3. Sparkle went to the beach

  4. Sparkle went to the beach

    Thanks. Its so awesome definitely a good last minute decision! Last weekend young Solo went to a novice trec/working equitation style clinic also inhand at a yard ten minutes away. I walked him down there and took him for the experience. He was super considering he hadn't even seen a pole or gone anywhere before. Sparks went after with my partner on a young Spanish horse he rides.
  5. We have our first joust this weekend

    Thanks bless him! The sword melée was embarrassingly slow paced but the ground was tight and slippy and my right leg was strapped up and on painkillers and I couldn't use it at all one-way lol! In this photo, the basla wood did not break, causing the main pine Lance to break instead! It was a surprising and accidental solid hit and put some force through us as you can tell by our postures!!! If you zoom in on my Lance you'll see the part above the metal to the tip that should break and splinter...... If you look at my partners broken Lance, the broken end in the air off us still has the metal attached, all in one piece still and the solid wood snapped clean! Sure gives you a thud!!!!
  6. So Coblet and I have our first jousting tournament this weekend! It's over three days with two shows per day. Eeeek. Joust then a melée (mounted sword fight) plus some living history unmounted parts with the public in between. So yes..... Sparks gets to stay at a castle this weekend! Wish us luck! I'll get photos. Not quite like anything we've done before!!!!
  7. We have our first joust this weekend

    And some from our Eltham event this weekend in London I was grooming at. My partner is in the red this time ☺️
  8. We have our first joust this weekend

    Found some more pictures from the joust ☺️ And a random blog which we've featured in!
  9. We have our first joust this weekend

    Not really, it's quite standard over here to do that, just keeps the rider steadier. Never face planted yet :)
  10. We have our first joust this weekend

    Indeed. I was not happy at all. The jousting yard owner very kindly went and picked him up straight away for me. It was a recommended yard too. I thought I was being particular with it only going to one people had recommended and my winter yard had grazing banned for nearly four months due to the ground being too wet. I thought I'd send him away to a good yard with grazing and an arena to start doing stuff rather than be stuck stabled 24/7 with no facilities at my yard. Right intentions..... Bad decision however. He's in the right place now at least. Onwards and up.
  11. We have our first joust this weekend

    Just a King's squire, banner type person! Not too sure exactly as it was a Dutch event and all in Dutch lol. He could run fast anyway haha! We were guests invited there to participate. Solo had a little walk with someone leant over for the first time. The other yard caused him massive issues with the saddle and rider so he's getting there slowly. I'll never send a horse away to be broken again, but anyway, he's happy being home again and realising people aren't all scary. received_10156462788642495.mp4
  12. We have our first joust this weekend

    Still in the Netherlands for our final international weekend event, its an anniversary battle reinactment from the 1000's. Four horses from home have come over for it. MOV_4369.mp4 MOV_4370.mp4 MOV_4355.mp4
  13. We have our first joust this weekend

    I'm quite used to stalls now as a lot of the later historic shows we do all use stalls mostly and quite popular with the iberian horses and stallions. They had a mix of proper stables and the stalls out the back. And some room in the public park opposite. The tents are various medievil stalls and traders in the event.
  14. We have our first joust this weekend

    Added locations! I'm currently in Amsterdam where there is a riding house built in the 1700's based on Vienna Spanish riding school! They do demonstrations however it's mostly an actual riding school for the local public now and the majority of the horses are of mixed breeds. Still a very interesting find in the centre of Amsterdam!
  15. We have our first joust this weekend

    Young Solo got leant over today! I'm on holiday in Europe but got sent this photo today of him. Few other pics from Europe also. We planned a road trip through France Belgium Germany and the Netherlands, as my partner is riding in some international historic events over the two weekends so we're road tripping in between! reichenstein, rhein Germany butte de lionne, Waterloo, Belgium reichenstein Castle, Germany brandenburg Germany reichenstein Castle Germany rhein Germany brandenburg Germany Bingen Germany
  16. We have our first joust this weekend

    The smaller ones don't tend to have much feather, section a/b/c types..... Section d's tend to have small whispy feathers at the fetlocks like he does over here. He's got full Welsh bloodlines all the way back, then back to thoroughbred and Arab like the rest of them. His actual cannon bones are tiny, he's got big joints but tiny cannons!
  17. We have our first joust this weekend

    He's a Welsh section D, roughly 15-15.1hh now. They have a small amount of feather to them.
  18. We have our first joust this weekend

    I shall take that as a sincere compliment! He's very different to Coblet but a sweety none the less. What a difference Sparks was at his age..... 4 years of handling before really makes a difference compared to Solo who had limited handling.
  19. We have our first joust this weekend

    Yes it's all authentic to the time period to the best we can. It's around 20kilos extra in maille. It definitely takes some getting used to! The swords are blunted slightly to about 1-2mm. The lances are bolsa wood. Yes, it's all contact! It's veeeeery different to anything I've done before lol. Solo is a work in progress..... I sent him away to be broken however pulled him back early as wasn't very happy with them, so he's now at the Spanish yard with me and sparks being finished there. He's happy enough though and coming along.
  20. We have our first joust this weekend

    So we had an amazing time!!! We were decided the winner of the tournament on the final day! I ruptured my soleus muscle and achilles tendon last weekend from other horse jumping off the ramp unloading onto my leg,I'm not meant to ride for 6-8 weeks .. so it was particularly challenging physically.And thunderstorms scattered Sunday afternoon. Literally amazing time though. So proud of him!
  21. We have our first joust this weekend

    Thanks! We survived our first show yesterday he was epic! Second show today. I'll upload photos when I'm back home. It's 13th century open field jousting so in maille not plate armour.... Still heavy though!
  22. Giving Horse Ace Before A Ride

    Edited.... Only just realised this is an 8 year old post!!!!??? When you say ACE'D do you mean the equivalent of ACP? If so, I won't ride a sedated horse. I totally understand your opinion OP. I want a horse 100% sound minded on judgement. Not clouded. Sedation is not made for working them in my book. Training and temperament issue. I would be livid unknowingly riding a doped animal also.
  23. Another normal update...hospitals, jousting and new horses.

    Thankyou very much ☺️ x
  24. Hi all, again. My usual late update. Well. It's been a bit of a whirlwind of a few months. The last time I posted was well.....a rather messy time with all things ex related. But that's over and done and nothing to say much about that so that's that. I've been quite busy with coblet as and when....unfortunately my health has taken a kick since September and I had a short stay in hospital. I thought I just had a cold however turned out it was tonsillitis which had gone rather bad, followed by a quinsy and one very nasty infection in my body. So a lot of IV everything, lots of medication and ended off work for a month. I was ok and went back to work a couple of weeks ago, however went ill again last week with tonsillitis again and now back on medication yet again. But no hospital and I am back at work a week later again, just still on medication. And have an awful case of pityriasis rosea also on top of everything. I have to have a blood test for glandular fever in another week also. So yes.....I've not been having the best of times. My body is currently feeling just rather run down I think. I lost a stone in less than 6 days which was rather scary. I have put it mostly back on again. But anyway. Coblet has done a couple of things since in between this time. I probably should be taking things easy......but we're weekend riders now anyway now the evenings are dark so oh well. So a bit of our normal picture update for anyone interested! I think we were at equifest and the carnival an update from then! So we ended up in a few magazines....
  25. And meet Solo!

    Kinda had a picture overload in the other post so started a seperate one for a seperate horse! I accidentally purchased a second one last Solo. 14.3hh 3 year old dun registered Welsh Section D gelding. Probably to make 15-15.1hh. Lightly handled and a complete blank canvas as has just been a companion! Did not plan on getting a second one.....but as always he found me! I saw him, liked what I saw and bought him! We had our first ever rug on day one..... We like kisses