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  1. Fate And Destiny

    Kristyn: "Let's let her ride it out." I frown, "her mom is dying.. she needs some time. she'll be back soon" Alexis: Soon I move into a canter, which is hard bareback on my horse, and the focus to hold on drives the anger from me. I stop crying soon and let dawn move down to a walk. I feel bad that I broke down in front of everyone but I needed my horse.
  2. Fate And Destiny

    i said s-o-b as in crying and it bleeped it? whoa. skittles. yeah, Alexis' mom is dying from cancer, so Alexis came home.
  3. Fate And Destiny

    Alexis: I pass Lacey with a sight wave, not sure if I can contain the tears threatening. I weakly smile at Aimee before I disappear into Dawn's stall. I tug the bridle off the rack in front, put it on and lead her out towards the fields. I'm walking fast. Kristyn: "Alexis!" I follow her as I can tell she doesn't want to talk, but she needs too. I grab her shoulder. "Alexis! What's wrong?" I'm shocked to see her break down in tears and sink into dawns side. Alexis: Through my tears I manage to gasp "my... *hiccup* mom.. is.. dying" I *** even harder, swinging onto Dawn, and I push her off at a brisk trot.
  4. Fate And Destiny

    Alexis: I pull into the parking lot of the barn, a buzzing in my head, my hands clenched on he wheel, trying not to cry. I decide I'll tell everyone mom had meetings and I came home early but thats not the case. I pull myself together, just glad to be home, I want to ride Dawn. I climb out and head down the aisle. Krystin: I see Alexis pull up and immediately I sense something is wrong. I head out the door of the big house and towards the barn.
  5. Fate And Destiny

    Krystin: As I halter Sham, I say to Ty, "She should be with the bloodlines she's got. Not sure how alexis pulled a black spotted palomino out of a black quarter horse and a bay warmblood. Alexis got lucky with this big girl though. No yearling should be 15.2 when they're this hyper. she about drags ME to the pasture." I laugh and lead the prancing filly down the aisle. (When I get onine next, I'll bring Alexis back, I'll say her mom had to cancel or something. lol)
  6. Fate And Destiny

    Kristyn: I take Ty's outstretched hand and shake it. " Nice to meet you and Lacey as well, I hope you enjoy the place. Don't worry Lacey, you'll get used to us soon enough. Guys, I gotta get that poor filly out, she's about to have a stroke in that stall. " I laugh, poor Sham, then I head down to take her to the field out behind my house.
  7. Fate And Destiny

    (dont even ask! my computer is on the fritz AGAIN!! i swear! it hates me :]) Kristyn: "I'm nottt ignoring you!" I laugh and cross my arms jokingly, "This poor lacey in here is alll alone! and I'm an old woman! three people at once? thats almost asking to internally combust." I laugh even harder and turn back to Lacey, and she's petting the kitten. "Don't look so scared, haha, I don't know about that fuzz ball but we sure as heck dont bite!" I look back at Aimee, " can't catch a mouse? what the heck is he doing in my barn then?' I laugh again and look back down the aisle at the impatient Sham.
  8. Fate And Destiny

    (I edited it because it was all pffft hahaha)
  9. Fate And Destiny

    Kristyn: "Well fine!!!" I say, mock pouting before I burst out laughing. I'll get a chance to talk to them later. I head in towards Sham's stall. "Hey Shamsham! I bet you'd like some company out there! i'll put one of mmy guys out with you." I look up and see Lacey. "Hello. You must be Lacey." I say, setting down Sham's halter and heading that direction.
  10. Fate And Destiny

    (its been so long) Kristyn: I see Harper, Aimee and Ty headed back from the trail ride. I smile blissfully at their happy faces, glad that my dream of making people happy in this place came true. "Hey Guys!!!! Do I get to meet the new kids?! It is my place!" I laugh, I've already spoken to them on the phone on several occasions. I look over the horses, priding myself in the fact that they are all very healthy looking. On that, I remember I need to put Alexis filly, Sham out to pasture for the afternoon.
  11. Fate And Destiny

    YOU GUYS DONT EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET MY COMPUTER BACK!!! will someone please catch me up so Alexis can come back? hah:)
  12. Fate And Destiny

    Name: Kirstyn Fables Age: 37 Level: Experienced Position (boarder, trainer, or student): Barn Owner A description of yourself: short, thin, dark haired woman, dark eyes, extremely happy, avoids large crowds, enjoys mainly the company of her horse what style or discipline you ride: any Registered name:Unregistered Barn name: Shadow Age: 11 Breed: Mustang Paint Color: black/white tobiano Discipline trained for: jumping, trail class, reining Personality: Quirky horse, gelding, about 15.2hh, lots of class, tanky built, lots of movement. Registered name:Unregistered Barn name: Mist Age: 5 Breed: Appaloosa Color: Standard appy spotted coat Discipline trained for: beginning reining, halter, trail class, trail Personality: more serious than shadow, Mist tends to be quite the opposite of Kirtsyn, he moves only when told, preferring stillness and quiet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kirstyn: I enter the barn, the sweet smell of horse and excited nickers from Mist and Shadow greeting me. I wave and smile at Keaton and Lacey. "Mist!!" I exclaim patting his silky speckled brown and golden nose... "Shadow..." I enter his stall and hug his chest, his painted nose snuffling my pockets for treats. I smile at him ad feed him breakfast. I apologize to them for breakfast being at 9:30 this morning.
  13. Fate And Destiny

    (I'm going to create the barn owner since I have nothng to do til Alexis gets back or its 'tomorrow' haha)
  14. Go Big or Go Home...

    Hey, hope noone minds if I join :) Stats-human Name: Destiny Spyropolous Age: 17 Gender: female Personality: kind of shy, usually percieved as stuck up, extremely competitive rider, never gets along with her mom, ery talkative once she knows people. Looks: 5'7'', shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, thin, alost boyish but still pretty, muscled Competes in: Barral racing and pole bending, rodeo, drill team. Stats-horse Name: Darkest Before the Dawn Barn name: Dawnerz Age: 8 Gender: mare Breed: American Quarter Horse Height: 15hh Description: black, star snip, hind socks, tanky, long thin mane, thick long tail, lots of attitude, not hot for a gaming horse, extremely competitive like the girl who trained her :) Competes in: Barrel racing, pole bending, rodeo, drill team Stats-horse Name: Shampayne Brunch Barn name: Shamstar Age: 3 Gender: Mare Breed: American Appendix Quarter Horse Height: 15.3hh Description: palomino with black spots, long crazy mane, tanky with long legs, daughter of Dawnerz, lots of good QH and TB blood, lots of go, likes to run, started on barrels. Competes in: Barrel Racing, pole bending, rodeo events ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
  15. Fate And Destiny

    (oh em gee! ive been gone for forever!) Haha Alexis: I realize what time it is and I put Dawnerz up seeing as the walk around the barn has cooled her out. "sorry girl, I'm running out of time" I say apologetically and pat her neck. I feed my horses and pat sham. "You'll be on pasture later, see you next week." I sigh wistfully and walk out to my truck... "Bye guys!! i'm bringing home pictures and an epic tan!" I yell to the trail riding trio. I climb in my car and head to the airport. (I might come back early!!) @cowgurl- theres Aimee, Harper, Cameron, Ty, Lacey, Alexis and Keaton :) go ahead and jump in stats are on the first page and right now Alexis is headed off to Hawaii and Cameron will be back tomorrow and Keaton and Lacey are talking and Aimee, Harper and Ty are trail riding :) My comp is being super iffy so im on when i can :)