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    I love to do just about anything that involves horses and that includes being a stall cleaner
  1. Check out Corriente brand saddles. Their the only manufacturer that I have seen that is reasonably priced and carries kids saddles that have the proper bar angles with trees that are wide enough to properly fit horses. Most 12" saddles are built on trees that barely fit ponies much less horses. To answer your what's the difference question the main difference between pony and horse saddles has a lot to do with gullet width, Bar angles, and rock same as any saddle. Most pony saddles are not only very narrow through the gullet but also through the entire tree. The majority are narrower than semi QH sized trees. IMHO I believe Corriente saddles are one of the best low budget saddles you can buy. Their leather quality is quite nice and they do hold their resale value which is a nice bonus. While I don't have one currently I have at my old job bought and sold them on a regular basis. Their good saddles that are well built right here in the good old USA! If money isn't an issue you could look into a nice Bob Marshall treeless! When I was looking for mine I ran across several used 13" seats which is their equivalent to a 12" seat. I have one that I am absolutely in love with and so is my mare! My only complaint is that they are not cheep even used ones can be expensive!
  2. I can't see the saddle to clearly but I do have a little bit of experience with Bob Mc cray saddles. They are very well made and pretty comfy. The saddle shop I work for has 1 currently in stock. I like the construction its built to be stout and long lasting! Yours looks to be pretty comfy too! Can we get better pics of it?
  3. I still have'nt had time to upload the better pics yet so these will have to do for now! This one is when they were performing" Incompleate" The boys performing the first song! Next time I will have a better camera and better seats! My souvineer from the concert! Shirts were to expensive so I got a poster and framed it. Their are better pics and a video on my other camera. I will get them uploaded after I get back from the doctor! Flagstaff, Phoenix and wet weather all in one week are not agreeing with my lungs. Be back with the better pics soon!
  4. No T-shirt for me although I did pick up a nice Poster! I do have pics from the concert but I hav'nt had time to up load them from the camera. Hopefully that will get done Monday! I live in tiny Rimrock Az. which is about an hour drive North of Prescott. Or a hour South of Flagstaff. I will try to get the pics and short video I took up soon but if you look on U-tube you can find a videos of their performances. I cant wait for their next Cd to come out! They even have a documentry coming out on dvd soon! I got to see clips from the movie and with what I saw it's going to be good! I can say that next time I will have floor seats perferably Row 1 or 2 and center stage! I will also take hearing protection! My ears are still ringing! Oh well I had a lot of fun! Aint no party like a Backstreet party!
  5. I am still obsessed with both N*sync and Backstreet Boys! Once a fan always a fan! I can't wait for them to be back in town again!
  6. I just got back from the concert! It was AMAZING! Brian was very funny! I had a blast although I dont think I will be hearing well for a while as it was very loud. I will have to upload the photos/video I took in a short while. I can say that they played every song I wanted to hear! Which included "Everybody, Shape of My Heart and Larger than Life" I can not wait for them to be back in town again! Brian's boy even sang a couple of songs! He was so darn cute! He has a future in music if he stays with it. I am on cloud #9 right now! Anyone who is on the fence about going all I can say is GO! You wont regret it!
  7. Well todays the day! I plan on leaving for Phoenix today around 4 pm. The parking garage opens at 6 pm and the concert starts at 7:30 pm. I want to be their with plenty of time to spare! I have my camera batteries charging and I am so ready to let the screaming 13 year old out! She keeps trying to escape, LOL!
  8. I will you can count on it! I was pretty supprised to find that the tickets were reasonably priced? The cheep seats are going for $61.00 the better seats are running around $100.00. I would really love to go backstage but thats where it gets spendy it can be as much as 600.00! My sister is going to kill me :-) when she finds out! She is a BSB fan too! I will try to get some pics although they probably wont be all that great as you cant use a camera with removable lenses :-( regular consumer cameras are supposed to be ok!
  9. I love the music video for Everybody! It makes me giggle like a school girl every time I watch it! I picked up their new Cd" In a world Like This" yesterday and listened to it on the way home from Flagstaff. I like good clean music, not crud where every few seconds their is a cuss word. I was in heaven all the way home! I cant wait for tomarrow! I have a pretty good idea what their going to perform tomarow. It will be a mix of their new songs and some of the older songs! I hope that they play " Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely" and "Everybody" Their two of my favs! Can it be tomarrow already?
  10. I go back to the dentist at the end of October for yet another tooth pull! So she is going to get a bit more than a thank you card! She is going to get a huge hug and pic from the concert. She is everybit as excited as I am. So say bye to the mature 26 year old and hello to the 13 year old me she has been dieing to come out again! Now all I have to do is survive Phoenix traffic! I usually avoid Phoenix like it has the plague! I'll drive Flagstaff and Prescott all day long but Phoenix scares me! I will suck it up and grow a pair for the Backstreet Boys though! This has me thinking though how many Backstreet Boys fans are their on Horse city?
  11. Ok here it goes! This could get long, Ever sence I was a little girl I have been a huge fan of only 2 pop bands! The first is N*sync and the second is the Backstreet Boys! Growing up I listened to them all the time! But I was never lucky enough to have the money to go to a concert. Growing up my family just barely had enough to get buy we always had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, but their was never enough money for things like concerts or riding lessons. Fast forward to now I have little to no chance to see a N*sync concert although I still have hope LOL! Well I got nostalgic one night a little over a week ago so I went on U-tube and was watching some of the music videos and reading the comments. I kept reading the same type of commets about the Backstreet Boys and that they were just at a concert! I thought No Way! So I did a google search and found out that they were indeed on tour! Which now has my full intrest so I clicked on the tour dates and scrolled down and darn near had a heart attack when it came up that they would be performing in Phoenix on the 5th of this month! I turned into the little screaming girl I was growing up and litterly let out a screech of excitement! And disapointment because the concert was too close to my dental appointment and their was no way I could afford the concert and the dentist so close together. Well I went to the dentist today and while she was preping for my cleaning we were chit chating and I mentioned the BSB concert and that because I was being a mature adult I was in the dental chair and not buying tickets but that I really wanted to go! Well she decided that she would let me pay only 20.00 on my cleaning instead of the 76.00+ that I was expecting + the money for my extraction Today ended up costing me 80.00. which means that I get to go to the concert! I am so excited its not funny this will be my first Backstreet Boys concert ever I can almost die happy now its a dream come true! So I had to share my excitement because if I didnt I was going to explode I feel like a 13 year old girl again!
  12. Thanks, Trinity my little mystery is solved! I would have never guessed they are oxen shoes!
  13. My boss recently purchased a bunch of horseshoes from a retired farrier. While diging through the crates of shoes I came across these. They have me stumped what are they? I know that their used on the hoof but what is the purpose? Curiosity is killing the cat! LOL!
  14. Thats why I recommend placing a small laminated card inside the collar! Or even better getting a flat tag that can be riveted to the collar. So far I havent spotted my little blue friend sence! Hopefully her owners are being more carefull now! I still wonder what her name is and how she came to be lost! Who knows maybe I will run into her owners one day! Theirs not too many blue/brindle pits around.
  15. I would have done what that officer did too, But i also would have put cuffs on that little punk too! No way would I put up with that behavior from a child or those so called adults they would all be wearing cuffs and duct tape. You know the old saying silence is golden, but duct tape is silver! Every person in that video should have been given in the very least a citation! Their was no need for the language that was coming out of their mouths! I was spanked as a child, I grew up with manners if I ever even thought of talking to an adult like that I would have had my hinny blistered! If I ever have kids the punishment will fit the crime! No way would I ever allow my child to act like that!