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    horses and basically all animals, reading, gardening, riding 4-wheelers, fishing, hunting and just basically being outdoors.
  1. I Had My Baby!

    Congratulations! I love how her hair looks spikey. I like the name Mia too.
  2. Special Helpers!

    Railroadwoman-love those rosy red cheeks!
  3. Well I Hope I Did Some Good

    I've noticed the same thing on FB here recently. A lot of people seem to live in a fantasy world when it comes to horses. They see them as big puppy dogs and if you only love them they will do whatever you want and all that bull hockey. I swear half of them have never been around a horse.
  4. I've Had It With You People Pics Added

    It's sleeting here in Upstate SC now. I wish it were just snow. It would be nice to see some decent snow for once, it's always freezing rain of some sort never just snow.
  5. Finding An Animal Job Around Here Is Like

    If you pet sit, the owners will more than likely be willing to leave their pets at home and you can walk or just come in to feed them while they are away on vacation or where ever. That might be easier on you so you can go do that around your schedule. Just a thought. Good luck!
  6. Getting Your Gelding To "drop"

    Thanks y'all. I'll try some of those. If not, I'll just see about getting him cleaned when I get his teeth floated.
  7. Getting Your Gelding To "drop"

    Every time I clean my gelding's sheath I can never get him to drop. He's never been one to "let it hang" in the first place, but I really want to get him as clean as possible without hurting him. I normally use a sock, a bucket of warm water, and some excaliber. No matter how far up I reach I can't get hold of him to clean his junk completely. It drives me nuts because I know that if I don't clean him properly it could cause problems. Any ideas on how to get him to relax and drop it for me???
  8. I Could Just Cry!

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Horses In Snow Pictures

    I love seeing your pictures!
  10. Have An Opportunity For Change

    YAY!!! Congrats!
  11. Becoming A Vet Tech?

    I know what you mean! Right now, I'm in a veterinary assistant program but my goal is to start the veterinary technician program in the fall. I didn't make it this school year because I didn't have enough points to get into it. We have to go through an application process for the program and you have to have so many "points" to get in. Right now I'm going to school full time and working at a small animal clinic as a kennel attendent on weekends. My main goal is to be an equine veterinary technician and get my veterinary technician specialty (VTS) in equine medicine. I know the pay for a technician isn't the greatest but I enjoy the work I do and my passion is animal health, besides my husband has a decent job so we will definitely be fine. I'm not really worried about that. But DO NOT underestimate what your potential income and what the reality of the way of life you want to have. If you can realistically live the life you want and be comfortable with your income then go for it, but if you can't live off the pay then find something else. I know that sounds harsh but the real world sucks. LOL Trust me, I've had such a tough time battling out what I can realistically afford for my career and being happy with what I do. I'm happy in the field I'm in and my husband and I can live off our two incomes so it works out. Not sure if I can post a link for a particular website but PM me if you want and maybe I can send you in the right direction. Best of luck in what ever you decide!
  12. Petition To Overturn New Horse Slaughter Bill

    Nope...definitely not signing! Way too many starving horses out there now because of irresponsible people. Keep it legal, and regulate it so that the horses don't have to suffer anymore than they already have before they got loaded on the trailer at auction.
  13. Horses!

    Piper is looking good! Love them when they have the "fuzzies".
  14. Where Would You Want To Live?

    Actually, I would like to move only about an hour away from where I currently live. I'd like to be on the NC/SC border in the foothills and it's all horse country. I love the weather here, the winter isn't very long, but it can get cold. The summer is ok, but the humidity and bugs suck. I would like to visit a lot of the places y'all have mentioned though. Outside of SC I've only been to NC, TN, and GA. I don't usually venture far from home LOL. My dream would be to visit Europe, mainly because I like the history. Not sure I would live there though, but maybe move to an island somewhere.......